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Clara Barton

City War Women, Red Bull, Red Cross, Military Intelligence

Excerpt coming from Term Daily news:

Sarah’s first registered duty occurred in February 1864, when the 153d marched seven hundred miles to participate in the Red River marketing campaign in Louisiana (Sarah pp). As the campaign was nearing the end, Sarah was stricken with dysentery and died inside the Marine Clinic of New Orleans on May twenty two, 1864 (Sarah pp). Her identity remained undiscovered for more than a hundred years, until the characters she wrote home during the war appeared (Sarah pp). She had left behind an engagement ring, on which was engraved her regiment and name (Sarah pp). She is buried in Louisiana within a grave marked Lyons (Sarah pp).

Cathay Williams was born into slavery in 1842 near Independence, Missouri (Women pp). The girl grew up and worked as being a house-girl intended for William Meeks, a wealthy planter in Jefferson City, Missouri (Women pp). Throughout the Civil Battle, Union military liberated Cathay and the girl spent the remainder of the warfare working as a paid servant for the Union Military services (Women pp). Shortly after her job together with the Army ended, Cathay hidden her male or female and became a member of the thirty eighth Infantry, Firm a, in St . Louis on Nov 15, 1866 under the name of William Cathay (Women pp). On October 14, 1868 Cathay was discharged in the Army for Ft. Bayard, New Mexico (Women pp).

Susie Baker was born a slave in 1848 in Georgia, and learned to study and compose while living with her grandmother (Women pp). In 1862 she received her freedom as contraband of warfare and was appointed laundress of the 33rd U. T. Colored Troops (Women pp). In 1862, at the age of 14, she wedded one of the members of this regiment, Sergeant Edward King (Women pp). Susie taught the soldiers in her husband’s regiment to see and compose and in January 1863, your woman began to doctor the wounded men who returned to camp by a raid on the St Mary’s Water and continuing to doctor the wounded for several years till she and her husband were mustered out of the regiment in 1866 (Women pp). Yet , she by no means lost her interest in nursing jobs and helped to organize a branch of the Women’s Comfort Corps (Women pp). In 1902 Susie Baker released her life, ‘Reminiscences of my life in camp together with the 33d Usa Colored Troops late 1sr S. C. Volunteers’ (Women pp).

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