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As I have browse the case, Robyn Gilcrist has to start work with May some under the direction and guidance of Olaf Gunerson, owner and past owner of Yellowtail, over the next a year. But because of the unexpected loss of life of Mr. Gunerson, Robyn will be coping with Company about April 18 instead of May possibly 4 because was prepared before. Just for this sudden change Ms. Robyn will confront very challenging challenges as being a president of Yellowtail Sea, Inc. Robyn arrived to her first working day of work for 8: 15 a.

m. and located an in-basket full of expecting memos about Mr. Gunerson’s desk. The in-basket memos contained staffing requirementws issues, creation problems, meetings, and important deadlines. Not just that, she also had to deal with what Gunerson got left, whatever had come up since, plus the tasks he previously given her.

In addition , Mr. Boswell features asked her to meet any client in Miami, fly back to San Diego to attend Mr. Gunerson’s memorial, and provide him her strategy plan for Yellowtail before the burial so the girl can include plenty of time to be prepared pertaining to the future board appointment.

Be aware: she recently reviewed Yellowtail’s 1975 financial statements with Mr. Boswell, this will be useful to her ideal plan. It truly is considered to be a tough challenge about Robyn due to the time limitation she has (challenge). The first thing I discovered in Robyn that she decided to always be specific and write the albhabets she necessary to write, and make paperwork to their self and others as necessary. Also, your woman liked to plan every single action and clarify its purpose (GM’s characteristic). How to deal with this kind of messy issues?

By use of delegation, the tasks needed to be accomplished can be manageable. One characteristic of a general manager is the knowledge of the right way to delegate and use staff to their maximum potential. This will help to overcoming Ms. Robyn’s concerns and will make a feeling of respect among Yellowtail Marine employees. (GM’s characteristic). Also, it is crucial to know what level of urgency the tasks happen to be, so the lady should supply the most urgent/important issues her immediate focus.

Note to self: The CEO is generally the Leader, who is hired by the table of company directors. The Director hires the typical manager. An over-all Manager is in charge of higher level organizing than a director. A General Director is often in charge of theoverall proper planning and direction of the company or organization and leaves the day-to-day managing of the different functions towards the managers.


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