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There are 7. five billion people in the world, although only couple of can take the initiative to be a leader among many supporters. One leader that I have discovered quite a bit regarding over the last few years can be described as man who have made dreams come true. Walt Disney was obviously a one of a kind head. He was intelligent with his activities, disciplinary when necessary but also enjoyed enjoying yourself and making a world in which everyone can make memories that last a lifetime.

Walt was a strong leader who led by example. This individual cared about and supported his workers while as well pushing them to work as hard as they may so they can work to their total potential. He once said “Laughter is usually timeless, imagination has no age group, dreams will be forever. inch I’ve come across leaders and managers with let the power of being a leader fill their particular head. They may become so obsessed with being a person of electricity, that they neglect their personnel are people who have feelings and need to be supported instead of drive down.

Walt Disney was someone who had solid ideas and pursued them to the fullest no matter what other folks said. His optimism, determination, and risk-taking led to his ultimate achievement. “I constantly like to look on the optimistic side of life, yet I i am realistic enough to know that life is a fancy matter” (Disney). While some commanders would like to have all the credit for themselves, Walt was somebody who often recognized the hard work of the other people on his crew. At a young age, Walt jumped from job to job. As being a manager and leader from the arts and entertainment globe, it’s important to have multiple jobs to find what most captures your interests and addresses to you. Along with his multiple work switches, he also confronted many failures with his cartoon work before he finally created Mickey Mouse in the 1920’s. Walt has a quote from around 1940 about his creation of Mickey Mouse that explains just how his prior struggles forced him to finally find success: “Mickey Mouse popped out of my thoughts onto a drawing cushion twenty years before on a teach ride via Manhattan to Hollywood each time when organization fortunes of my brother Roy and me were by lowest go and devastation seemed right around the corner. “

Walt Disney was a great leader as they was somebody who combined organization with fun and entertainment to create a work environment that was fruitful but as well kept the amount of anxiety from job to a minimum. As someone who has worked well in both positive and negative conditions, a leader using a positive attitude who provides an equal balance of professionalism and fun makes the best work environment pertaining to an employee. Having been someone who inspired people with his imagination and optimism. He once stated “All the adversity I have had in my life, all my difficulties and hurdles, have heightened me May very well not realize this when it occurs, but a kick in teeth may be the most sensible thing in the world for yourself. “

Walt Disney was someone who created entertainment, fun and a general positive environment for the two employees and guests in the park. This individual led with a sense of confidence to become a person that all his followers came to really like, appreciate, and essentially stick to. Without his leadership skills, we would have one main less person to admire as a talented and productive leader.

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