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For years American women have been completely and still guard equality. On the other side

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on the planet however is a different story. In the Arab-Muslim society familiar western

concepts of sexual equality and the liberation of women are irrelevant and unnecessary

from local women’s viewpoint. Writing this kind of essay I use explored and was interested

by different meanings of the power of a woman and where precisely it lays.

In Arab-Muslim societies there is a complex, well defined and highly methodized set

of gender roles which usually underpin personal and public life, and gives marriage and the

friends and family a central importance, whereas in the U. S. male or female roles have got blended during the last

many years to a stage where men and women have the same goals, with top priority on

career advancement and high sociable status. Apparently all that independent women and men

in the U. S. happen to be stereotypes and the ever disputable “Glass Limit.  With such various

focus on life, to compare about what ways the strength of women in the U. S. and in the

central eastern communities are different we might first need to define power

Power- a great ability || physical durability || controlling influence || a person of great affect

Expert and affect are identified in different areas in these two completely

different communities. An Arabian women’s world is the home. Motherhood, childcare

cooking, cleaning and managing domestic affairs make-up the principal female world of

Women inside the U. S i9000. cannot try to escape from these responsibilities, in fact women in the

US do clean their houses, take care of kids and manage domestic affairs, however , to

several extent and there is defiantly much more desire to operate and earn money than in

the Muslim society. A Muslim woman sights waged are a necessary wicked. They have

to build an income to help supply the friends and family but they fear that it interferes with their “real work

of controlling domestic affairs and looking following children. Every women emphasis that all their

home life in unlike women inside the U. T. remains the top priority.

The local females in the Arab-Muslim society are strong and mutually self-reliant. Female

friends and family support each other and depend on one another for assistance in their

work and domestic life. Female friendship involve very secure and intimate bonds.

American ladies do not generally confide in such a way to their fellow girl friends and

find a way to not involve outsiders. That they derive the majority of their really worth from their social status

and how much they have achieve materialistically and domestically. Arab-Muslim women

derive all their worth from motherhood ( A women is definitely judged w the number of children she

The power of an arab ladies is within her circle of friends and fellow females they

support one another and help out when needed, the strength of an American girls is not

judged in these areas but in how well your woman succeeds.

The Arab females are very committed to being remote from open public life and their power can be

in supporting all their family by behind the scenes. That isn’t how girls in the US feel

about power nevertheless our rules are different, the act of getting the same food as

your partner did so this individual won’t be ashamed of not offering enough, or perhaps trading regional

chat and vital information about possible spouses might not be viewed as electrical power

on the other hand these are the charectrastics of your smart and respected women inside the Muslim

The obstacles that women inside the U. H. feel they must face often taste unpleasant many

compared to those of the muslim women. Plus its a very committed mother, better half

and friend a large number of women have to work in today’s world to provide better

living. They have to hide the fact that they work to ensure that their families will not be

ashamed, this is very hard for women inside the muslim society, inevitable females carry the

Many american women function and take care of household affairs as well, however

american ladies do not have to cover the fact that they can work, that is not hurt all their pride

on the contrary girls in the U. S. like to be seen as successful operating women.

Muslim women interpret and respond to the changing world according to the rules and

ideals they value most which are parenthood, wifehood, and female friendship. This kind of

units boundaries which might be much wider than those of the american ladies.

Muslim females as I have got mentioned before have solid intimate relationships with

their feminine friends and family, that they accomplish most of their desired goals through these types of ties and

with their support. For example , Although can certainly part inside the matchmaking process is

subtle and concealed it’s the only way open to them to plan a marriage which obtains

When ever maternal family members marry, it further grows and strengthens women mutual

close acquaintances which allows them to settle the domestic challenges their children might have

much more very easily since the include a common goal.

A women in the american society would not need to conceal her thoughts and ideas and

would freely addresses the situation, saying what she’d like to happen and ideally

accomplish her objective. This is an extremely straight forward strategy whereas the muslim way is

secret and quiet. Heading back to the marital life example, arab women attain their goals

deviously and gently. She has very much influence in the decision from the candidates to get

marriage of her children, even though the ultimate decision is made by husband.

Through her female good friends and family members the woman may decide what she would like to

show and the husband will choose from those she imagine she would just like. In this manner

whomever the husband chooses may have been an excellent match inside the women’s mind and

In the circumstance of their individual societies I believe that women at the center east

are less powerful at obtaining their desired goals than ladies in the U. S. there are plenty of woman

all over the world who love to hang out with their family and support their particular

friends however they understand their responsibilities and see that as a duty to those who have they

love to observe all the highways that lay down before them and choose the best 1. I strongly admire

the Arab women to get standing up for what they believe and managing to manage around it

and still be positive but i really believe in taking control and carrying out whatever it needs to take.

It had been the american way for quite a while and in my mind the most effective way to

way life, never to limit your self and check out everything that you are able to benefit from. I realize

these types of women who are incredibly strong i believe however they have much to offer to the

globe and they are if she is not fair to themselves to devote their whole life for the serving of

other people. Concerning achieving goals I’d have to say that i continue to stick with the american method

because “if your not willing to give it your all in that case don’t actually try. Arab women limit

themselves to what they could achieve in every area of your life.

Becoming a women I really believe we are highly effective in many ways and wish that most societies could

study from each other, we could learn from arab women to appreciate and put even more

focus on home life and in addition they could finally show themselves to globe, shine as we

all should in the spotlight but not behind the scenes and achieve all of the goals we desire.


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