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Business operations

Preserve a copy on this document, either onto your computer or a disk Work through your Assessment, knowing how to save your work regularly The moment you’ve completed, print out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to and mail your accomplished Assessment to your tutor through your My personal Study location ” ensure it is obviously marked with the name, the course name and the Unit and Analysis number.

Please be aware that this Analysis document features 8 internet pages and is consisting of 3 Parts.

Learning outcomes

Through this Examination, you will fulfill a number of different learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Take a look at the data below to view which criteria you will meet up with in which Parts of the Evaluation.

Learning final results & Evaluation criteria fulfilled

Part you:

1 . one particular Identify what types of information will be required for the presentation 1 )

2 Enter text and also other information applying layouts suitable to type of information 1 . 3 Put charts and tables in to presentation slideshow

1 . some Insert photos, video or sound to boost the demonstration 1 . six Organise and combine data of different forms or from different resources for sales pitches 1 . several Store and retrieve presentation files properly, in line with community guidelines and conventions wherever available

2 . 1 Identify what slip structure and themes to work with

installment payments on your 2 Select, change and use suitable templates intended for slides

2 . 4 Select and use suitable techniques to structure slides and presentations

2 . five Identify what presentation results to use to improve the business presentation

2 . 6 Choose and employ animation and transition results appropriately to boost slide sequences

3. 2 Prepare video summary for demonstration

Part two:

1 . several Store and retrieve demonstration files effectively, in line with neighborhood guidelines and conventions wherever available

installment payments on your 2 Choose, change and use suitable templates for slides

2 . a few Select and use appropriate techniques to change slides and presentations to satisfy needs

2 . 5 Select and use appropriate techniques to format slides and presentations 3. 2 Put together slideshow pertaining to presentation

Part 3:

1 ) 5 Identify any constraints which may affect the presentation

three or more. 1 Describe how to present slides to satisfy needs and communicate efficiently

several. 2 Make slideshow pertaining to presentation

3. a few Check business presentation meets demands, using IT equipment and producing corrections as necessary

a few. 4 Determine and reply to any complications with presentations to make certain presentations satisfy needs



You work for the Sales department of The Fruit and Veggie People Limited, a company that sells organic and natural, ethically procured fruit and vegetable bins. You are in charge of for setting up a business presentation that advertises their key products.

You may have been given an initial draft in the presentation happy to edit and

make before it truly is used in revenue meetings showing clients different products that are offered.

You have been asked to edit and prepare the presentation, acquiring it by 1st draft to final draft looking forward to use in revenue meetings.

Part 1: Creating your presentation

(1. 1, 1 . 2, 1 . 3, 1 . 4, 1 . 6, 1 . 7, installment payments on your 1, installment payments on your 2, 2 . 4, 2 . 5, installment payments on your 6, several. 2)

From this Part of the Examination, you will need to apply the knowledge you may have acquired in Session one particular ” a few of your PS2 Unit.

Please note: You will have downloaded the useful resource files presentation_content, fruit_image and veg_image in the Unit Analysis Page to complete this kind of part of the Assessment.

1 . Start by saving this assessment doc as PS2 Assessment in an appropriate site. Take a screenprint of the file saved through this location and paste that in the space below:

installment payments on your In this Portion of the Assessment, you have to produce a glide show business presentation for It and Veggie People’s salesforce so that they can flaunt the organisation’s best goods to potential clients. Use the package below to spot the different types of information you could be required to use in your presentation.

To make the display look professional and attractive, I would use as many different types of information as is feasible, such as photos, charts, appear, videos, furniture and of course text message and numbers.

3. Today create your business presentation using a appropriate template in PowerPoint. The presentation should be structured appropriately and must contain:

In least 6 slides

A theme

At least 4 samples of inserting objects (this must include the two image files fruit_image and veg_image, a chart, a table and a Clip Art sound clip. ) A glide containing references for the files you could have used At least you animation impact

At least 1 go transition

At least 3 different kinds of text formatting (e. g. using daring, italics, color, alignment or underlining)

Articles for the presentation can be found in the presentation_content resource document.

Please note that in the presentation_content file, the person who has drafted the demonstration has left you some guidance in red.

When you are satisfied with your work, save your work as PS2_presentation.

