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The name Isaiah variously converted as solution is of god, or solution of Yahweh, and even Yahweh is salvation, unfolds the purpose of the book. The message of the gospel is found throughout the prophecy, and as a matter of fact the prophet concludes with it. As the newest heavens and the new globe that I make will put up with before me personally, declares god, so will certainly your name and descendants go through. From one Fresh Moon to a different and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow straight down before myself, says the LORD, (Isaiah sixty six: 22-23).

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Solution is never to be limited to Israel simply, for Isaiah as the evangelical prophet speaks as well to Doux, (Elwell 1989: CDROM). Isaiahs message arrived at a time once Israel had prosperity, that produced abnormal drinking, idolatry, oppression of the poor, greed and the occurrence of fake prophets who also pandered for the desires in the people. Isaiah stressed, (1) salvation by simply faith (7: 9, twenty-eight: 16, 31: 15), (2) the holiness of The almighty and the need for ethical living (6: 1-8, 37: 23), (3) the offense of human bad thing and the certainty of keen judgement (chs. 1-35), and (4) the assurance of redemption for a repentant remnant (1: on the lookout for, 19, 15: 19-22, 46: 3, 5, 65: 8-10).

The basic topic being within Isaiahs name Salvation features the Lord. The phrase salvation appears 27 occasions in the book, (Nelson, 1996: 207). Hope for a Righteous California king, of the four kings he knew only 1 consistently offered and occupied the ways in the Lord. Optimism atoning saviour, redemption and recovery are the antidote to human brokenness and loss, honest souls need, and most long for, the confidence of an adequate saviour, (Hayford, 1995: 171). Jesus Christ is portrayed as this kind of saviour.

Inside the first section of the book, Isaiah pictured His home country of israel, in the last part of the book, the prophet beheld Jesus bearing our fill of sin, (Mears, 98: 352). Debate, A difference between the righteous and the evil will certainly be produced (1: 27-31). The future belongs to the remnant, which repents getting into righteousness, nevertheless judgment could make an end of rebels and idolaters. Those as a whole will be compared to the effects of a drought in which the leaves of an walnut fall off as well as the garden can be burned up (v. 30). However , the oak even now stands and the garden is still there. Hard times will come upon the godly, nonetheless they will keep working at it.

On the other hand, the wicked will probably be utterly consumed as by fire. (Elwell 1989: CDROM). Structure. The structure of Isaiah has a interesting chance. Isaiah is a miniature holy book in structure. This book has 66 chapters just like the holy book has sixty six books. It includes two wonderful divisions, with 39 chapters in the initial and twenty seven chapters inside the rest, just like the Old and New Legs. The content is also remarkably comparable, eg. The book ends with the vision of the new heavens and the new globe, just as the book of Revelation ends the scriptures with a comparable message, (Mears, 1998: 227).

Outline of Isaiah, I. Oracles of Judgement and Hope (1: 1-12: 6) 1 . Judah Condemned (1: 1-5: 30) 2 . Isaiahs Call and Commission (6: 1-13) three or more. The Book of Immanuel (7: 1-12: 6) II. Oracles Up against the Nations (13: 1-23: 18) 1 . Against Babylon (13: 1-14: 23) 2 . Against Assyria (14: 24-27) three or more. Against Philistia (14: 28-32) 4. Against Moab (15: 1-16: 14) 5. Against Syria and Israel (17: 1-14) 6. Against Ethiopia (18: 1-7) 7. Against Egypt (19: 1-25) 8. Against Ethiopia and Egypt (20: 1-6) 9. Against Babylon (21: 1-10) 10. Against Edom (21: 11-12) 11. Against Arabia (21: 13-17) doze. Against Jerusalem (22: 1-14) 13. Against Shebna (22: 15-25) 18. Against Tyre (23: 1-18).

III. Eschatological Summation (24: 1-27: 13) 1 . Eschatological Judgements (24: 1-23) installment payments on your Eschatological Triumphs (25: 1-12) 3. The Eschatological Metropolis (26: 1-12) 4. The Eschatological His home country of israel (27: 1-13) IV. Jerusalem, Egypt and a Telepathist in Between (28: 1-33: 24) 1 . Woe to the Drunkards of Ephraim (28: 1-29) 2 . Woe to Ariel (29: 1-24) 3. Woe to Those Who also Seek a Pact with Egypt (30: 1-33) 5. Woe to people Who Depend on Egypt (31: 1-32: 20) 5. Woe to the Destroyer Not Destroyed (33: 1-24) V. Eschatological Summation (34: 1-35: 10) 1 . Summation of Reasoning (34: 1-17) 2 . Summation of Benefit (35: 1-10) VI. Historical Bridge (36: 1-39: 8) 1 .

Hezekiah and Sennacherib (36: 1-37: 8) 2 . Hezekiahs Disease and Recovery (38: 1-22) 3. Hezekiahs Misplaced Happiness over Delayed Judgement (39: 1-8) VII. Oracles of Consolation (40: 1-66: 24) 1 . Relieve from Captivity (40: 1-48: 22) 2 . The Servant of the Master (49: 1-57: 21) several. Zion Restored (58: 1-66: 24) (Bullock 1986: 157) Application. The knowledge Isaiah got in Phase 6: one particular, I saw the Lord, should be the knowledge each of us should look for. It generated, Conviction Woe to me! I am messed up! (6: 5) Confession A man of unclean lips (6: 5) Detoxification Your guilt is removed and you sin atoned for. (6: 7) Consecration Right here am I send me!

(6: 8) Commission Go, Gods command (see 6: 9) (Mears, 98: 231). In Isaiah we see three personal lines of redemption, most appointed by the Lord: the prophet, Cyrus, and the Messiah. Isaiah started to be an icon of obedience in contrasts to Israels disobedience therefore the people levelled their insults, ultimately aimed against the O One of Israel, (30: 9: 11), (Bullock 1986: 156). As Christian believers, we are to expect similar resistance in our environment. The prophecies that have arrive to completion in Isaiah, provides theories in the power and effectiveness in prophesy in edifying and building the Chapel.

Some of the prophecies that have been happy include, will be born of the virgin (Is. 7: 14) was born of your virgin called Mary (Luke 1: 26-31) will be ejected on and struck (Is. 60: 6) was spat on and beaten (Matt 26: 67) will be left in a abundant mans tomb (Is. 53: 9) was buried in the tomb of Joseph, a rich guy from Arimathea (Matt twenty seven: 57-60, Ruben 19: 38-42) (Nelson, mil novecentos e noventa e seis: 212). Coming from Genesis to Malachi, one list amounts 124 paragraphs, having thirty five of them in Isaiah, each with a particular NT happiness. This method allowed the early Church Gentiles for taking the message back to the Jews, (Holman, 1992: 399).

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