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Activity 1) Sum up briefly how come Mr Ramirez came to Los Angeles and why he needs to leave. “Obviously” enough Mr Ramirez reached Los Angeles in the search for a better job and life. Well job, he previously a job during the war in a airplane stock making parts, and this individual kept this kind of job after the war.

The reason he had to leave was because he wasn’t allowed to stay there anymore, because his temporary visa for australia was no much longer valid. He was there 6 months too long as well, so the law enforcement came and picked him up, to send him back in Mexico. Task2)A There is a popular saying that is nothing even more American than Mom and apple cake.

This story’s “mom” just happens to be the baking a quiche. She examines her quiche and analyzes it to Mr Ramirez. What attitude toward Mr Ramirez performs this comparison inspire? I think our writer, Ray Bradbury wished to show that illegal foreign nationals also are humans. Ray desired to show these illegal foreign nationals can have a confident influence upon others. We even think that Mrs O’Brien likes Mister Ramirez more a friend, I do believe she wants him much more. The way the lady said “I just understood, I’ll never see Mister Ramirez again” made me think that.

She says really sad method, like if she lost something very important to her. In all of the those American movies, the moms are incredibly happy for pies, and so they let the pie’s stand in the window frame, then someone comes and shop lifts it. And now, someone arrived and had taken her quiche, which is Mr Ramirez. Task 2) M We are offered a detailed explanation of what Mr Ramirez likes about his place, what this individual spends his money as well as what he likes to carry out in Los Angeles. What do this info reveal to us about for what reason Mexicans just like living in the USA? These explanations start right after “Soon after Mr Ramirez had appeared.. ” exactly like it was not possible for him to do just before he came. Pleasures that are harder to accomplish in countries like Mexico are more easily possible in UNITED STATES, which is the land in which your dreams come true, just isn’t it? USA makes it easier forever, hard-working visitors to be anything, and live more tremendously. “Walked quiet streets and seen the bright garments in the windows and bought some of them” Is one of the issues he loves to do. He likes to do it, and he does it, the recipe for success. I guess that in South america, these things are harder. Task 2) C

Mrs O’Brien have been to Mexico. What would she see? Why do you consider all the adverse sides of Mexico happen to be in the thoughts of Mrs O’Brian and not Mr Ramirez? Mrs O’Brian remembers the days, the endless crickets leaping and falling or perhaps lying lifeless and frail like the little cigars in the shop windows. The lady remembers the canals currently taking river drinking water out to the farms, the dirt streets, and the scorched landscape. She remembers the silent towns, the warm beer, and the hot, heavy food each day. She recalls the sluggish, dragging horses and the parched jack rabbits on the road.

Your woman remembers the Iron Mountain range and the messy valleys plus the ocean beaches that distributed hundreds of kilometers with no audio but the waves – no cars, zero buildings. I think that the purpose Mrs O’Brien think of all of the negative edges, and Mister Ramirez does not is because he could be used to all of them. These conditions, this property she came upon during her visit is more of a surprise to her, than to Mr Ramirez. Process 2) D Both Mister Ramirez and Mrs O’Brian are abruptly overwhelmed with a feeling of loss at his leaving. Why did the writer not simply have Mister Ramirez becoming sad regarding never viewing Mrs O’Brian again?

I do think our writer, Ray Bradbury wanted to present that against the law immigrants are human beings. Beam wanted to show that these unlawful immigrants can have a positive impact on others. As well, I think that the complete story may well last rapidly when compared with13623 couple of minutes, therefore the author focuses more about detailed explanation of the character’s story and experience to provide us visitors a bigger photo, if not really the text could possibly be meaningless and quite brief. Task 3) A Are these claims a story that tries to make sympathy to get illegal Philippine workers? Would it succeed? I do believe it tries to create sympathy for those who illegitimately enter the UNITED STATES.

It does show that Mexican workers have bad living standards exactly where they come via, so it does create sympathy in some ways. I think really more that they can want a alter considering the guidelines, because individuals Mexican staff are people too, plus they are probably as good and hard-working every other American. A story regarding Mexican staff just looking to live all their life towards the fullest getting into solid work, and the tale confirms this kind of and tries to open up some thoughts adjacent the idea. I think this succeeds, for least We get sympathy for them, so I guess it works. Task 3) B Can easily literature be an important factor in introducing social transform?

Is it since effective since documentary videos and tv set programs, or nonfictional catalogs and articles about sociable problems? Certainly, literature can play a fantastic role, but it’s numerous. A great, very well know text message can make a big difference if it genuinely makes an impression, nevertheless I do certainly not think it’s the best way today to make interpersonal problems more known. I really believe a movie is a good way, because it reaches out to more persons, and gets greater publicity than ebooks. For example the new movie “The Impossible” about the Tsunami, gives very secure impressions because we can see what happens, and we understand it happend in real life.

Catalogs don’t get in touch with that many persons. Task 6) A * How long is a Mexican-American border in kilometers and kms? The Mexican-American border total length is usually 1, 969 miles or perhaps 3, 141 km long * The 2006 Secure Fence Work says there is going to certainly be a fence over the border. How much time will the wall be in mls, and in kilometres? The 06\ Secure Fence Act aim was/is to aid and secure America’s boundaries to decrease the amount of illegal items, drug trafficking and security threats. A 700 kilometers (1, 90 km) wall of physical barriers together with the Mexico-United States line.

