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In this examination, I am going ‘to explore the properties of fishing collection which are considered by suppliers when designing them. ‘1


I am going to end up being concentrating on the types of fishing collection used. I will measure the Young’s Modulus of each line to determine their tensile strength (ts) and capacity stretching. To do this, I will perform a great experiment that may measure the YM of each collection.

How does that relate to the case study? The results from the experiment can give me a concept of their capability of being beneficial fishing lines.

Define: Young’s Modulus ” ‘the stress and strain of the material are proportional to each other. Below this limit, for a material, tension divided by simply strain is actually a constant. This constant is named the Young’s Modulus. ‘2


If we know the push of the mass being applied on the line, and know the part of the line, we could calculate the strain.

Gauge the length of the series, and then conduct the test to observe the difference in length, to obtain the strain. Thereafter, by using the formulation Y. Meters. = Anxiety / Pressure to estimate the Young’s Modulus. However , there is likely to be a percentage error we all will have to consider.

A higher Young’s Modulus might mean that a certain line provides a higher stiffness; therefore it didn’t break very easily.

Brief Description: Stretch a sample of very long, thin series across a bench and clamp down one particular side and dangle throughout the other side, weighted by a known mass. Place a gun on the line subsequent to a level. Add even more mass, and observe the gun move in order to determine the change in size. Continue until the line fails. Using the noted results, decide each line’s Young Modulus using the solution.

Fishing Lines and their real estate

The 3 key types of line employed: braided dacron, monofilament and fluorocarbon.

Braided Dacron: ‘high tensile strength, high resistance to stretching out, both moist and dry¦’3

Monofilament: one source states that ‘monofilament fishing collection due to its substance properties is usually stiff with tension’. 5

Fluorocarbon: ‘¦don’t lose their strength after extented immersion in water: consequently they have a lesser amount of elongation (stretch) under fill. ‘5

We have to take into consideration that different businesses produce differing quality of lines for each type of series; therefore all of us cannot assume that all are the same.

Historical/Social/Environmental/Economic Elements

Fishing has always been a significant practice for countless years. Old fashioned uses had been mainly for hunting fish; rendering it a means of survival. However , nowadays sportfishing has become somewhat of a sport, hobby, or to some, an occupation. It has become a competitive sport between fishermen, where everybody seeks to use the best equipment with the best materials. Environmental fears might be that flawed lines break off into the water’s depths, the place that the hooks are susceptible to being consumed by various other fish, that could kill all of them. This is a waste involving for the angler, and therefore new products would need to be purchased.

The reason why I have to perform the experiment in a laboratory, and not outdoors is basically because I will need a license to do almost anything related to sportfishing near any kind of body of open drinking water. ‘Any fisherman aged more than a decade or over, doing some fishing for fish, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Ireland must have a setting Agency fishing rod licence. ‘6



* We could test the lines within a dry lab, using necessary equipment

* We are not able to recreate using the environment where the lines will probably be utilised

5. We cannot implement the factor of water as being a stimulus on the sample line due to its constraint

* We all don’t have professional equipment, for that reason there will be errors and that would compromise the cost of the final Young’s Modulus for every line

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