Remember to also save any kind of work get done about this PS2 Assessment. Part a couple of: Making becomes your demonstration

(1. 7, 2 . 2, 2 . 3, 2 . 4, three or more. 2)

From this Part of the Assessment, you will need to apply the knowledge you have acquired in Session 1 ” six of your PS2 Unit.

1 . Re-open the presentation PS2_presentation that you saved in Part one particular of this Assessment.

2 . Use the Slide Learn view in PowerPoint to modify the grasp styles on Slide 1 of your display template. Use the box beneath to describe all of the changes you have made.

On my first slide, I’ve utilized obviously it Slide design. I have made the following alterations to it: ” Improved the background lean mode and its colours

” Changed the position from the slide quantity which is part of the header

several. Change the purchase of photo slides in your demonstration by turning Slide 3 and Go 4 about.

4. In Part 1, you added several objects on your presentation (such as tables, charts, pictures etc . ) Edit your presentation by simply changing the scale and location of one of those objects.

Use the box beneath to give details of the changes you get:

There is a green box picture (the 1 with the taking sign on it) on my sixth slide, which usually I’ve built a bit smaller sized at this point and in addition repositioned this from the erect region towards the right bottom level one.

5. Finally, add a simple form, such as a great arrow or possibly a star, to the appropriate point in your presentation.

Use the container below to offer details of the form you have added and where it can be present in your demonstration.

I’ve placed a few arrows to my personal sixth slider on the top of the line graph for making even more clear, that the business is doing better every year. I have changed along with and scale all the arrows and finally added them to precisely the same animation that is used on the line graph on its own.

When you are satisfied with your work, keep your amended display as PS2_presentation_edited.

Remember to also save the effort you’ve done on this PS2 Assessment record. Part a few: Finalising the presentation

(1. 5, 3. 1, 3. a couple of, 3. several, 3. 4)

In this Portion of the Assessment, you will have to apply understanding you have bought in Period 6 of the PS2 Unit.

1 . List at least two limitations that may affect your display. This should include one legal constraint, and one limitation provided by the organisation (or one that you are familiar with. )

By setting up a presentation, which number of restrictions has to be regarded either legally (equal opportunities, acknowledging sources) or to be able to maintain the uniformity within the business or organisation (house style, time, local guidelines), that will be using it.

installment payments on your Explain how your display meets the needs of the sales team at The Fruit and Veggie People Headquarters.

My presentation requires less than a couple of minutes to demonstrate and does not require click to move on except for in the final references slide. This kind of presentation will be published upon business meetings, therefore every second counts. It has a small quality, therefore it is easily downloadable, can be forwarded by means of email or streamed on the net without even getting in the future. It really is short enough to keep the interest awaken, brilliantly colored, contains audio effect, animation and transitions, therefore it encourages people watching it properly, which is the company’s goal.

a few. List by least five things you ought to check within your presentation to make sure that it is ideal for viewing.

Prior to publishing any presentation I must check the quality, design and style, content plus the constraints, that needs to be taken into account. Initial I should execute a spell check, and a general content examine (accuracy and clarity) to be sure it contains all the info in the proper order it needs to, therefore it is easily understandable intended for the viewers). Second I need to check the design and style has been used including the textual content formatting, the position and size of the pictures and also other contents, and also the timing, animations and transitions. Finally needs to be checked, the fact that presentation uses the local rules of the company, contains the set of sources and references.

four. Now use the list via question 3 above to evaluate your presentation. Make alterations as necessary in response to any concerns you recognize in your business presentation. Use the container below to list virtually any problems you may have identified as well as the changes you have made to ensure your presentation meets requirements.

We’ve added the word “Romanesco for the spellcheck dictionary, so later on it will not be noticeable as a spelling error. I’ve changed the color and the gradient of the primary title for the first slip, so it better matches the shades of the revised master slide.

Save your finished presentation as PS2_presentation_complete.

Remember to also save the work you have done with your PS2 Evaluation.

Sending job

Once you have completed all parts of the Assessment, you will need to send your job to your guitar tutor so that they can see the progress you get.

Please make sure you send all the following data:

1 . This kind of document, your PS2 Examination

installment payments on your The display that you made at the end of Part 1 saved since PS2_presentation

3. The presentation that you created towards the end of Portion 2 kept as PS2_presentation_edited

four. The final version of the demonstration that you made at the end of Part a few saved because PS2_presentation_complete.

When you have checked to be sure you have these four data, go to and send your files to your instructor via the My Research area.


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