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Thesis Declaration: Kinos insufficient material products did not retain

him via happiness right up until he believed it to be possible to

acquire a better amount of wealth and increase his

happiness through the pearl. Consequently, this triggered the

drop of Kino and his family. I. Kinos life prior to the

pearl brought him pleasure and satisfaction A. Family members 1 .

Juana is motivated, although naturally as a girl to cure

the friends and family, nevertheless in fact to act pertaining to the man to

protect the family. (Karsten 6) a. Raised and took care of

the family b. Held jointly the family members with love and care 2 .

Coyotito Kinos son a. Kinos pride and joy w. Brought

collectively Kino and Juana to make them children 3. Juan

Tomas Kinos brother a. Supported Kino throughout his

life n. We do know that people are scammed from beginning to the

overcharge on our coffins. Nevertheless we endure. You have beat

not the pearl potential buyers, but the complete structure, the full way

of life, and i also am worried for you. (Steinbeck 70) M.

Possessions 1 . Home brush hut a. Provided protection and

shelter b. Brought together the family in unity installment payments on your Canoe

family antique a. Passed on from grandfather to dad

to kid b. Kino and Juana came slowly down to outdoor

and to Kinos canoe, which was the one thing of value he

held in the world. (Steinbeck 19) c. It was when

property and source of meals, for a man with a fishing boat can

guarantee a woman that she will consume something. (Steinbeck

19) C. Song in the family a. Prevalent in the beginning b.

Brought a feeling of oneness c. the Song in the Family is

recognized along with other unnamed songs, the heritage of

Kinos persons, in the calm beginning of the account (Karsten

2) II. Alterations and modifications brought about by the pearl A.

Kino instantly began to want of things that he

wanted to acquire with the pearl jewelry wealth 1 ) Kino posseses an

opportunity for interpersonal mobility and acts after it a. Official

marital life b. Fresh clothes c. Rifle m. Harpoon electronic. Education

for his kid 2 . Instantaneously, Kinos desires became over cast

a. There was clearly no certainty in finding, no evidence that everything you

saw was there or was not there. (Astro 29) b. Kino then

began doubting his dreams as well as the pearl started to be misty and

cloudy. W. Kinos community thought of him differently

as a result of his unexpected acquired wealth 1 . Instantly the town

created an interest in Kino wonderful pearl a. Every person

suddenly became related to Kinos pearl n. All of the

immediate, everyone wanted to know Kino not as a result of

Kino but because of the pearl c. and only one person

was in the way which was Kino, so that he became

strangely enough every mans enemy. (Astro 29) m. The only

hurdle that was standing in the way of an individual elses prosperity was

Kino. If someone wanted the pearl, Kino was the just thing

by stopping that desire. 2 . The community started to be greedy

themselves and needed a piece of prosperity that Kino

possessed C. Richer people showed any in Kino and

his wealth 1 . The doctor decided to treat Coyotitos

scorpion mouthful after this individual found out about Kinos rare finding

of the treasure 2 . The priest became interested in Kinos wealth

when he thought the amount of money could be used to renovate his

church G. Kino was overcome with greed which usually changed

his and his familys way of living 1 . Kino began to take

points from approved because he inwardly smile at his aged life, simply

thinking about the particular pearl could give him a. Song with the

Family n. Sound with the waves around the beach c. Doves d. Pigs

e. Goats farreneheit. Dog installment payments on your Juanas rebellion a. Juana thought that the

pearl was evil which something would definitely happen to the

family w. Juana attempted to throw the treasure back into the

sea c. Kino strikes Juana on her behalf wrong performing 3. Juana

realized that the pearl experienced definitely get over Kino with

greed and evil a. Juana realized the irrevocable change and

accepts this to keep the family with each other (Karsten 2) b. This

pearl is now my heart If I quit I shall lose my personal

soul. (Astro 30) four. Kino, Juana, and Coyotito flee the

community a. Kino slain a man in a struggle within the pearl

b. The dark ones burnt Kinos comb hut down c. Juan

Tomas fantastic family offered protection for Kino great

family until they can flee the spot III. Break down of Kinos

family A. Kino was losing lots of things very close to him due

to his insistence upon keeping the pearl and pursuing its

potential wealth 1 . Hut a. Burned down by the dark ones

n. Source of the family was lost installment payments on your Canoe a. Destroyed by

the darker ones n. The getting rid of of a man was not and so evil as

the killing of a vessel. For a boat does not include sons, and a

motorboat cannot guard itself, and a wounded boat does no

cure. (Steinbeck 80) 3. Coyotito a. Murdered by one of many

trackers m. Destroyed the web link between the friends and family B. Because of

the nasty the treasure brought, Kino decided that enough destruction

was completed 1 . Kino hurled the pearl back into the sea 2 . This

motion symbolized defeat in that the pearl brought so much

evil and avarice that Kino was conquered by it. It might also

mean the Kino finally changed his greediness and plonked his

issues away backside where that they came from.

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