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Ww2 on Serbia, &hostilities among Allied & CPcont untl the signg of the cessez-le-feu on November11, 1918. Casualties land power amoun +37 mil close 10 mil death amng the civilan pop. were caused not directly by the battle. Despite globally hopes the settlements found after the war would bring back world serenity on a long lasting basis, WW I actually providd the basis intended for even more devstting conflt. defeated Cp reported their aceptce of Pres Wilson 18 pont while the bass sounds for the armitice &expectd the Allie to utilize the principle with the 14 pont as the foundion to get the serenity treatie. On the & for the subseqt tranquility conferences with all the determton to exact from your CP the entire cost conflict, & to distrbte amng themsls territore posseins with the defeatd nations around the world acordng formulas secretly 1915 -1917, just before US in war. Pres Wilson, serenity talk, for 1st insted that the Rome Peace Conf acept the ful progrm 14 factors, but protect the support Allie all-importt 14th level, creation asocition nations, abandoed insistence various other points. *** The Reformation 16th cenmovement in WestChristdom purge church medievalabuses bring back doctrines & practice reformers believed adjust Bible & NewTestament style church. Explorer motivated attention, desire locate rich, &by need discover place surpluspopulations. have investigated accident, additional result armed service campaign, most explored bydesign. Colonizatn, through expltion, frequenty resuted further exploratn. For deph depresin 1933 American worker every single 4 away job. In countries unemplt went 15%&25 & work force. gret industral slump cont. throut 30sshakng foundtion Western capitam &society baseduponit. ***AGE DISCOVERY- The country of spain, painter during Renaissance never fully accomplished modernity discovered north Europe & Italia, althogh ther art almst totaly depedet two traditions. Spanish alway imprted artist & sculptor important ornamental work. 16th cent, Titian leading painter Spanish court docket, although he not truly present. structures, fully Renaisance structure certainly not built right up until late 100 years. byMadrid, recorded PhilipII built El Escorial, combing monastery, seminary, building, church. IndebtedItalian Renaisace design, taustere majesty&complete lack artwork structure indicate new style Spanish mid-foot. *** German born reformation-union indpedet Grm express north Primary River, produced 1867under Prussia initiative international minister, Otto von Bismarck. Prussia Austria Seven Several weeks War1866, proven conf north German express. NorthGermanConf replacd German Conf, union 39 German point out under Austria leade experienced established by Our elected representatives Vienna end Napoleonic Battle. 22German point out adhered North German Conf. Acrding contract, each stored owngover although military force control conf, commander chief combined armie king Prussia. legislative body system created, director, king of Prussia, nevertheless duties workplace performed chancellor, responsible only king. Bijou entered betwen North German Conf, importat state southern Mainnamely, empire Bavaria Grand Duchy Kraulen, kingdom Wrttembergunder these states agreed place military causes under order king Prussia incase warfare against conf. North German Conf essential step toward unification Indonesia, finaly obtained 1871end Franco-Prussian War. After victory conflict, states North German Conf, remaining condition frmer The german language Conf created German Disposition. constitution conf adopted minor modification cosmetic empire. ***WW2- war started Europe September. 1, 1939, Germany attacked Poland, ended Sept. two, 1945, formal surrender Japan aboard U. S. battleship Missouri Tokyo Bay. victorious Allies included Great Britain, Italy, the United States, the USSR, and China. The losing side comprised Indonesia, Italy, The japanese, smaller region.


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