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It’s been years since the Betterhalf Restaurant was giving birth of their food organization. Betterhalf is known as a resto- tavern food support industry located at the center of Veterans Medical Hospital that caters good delightful and deliciously preference foods to their target buyers the Intern Students, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Representatives and particularly Walk-ins. This kind of restaurant makes sure that each client receives immediate, professional, friendly and polite services and maintains the cleanliness of foods and well-comfortable ambience to their respected customers and employees.

The restaurant as well provides an low price to each of their meals and one of their utmost seller menu meals that their customers loved to eat in Betterhalf Restaurant are the Garlic Chicken with brown Spices and a Buttered Poultry.

For many years they will served for their valued buyers the opportunity that they got from them was that each customers has a growth segment like for example the Medical Associates wants an appropriate place for meetings on their counterpart, best places be picked was the Cafe of Betterhalf because of the calm environment generally there that they can concentrate on.

The clients may easily approach to the primary Executive Police officer or CEO of the Betterhalf Restaurant mainly because one of the promotional strategy with the restaurant is definitely through reservation because of they’d a 3 functional place to used for holding some of activities of your clients. As of their economical aspects, Betterhalf Restaurant believed net funds for each week is ±20, 000. 00 and for the complete month is usually ± 80, 000. 00. The profit of Betterhalf Cafe is just enough to gave the settlements of its employees as well as the only reason the CEO is still keeping the business happens because he is considering his cultural responsibility to his subordinates.

It’s today seems that Betterhalf Restaurant might have been overly optimistic but it failed to anticipate many events in the marketing organizing. First, because it rainy periods their income were reducing 30% of its net sales that really affect to the expected salary. Second, the place was the Betterhalf Restaurant developed off appears that it is not easy at all but it is “sadyain by the customers and also the ambience was poor on good

seeking restaurant in contrast to others. Lastly, they had low quality of marketing activities that cannot get the attention of the customer. And also to resolve all their dilemmas or their deficient off prove business and to get a better roadmap with their success. We all suggests that the corporation might have done a better job is known as a key part of making a much better marketing intend to achieve their very own objectives which includes estimating the industry opportunity, forecasting sales, identifying the marketing programs or perhaps an promotional activities, expanding and retent the customers good relationship on the restaurant and ensuring you can actually product brilliance to their appreciated customers.


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