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AP Language Rhetorical Analysis In Jennifer Price’s critical essay, “The Plastic material Pink Flamingo: A Natural Record, ” your woman assesses the irony in the demand for the iconic plastic flamingo in American culture in the 1950s. Cost illustrates her irony and negative frame of mind towards the method Americans destroy the lives of the flamingo and substituted it with an ridiculous, inanimate, above celebrated Floridian souvenir with adverse diction juxtaposed with positive expression choice and through truthful history of early on symbols in the flamingo to demonstrate the superficiality of Americans post WWII[a].

In her essay[b], Price assesses the irony of the “pizzazz” and “boldness” the ornate lawn decorations bring however the flamingo have been hunted to almost complete extinction simply by Americans in Florida. The materialistic techniques and egos of Americans shone with satisfaction as the fad with the replicas of flamingos increased with the superficiality of the American mind. Expressing this which has a sardonic attitude, the comical impression the lady portrays is usually intertwined within the lines of her truthful information from the flamingo’s record.

The trend apparently innocent to the peo[c]ple with these beautiful, shiny, hard creatures near their movie trailer they get are window blind to realize the preeminent that means of the flamingo to others, because p[d]rice discloses, “Early Christians associated that with the crimson phoenix. In ancient Egypt, it represented the sun the almighty Ra. In Mexico and the Caribbean, this remains being a major explications in skill, dance, and literature. “

Price expresses that not just did the flamingo maintain religious icons, it continues to embody the arts for other cultures. The girl shows People in the usa fail to view the history and the case symbolism from the flamingo lurking behind the egocentrism and “sassy pink hue” the plastic flamingo generally seems to bring. Price uses contrasting diction to get out the disadvantages seen with the American significance of the vivacious color the plastic flamingo brings[e].

First starting out as just hot red, Price displays that Us citizens were living by “the bigger, the better” secret, one color of lilac is too little to represent the American boldness in the “nifty fifties. ” Along came up “broiling green, livid pink, and methyl green. ” Broiling, livid, and methyl all creating a negative significance paired with these types of vibrant shades all directly translated to boldness, displaying the irony Cost expresses from the demolishing of flamingos habitats, but Us citizens taking take great pride in in the fact that we can just replicate these types of small pets.

The fun becoming this sort of a popular craze, instead of the need to take a week long trip to a subtropical area to have this plastic-type material prize, the pizzazz started to be more possible as it came into our each day lives using shades of lilac being slammed on the cars and kitchen interior decoration leaving the Americans with an increase of of an lack of knowledge than they previously got. Price’s purpose is more to poke entertaining at the traditions to the point of making a mockery of such foolishness.

Price seems to express an adverse and sarcastic attitude to American ignorance and irrationality of their pondering. Price publishing with overall adverse juxtaposed diction your woman mocks the Americans, however they neglect to see the flamingos role in art and literature. All of us drive these to the point of almost being completely non sont sur internet. But regardless of, our replicas will take all their place[f].

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