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The topic here is still open and this is one of the factors where the publisher is merely increasing a question rather than coming with a straight answer. You can argue here in favor of a positive globalization effect concerning countries that joined the modern economic universe after a change of program, using the sort of Nokia. The corporation first transferred with the development from Finland to Philippines and this was your first time when some voices were elevated against the stealing of genuine jobs coming from honest hard working Hittas in order to offer them to the Germans who were evenly honest and hard working, but nevertheless certainly not participants in the development of the company. The same story happened with Nokia in order to decided to substantially reduce their production in Germany and to move over to a city in the Western area of Romania, a recently totally free country that is fitting in the wonderful world of capitalism and globalization.

Friedman does not banish the effects of the positive effect, because as he has shown in his books and articles, the process is irreversible and delivered to a range that makes it difficult to control. Countries from the Arab World have got responded in another way to the Friedman’s flattening universe, but they had been all more or less influenced by its financial effects. Today’s economic facts make nearly impossible the existence of a country that is not ready to join a great alliance of some financial sort. Simply a decade away, Mosad Zineldin was authoring the situation of an oil abundant country such as Saudi Arabia, inside the context with the fourth Nordic conference upon Middle East Studies: The Middle East in globalizing community, held in Oslo, 13-16 August 1998: “In many aspects, Arab saudi appears markedly different form Morocco due to the virtually unrestricted opportunities created from oil wealth and new-found precious calcium deposits. Its economic development ideas promoting quick industrialization, the creation of essential system, and compulsory education all combine to supply the basis for any modern technique of life”(Zineldin, 1998). Today, Saudi Arabia is one particular Arab countries that modified to the globalization perfectly, taking care of to keep the culture limitations in place.

On the other hand, the very backlinks that make the economy in a smooth world rely so seriously on each different can produce the conditions for the collapse of proportions the moment one of the best economies on the globe encounters troubles. Even if a lot of would claim it is not a fiscal recession, the U. S. is going at this point through monetary difficulties as well as the effects will be felt all across the globe. The near future will show in case the solutions politicians and economists found to find the country out of the crisis will be right and just how flat community helped these a mass mobilization in order to save the world.


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