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Chapter 7 Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology

1) Cell phone networks are fundamentally totally different from computer systems. Answer: AUTHENTIC

2) Progressively, voice, online video, and info communications are generally based on Net technology. Response: TRUE

3) To create a computer network, approach at least two computers.

Answer: TRUE

4) A great NOS need to reside on a dedicated server computer to be able to manage a network. Answer: FALSE

5) A centre is a networking device that connects network components and is also used to filtration and forward data to specified spots on the network. Answer: BOGUS

6) Within a client/server network, a network server delivers every linked client with an address so it is available by other folks on the network. Answer: ACCURATE

7) Central large mainframe computing offers largely substituted client/server calculating. Answer: BOGUS

8) Outlet switching makes much more efficient use of the communications capability of a network than really does packet moving over. Answer: FALSE

9) A protocol is actually a standard group of rules and procedures to get the power over communications within a network. Solution: TRUE

10) Two pcs using TCP/IP can speak even if they are really based on distinct hardware and software platforms. Answer: THE CASE

11) Within a ring topology, one station transmits signs, which travel around in equally directions along a single transmission segment. Response: FALSE

12) Coaxial cable is similar to that used for cable television and consists of thickly protected copper line. Answer: THE CASE

13) Fiber-optic cable is more expensive and harder to install than wire media. Response: TRUE

14) The number of periods per second that can be dispatched through any kind of telecommunications moderate is tested in terme conseillé. Answer: FAKE

15) The Domain Name System (DNS) turns IP addresses to domains. Answer: FALSE

16) VoIP technology offers video data in digital form applying packet switching. Answer: AUTHENTIC

17) Net 3. 0 is a collaborative effort to add a layer of that means to the existing Web in order to reduce the sum of man involvement in searching for and processing Net information. Solution: TRUE

18) Wi-Fi allows users to freely wander from one killer spot to another set up next killer spot is applying different Wi fi network services. Answer: BOGUS

19) WiMax has a wireless access selection of up to thirty-one miles. Solution: TRUE

20) RFID continues to be exceptionally popular from the technology’s inception for its low setup costs. Response: FALSE

21) The device that acts as a interconnection point between computers and may filter and forward data to a specified destination is referred to as a(n)

  • A) centre.
  • B) switch.
  • C) router.
  • D) NIC.

22) The Internet will be based upon which 3 key solutions?

  • B) TCP/IP, HTTP, and packet moving over
  • C) client/server computing, supply switching, and the development of marketing and sales communications standards for linking networks and computers
  • D) client/server computing, box switching, and HTTP

23) The process of cutting digital emails into packages, transmitting them along several communication routes, and reassembling them by their spots is called

  • A) multiplexing.
  • B) box switching.
  • C) packet course-plotting.
  • D) CREDIT.

24) The telephone strategy is an example of a ________ network.

  • A) peer-to-peer
  • B) wireless
  • C) packet-switched
  • D) circuit-switched

25) Which usually of the subsequent is not really a characteristic of packet transitioning?

  • A) Packets travel around independently of every other.
  • B) Packets happen to be routed through many different paths.
  • C) Box switching needs point-to-point circuits.
  • D) Packets include info for looking at transmission errors.

26) In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for

  • A) disassembling and reassembling of packets during transmission.
  • B) establishing a web connection among two computer systems.
  • C) going packets above the network.
  • D) sequencing the transfer of packets.

27) In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol can be

  • A) a device that handles the switching of voice and data in a local area network.
  • B) a regular set of rules and types of procedures for control of communications in a network.
  • C) a marketing and sales communications service intended for microcomputer users.
  • D) the main computer within a telecommunications network.

28) What are the four tiers of the TCP/IP reference style?

  • A) physical, application, transport, and network program
  • B) physical, application, Internet, and network interface
  • C) application, transport, Internet, and network interface
  • D) software, hardware, Internet, and network interface

29) Which in turn signal types are represented by a ongoing waveform?

  • A) lazer
  • B) optical
  • C) digital
  • D) analog

30) To use the analog telephone system intended for sending digital data, you should also use

  • A) a modem.
  • B) a router.
  • C) DSL.
  • D) turned wire.

31) Which type of network is used for connecting digital products within a half-mile or 500-meter radius?

  • A) micro wave
  • B) LAN
  • C) WAN

32) Which from the following Web connection types offers the greatest bandwidth?

  • A) T3
  • B) DSL
  • C) cable
  • D) T1

33) Which kind of network would be best suited for a organization that composed three workers and a manager located in the same work place, whose primary need is to talk about documents?

  • A) wireless network in infrastructure setting
  • B) domain-based LAN
  • C) peer-to-peer network
  • D) campus area network

34) In a bus network

  • A) signals are transmission to the next station.
  • B) signs are transmission in equally directions towards the entire network.
  • C) multiple hubs happen to be organized within a hierarchy.
  • D) messages go from computer to computer in a loop.

35) All network components connect to a single link in a ________ topology.

  • A) legend
  • B) bus
  • C) domain
  • D) peer-to-peer

36) The most common Ethernet topology is

  • A) bus.
  • B) star.
  • C) ring.
  • D) mesh.

37) A network that spans a city, and sometimes its major suburbs as well, is called a

  • A) CAN.
  • C) LAN.
  • D) WAN.

38) A network that protects broad geographical regions is most commonly called a(n)

  • A) local area network.
  • B) intranet.
  • C) peer-to-peer network.
  • D) wide area network.

39) ________ operate by using radio waves to communicate with car radio antennas placed within adjoining geographic areas.

  • A) Cell phones
  • B) Microwaves
  • C) Satellites
  • D) WANs

40) Bandwidth is the

  • A) quantity of frequencies that may be broadcast by using a medium.
  • B) number of periods per second that can be dispatched through a method.
  • C) big difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that could be accommodated on a single channel.
  • D) total number of bytes that may be sent by using a medium per second.

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