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Introduction: AJE being the future of our human race has created a huge impact on the minds of humans with some of the thinking it is hazardous and that they are capable to wipe out our entire civilization, during the other hand there are a specific amount of people who believe that the producing of AI would just be another progress in the improvement of individual tech, instead of being the main cause of the termination of human beings.

Personal response, Individually I feel that the making of artificial intelligence having its pro’s and con’s is more for the better side of views, as in I feel that the human just like machines might help in observing yet another progress in the development of human technology, rather getting the cause of the destruction. My main purpose to support the making of such machine was due to the advantages that follow, such as making of AI not merely marks a progress in the development of individual tech but also improves the way all of us live as with the recreation and benefits that appear with these types of extremely wise human like creations will certainly not be ending list.

Causes: one of the main causes for this doubt to occur due to the things our forefathers have said and also many superb people speaking about how AI would gain self-consciousness and begin to overthrow humans and strip all of them of their dignity. Whereas AJE in the mind of many people worldwide has created a sense of wish that this could possibly be the beginning of a brand new era in human technology, and one other step toward leading a comfortable life.



A more created country could help in rendering more support for the creation of AI because the people more than here are more educated and well versed together with the advantages that arrive with all the making of AI. Those in a MEDC would not simply support the reason for the making of AI but would in addition to the developing trend of Hollywood videos having an impact on the minds of individuals, has motivated people to turn their shells on AI and question the process as to whether this would be first a new era or wouldn’t it be the end of our human civilization.


A LEDC country not having that high of a literacy price and modern architecture because an MEDC would rather go against the making of these computerized machines while aware of each of our growth in technology as well as the problems we now have caused for the environment these people would be within the mindset more development in the field of AI might only cause a more panic outburst among the people of a LEDC as they believe this will destroy all of us once and for all. Whereas the educated people from this place who may have a further insight into the making of these computerized creatures, would rather sideline with their people like a proof of just how much damage an AI could cause was proven in world battle 2 once fighter aircraft used heat sensing missiles which is a sort of AI to destroy enemy jets through the war, which will resulted in many casualties.


Personally being a citizen of the MEDC That stuff seriously the making of AI shouldn’t prevent as these computerized machines not only show behavioral properties of human yet can also support us in easing the effort load of your daily lives. Whereas pertaining to the people of any LEDC who have are in need of incredible improvement to survive the quickly modernizing globe are in desperate want of the support of AI as with a whole lot work to do they cannot take all the insert on their back and should be aided with AJE to ease their particular workload, although due to the increasing fear of AJE in many with the LEDC’s present worldwide it might be difficult to condemn them in to supporting the making of AI. And so the government of these nations have got started acquiring certain steps of which can be spoken of on the next slide.


Well the world of science is trying to prove to those that the producing of manufactured intelligence probably would not destroy individuals but will want to provide us a tip into portion mechanics and lead to the biggest progress in human tech. To show this to people a Hk based business known as Hanson robotics has established a humanoid known as Sophia to show the world how automated programs are not damaging creatures until toyed with and can be very helpful in making the world a better place, as quoted in Sophia’s speech at a later date investment initiative held, in Riyadh, that she was granted a citizenship inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But certain people still assume that this would do no good for us humans and with the ongoing problem of people dropping their careers due to almost everything being computerized, has only added more misery pertaining to the people who have still believe AI is a large danger to our modern society.

Personal response:

Individually I feel that the making of AI will need to continue because human simply cannot do everything by themselves as well as the needs pertaining to slavery may be compromised mainly because these robots would have to serve launching all the 35 million slaves from their accident, and this will help people to educate themselves to obtain a decent work in our fast growing economic climate. Although these types of automated machines can wreck jobs for folks like drivers as due to our growing economy and the making of self-driving cars might keep the driver without job although is still left to plead with the lord pertaining to his success as he does not have money to shield himself with.


