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Existence in fifty years will be a lot several then it has become.

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In most peoples eyes that they see the globe having soaring cars and floating houses but I think the world will be more eco-friendly and organic. Lives will be preserved, let it become humans or maybe animals. With new living styles, solving health issues, and coming to universe peace it can lead to more happy and for a longer time life covers for most people. By 2061 technology may have greatly increased such as holograms and software.

Government will be apart of each moment of the lives from the time were born before the time we all pass. Liberty will be hard to find because the authorities will have control of every move we generate. Everyone is wonderful for the government with out job can benefit one-self. Our authorities will be ran as if there were a mother watching more than us. Our leader with this type of government will be a female president, who have represents control and electric power.

You see these kind of example in today world when the most of women work an organization. With a rise in populace the environment was in need of the solution intended for housing. Everybody begins to leaves the towns and ways to the jungles or different spots in nature. The homes can consist of constructed tree residences. They will be sound glass for the outsideyou can easily see out, but others are not able to see inand they will be high tech.

It will have no purpose to cut down trees or corrupt dog habitats. Children will start school around the age ranges of 2 to three years old. Teachers will not be teaching because they shall be learning over a online website. Computers are definitely the only reference that any person will be employing. If there is any need of assistant educators will appear being a hologram.?

The scholars will get all their assignments through e- postal mail and kids will go to school seven days a weekexpect for holiday seasons that the government allows.

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