Is it Time for Home Solar Power?

Can You Afford Solar Energy at Home?

Can you afford free energy from the sun?

Can you afford free energy from the sun?

According to Boston Solar, a large solar energy company, a home solar power system that can actually produce enough power for their average customer could cost about $20,000. Nobody doubts that most home owners would love to install a power system that gave them free, clean, and renewable energy from the sun.

However, even when faced with high electric bills, it is hard for many families to come up with an extra $20k out of their check books. Home solar power might be a great investment, but it might also take several years to recoup that investment in savings on home energy bills.

That might not be a reason to give up on solar power though.Lots of families cannot write a check for a new car or new house, but they still manage to acquire them!

Home Solar Power Financing Solutions

In fact, a simple lack of cash may not be a big roadblock to installing home solar power. These days, many progressive companies offer solutions for customers who want to enjoy renewable energy at home.

These home solar power financing solutions include:

  • Financing: Some companies even offer a deal that includes 12 months with no interest payments, and that can work out well because it allows home owners to take advantage of rebates and tax credit programs.
  • Leases: Many solar power installers offer home solar power leases, so customers do not have to make a large upfront investment.

If you could install a home solar power system on your home without making an upfront investment, would it be more attractive to you? It might allow you to balance your old power bills and the cost to service your new loan or lease. In fact, your monthly bills might even be cheaper, and that depends on the deal you make and the amount you pay for electricity each month.

Maybe You Can Afford Home Solar Power Today!

In any case you should not assume that you cannot afford a home solar power system just because you do not have the cash to pay for the whole thing today.  Most good home solar power companies offer free consultations. They can visit your house, tell you want kind of solar power system would work for you, and even tell you if your qualify for financing or a lease program on the spot. Before you decide that you cannot afford to enjoy clean and renewable energy, why not do some research?

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