Names Is definitely AI good for us Can be AI harmful to us

Peter lim yes

Kevin Phillips yes

Rustic Roberts certainly

Calvin David yes

Blowy, gusty, squally, bracing, turbulent Crane yes

Tha Lynn Thet yes

Kevin Jones yes

Since the study above has demonstrated most of the people believe that AI would be better for the future of our human race, and the couple of who experienced it was a danger had mentioned on the technology fiction films and the mindset that our ancestors had remaining for us about the dangers of the making of AI. One of them had likewise commented for the heat realizing missile the form of AI, which had caused a whole lot of destruction, provoking fear in the minds of folks who feel AI is good and give more support for those who feel the making of AI can be wrong and is dangerous intended for humanity.


1) In case the making of AI goes on and extends to the next level then your levels of comfort that can be obtained is endless. AI being the future of our generation could help in easing the workload as anything would be computerized, and individuals can take an escape from their busy work life. But due to everything becoming automated many roles will be dropped as the machines will take over and leave these folks who are jobless with no income for his or her survival and would leave them on the streets as these people are not well versed in the field of quantum mechanics which is the future education of our era.


Well one particular major final result of this sort of scenario is the fact due to the hazards that AJE possesses for the jobs of millions worldwide there would be a vote against AI which would in turn lead to the greatest demolition of man’s greatest work of them all, would not only prove the quantity of time we now have wasted but also the risks that the producing of these humanoids have induced are limitless


2) While spoken in the last slide with regards to how AI could be the two beneficial to humans and at the same time as well dangerous. With this scenario the one thing we will be talking about is the chance of robots getting self-conscious and start to take payback on individuals and take control the world because portrayed by simply science fictional works movies. AJE being incredibly smart creatures are programed to provide us individuals, but the fear of them getting self-conscious has always been looming as being a large menace among a few quantum mechanics worldwide and in addition among a lot of people worldwide who still believe that the making of AI could bring us no real, but could only bring about destruction about the planet.


Well at the above circumstance the outcome can be well thought of as, if these humanoids gain a conscious of their own it could lead to ful destruction to every single person or animal living about this beautiful planet of mine. This is because when humanoids finally realize we were with them for our daily purpose they will reunite to get out their particular wrath in us fellow humans and take control of this kind of planet which we phone our home, and eliminate us to pieces, giving every single living species entire world extinct. This really is one of the major reason why critics fear the making of AJE.



In Singapore the government features taken many initiatives to motivate persons into convinced that AI is wonderful for them and can be a real effective source for the nations flourishing economy. AI could not simply help to get the country yet can also provide the people as these automated animals can help to decrease the work load that have been implied after us human beings since the start of time. The country regularly retains tech festivals to convince people how technology may help them inside their daily lives. Regardless of the country’s futile tries to promote AI critics have got given the mindset to the people that AI would not just be dangerous nevertheless would result in the loss of the jobs of thousands of people worldwide.


Singapore as a region has flourished to persuade the people that AI are not harmful, tend to be just automatic versions individuals humans. AI does not just look like all of us but likewise show comparable characteristics. The republic of Singapore features tried create alternative to support the producing of AJE, and the prime minister of Singapore is a new project known as intelligent nation, to help encourage AI and are also funding a large amount rounding approximately about 90 million Singapore dollars. This is one of the biggest effort taken up simply by Singapore to market AI.


The world transforming to a digital era has proven to be one of the greatest advancement in human beings history. The significant changes that AI has taken about with having various people who are pertaining to and resistant to the making of AI. The globe as a whole coupled with several governments have began to design their particular form of AJE to show the people that they are only automated versions of us humans. Countries including America, cina and asia are on the race for a smart nation and were recently joined by India who within the 28th of March had created a robot known as mithra and was tested by PM him self, and confirmed possible outcomes. Like mithra another robotic known as Sophia was brought to the world the first humanoid to be naturally citizenship inside the KSA and her presentation had offered on how the lady hopes individuals and automated programs can work collectively and can lead to a change to our world. This really is one of the greatest steps mankind offers ever taken up prove AI is good for many of us humans

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