Kilde: ( http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Secure_Fence_Act_of_2006 ) * About how various illegals acquire across the border every year? Of course , it’s impossible to offer an exact quantity, but the quantity is around 375, 1000 people every year. About 65% of these illegitimate immigrants come from Mexico as well as the other 35% come from The southern area of America. For least in respect to (http://www. strategicstudiesinstitute. army. mil/pdffiles/ksil499. pdf) * Go surfing to find out how you could legally enter the UNITED STATES. Is there any way you could your USA to work and live right now there permanently?

Start off your search simply by going to the Usa Embassy websites. If you are going to live permanently in the USA, you are going to have to get a green greeting card. This means you have to become a long term resident. The first approach to qualify for a green card is by having close members of the family who lives in the US. The 2nd way of receiving green card, is definitely trough career. Your possibilities for making this work increase the more competent you happen to be. In most cases you have to show that an employer provides offered you a job. Company must also be able to show that no American was available to do the job.

The past option for permanent resident card, would be throughout the diversity lotto. A program motivating immigration pertaining to countries that don’t send many migrants to the U. S. Some green greeting cards will be available in people from these kinds of countries. Each of the qualified job seekers will enter a lottery and the those who win get the resident card and gets allowed to proceed to USA. https://www. usimmigrationsupport. org/greencard. html 2. Use the internet to look for reliable information about the Comprehensive Migration Reform Act of 2007 or, in the full name, the Secure Borders, Economic Option and Migrants Reform Take action of 2007.

This work with a long name was a proposition that will allow unlawful immigrants being able living and working legally inside the U. S, with something called work authorization credit card, after spending some fees. Also, it would create momentary work courses, so employees would have to go back to their homeland every two years, and stay there for a year or so before they may come back. Nevertheless this take action got the very best down and died in the Senate following failing to find the 60 votes it required to end controversy. Kilde: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Comprehensive_Immigration_Reform_Act_of_2007 http://immigration. regarding. om/od/usimmigrationhistory/f/What-S-In-The-Comprehensive-Immigration-Reform-Bill. htm http://www. nytimes. com/2011/12/09/us/illegal-border-crossings-dip-sharply. code? _r=0 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Illegal_immigration_to_the_United_States Last raindrops Little Noah wakes up by the sound of rain thundering down on his window. This individual looks up, but he doesn’t maneuver, he simply stares in the window, taking a look at the rainwater. He will not really think of anything exceptional, he just observes the way the rain splashes on the railings. Despite his confusion of what this individual should be thinking, he contains a bad sense. He sees that today may be the day.

They can feel that. They told him it had been going to happen this week, but not sure which day. He stands up and puts his pyjamas slacks on, the modern one that he bought a few days before. He extends out like he always does, making this weird noise because he’s so sleepy. He stands in front of the home window, looking out once again. He has long been inspired by the rain, it makes him feel comfortable, although not today. Today it just makes him confused. Why might they want to have him? A 10 year old boy, who has performed no harm towards anyone. Even though it was raining, direct sunlight was increasing in range, hopefully producing a rainbow.

Maybe that would cheer him up. Anyway, he sees that today is a day to leave this reality. Not just all the things in present period, also the near future in this place will go apart for ever. The government has made a decision to send Noah and his father back home, where they once lived, Kurdistan. He can notice his father walking around on the ground floor. Not looking for something, only walking around. Likely confused, much like Noah. It has been 4 days and nights since they explained they would display within a week, but this had to be your day. Despite Noah’s young age, having been quite aware of what was taking place.

Noah’s dad has informed him which the war in his native terrain isn’t critical anymore, possibly safe in accordance to authorities, but Noah knows better. Noah recalls things coming from when he needed to leave the nation, he gets flashbacks. He remembers persons screaming, and he just stood presently there crying. He remembers the past time he ever noticed his mother and sis, before we were holding killed by a car-bomb. Noah was simply 4 years old at the time, however the memories happen to be stuck in him. He tries to stay positive, nevertheless he’s scared. Afraid of leaving this safe place. Afraid of the remembrances that are printed in his head.

Afraid that he fantastic dad will certainly share precisely the same faith as his sis and mother, losing everything again. Probably he will not have anywhere to sleep, anything to eat. He is glad he got his dad, although he yearns for his mother’s comforting words. He does not recall most of her, yet enough to be aware of that he misses her. Noah fells a tear down his quarter, just like the ones falling upon his windowpane. Noah’s daddy didn’t take those loss of his wife very well either, this individual struggled a whole lot. Noah recalls how he heard his father sobbing late evenings, and this individual remembers whenever they got the letter which in turn said that they had to go back.

Noah looks out the window again, this individual sees people running around, hiding from the rainwater under their very own jackets. He remembers once, long ago, when ever his mother, father and himself had to run across town because the rain surprisingly showed up. But Noah didn’t head, he cherished the rain. He desires it will rainwater a lot in which he is going, it’s his only hope at this time. Doorbell. Passing bell again. Just about every sound makes Noah’s heartbeat a little more quickly. He appears outside again, observing the rain, sliding down coordinated with his tears. They were here, it’s time.

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