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Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in the workplace requires co-operation from both organisations and employees to ensure that businesses is a healthy and safe environment. Both workers and organisations are required to co-operate by the legal rights and obligations that are set for them.

OH&S is the protection procedures set up in every venture to ensure both the health and security of each and every employee.

It is the responsibility of business employers, who are legally (due to the OH&S Act mil novecentos e noventa e seis, 2001 amendment) and morally obliged to provide a safe and healthy environment.

It is also the employee’s responsibility to co-operate with employers in maintaining health and safety at the office.

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Employers are required to:

-Provide a safe and healthy office

-Provide and maintain a safe system of work

-Provide the required methods (safety garments & equipment)

-Provide info and training for employees to work in a safe and healthful environment

-Provide a process to recognize, assess then eliminate dangerous practices and hazards

-All relevant regulations must be followed

-Ensure that employees carry out workplace guidelines.

In the same way, workers have the directly to be provided with the above-mentioned components from their organisations.

It is also the employee’s obligation to abide by these restrictions. Any worker who fails to meet all their responsibilities may be disciplined below award circumstances.

WorkCover is usually responsible for basic safety in the workplace. They are required to execute regular lasts the workplace to make sure that the OHS act is being followed and this hazards are kept down.

In most declares, workers will be represented through either an OHS consultant or an OHS Panel depending on the size of the organization.

Hazards will be categorised into 4 different sections; Physical, Chemical, Ergonomic desk and Neurological.

It is important to keep yourself informed that a risk does not have to be seen for it to exist. Quite often dangers you can’t discover ” just like ultra violet light, are only valued when it is too late to prevent damage.

Many hazards have been built known in the workplace. Some of these consist of:

Exposed wiring

Power prospects on earth

Equipment in walkways

Temperature often too hot or too cold

Glare from glass windows and lights

These risks can be fixed by ensuring the OHS panel is kept informed of such problems, and so they can then make sure that they are set, in cases including exposed cables. Things such as anti-glare screens can assist the prevent the glare on my computer screens, and in addition moving workers desksaway in the air-conditioning vent out can help with the temperature challenges.

Another cause of concern is definitely the ergonomic elements. People will not sit inside their chairs properly and are causing backaches and injuries. To prevent injuries you ought to have;

Feet smooth on the floor

Knees at a 90 degree angle

Back at 90-100 degrees

Relaxed shoulder muscles and;

Forearm support

Staff should take standard breaks and use their workstations comfort and ease so that fewer injuries arise.

There are also a few more Acts including the Anti Elegance Act (1977) and the Sex Discrimination Work 1984 and Workers Settlement Act 1987, which are every there to shield employees in the workplace.

The Anti Discrimination Action aims to guard all workers in the work environment from staying discriminated against on several things such as:







If an employee seems as though they may be being discriminated against, for virtually any of the connaissance mentioned items then they should certainly first try to approach the perpetrator and inquire them to quit. If this behaviour proceeds, or they will feel they cannot approach the perpetrator then they should survey immediately with their employer or supervisor for additional action.

The Sex Discrimination Act aims to protect staff from becoming sexually harassed by an individual in the workplace. Lovemaking harassment can be any undesired attention within an incorrect way, whether it be:

Making sexual responses

Making intimate gestures

Asking someone out on a date continually

Sending incorrect materials

Again if this happens, you should approach the perpetrator and enable them learn how you are feeling. In the event that this behaviour continues, or they feel they cannot approach the perpetrator then they should certainly report quickly to their company or manager for further actions.

The Workers Payment Act is usually where organisations insure employees against the prospect of suffering damage arising out of or perhaps in the course of work. If an injury does happen the staff member can sign up for Workers Reimbursement where they can receive money to hide their losses, and to pay money for medical treatment. Staff Compensation can also be paid towards the families of workers who die because of a function injury.

In summary, it is obvious that co-operation from both equally employers and the employees is required to ensure that the task place is known as a healthy and safeenvironment, by making use of legislations along the way.

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