Analysis: “How much Land does a Man need” by Leo Tolstoy Essay

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While Humans, we now have desires which make us take possession upon something a lot more than what we have to benefit all of us. In this short story, Leo Tolstoy gives the communication that avarice, in the end offers nothing but loss of life itself. This story tells us that even if we have enough that we could get by the likelihood of becoming wealthier is so provocative to us that we are ready to loose almost everything we love.

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Tolstoy starts off his history with two women and all their argument in whose life is better. Is is a your life with or perhaps without title? As they continue, the owner of your house, Pahom, connects to and agrees that lifestyle without possessions is better consequently the fact that they may have no temptations towards riches and not dread the devil. With this story, satan is greed. But he, himself thinks about having terrain of his own therefore he wouldn’t fear the devil.

From the beginning, Pahom is a hardworking man, but he makes the mistake in thinking that more land gives him a better life. He admits that it himself: “If I had developed plenty of terrain, I shouldn’t fear satan himself! ” When he provides the shot for buying his own land, he advances into the probability with the emotionally prepared brain that will be satisfied with more land. Even if he had a lot or perhaps fertile property to grow your crops on and not really pay penalties for his animals, having been not satisfied. “Pahom was well-content and anything would have recently been right in case the neighboring cowboys would not have got trespassed in the cornfields and meadows”, therefore even if got more than enough area, he looked up fo even more land.

This kind of reflects the characters greed. Pahom will be fine and happy with the extended area but the man instincts manufactured him get greedier and greedier since time passed. As the storyline progresses, Pahom’s behavior shows the communication that avarice has no range.

As Pahom’s land widened, he got into many riots with his neighbors which led him to go to different and bigger land. Anytime he had riots similar to this with his fresh neighbors, this individual moves in new area to satisfy himself; reflecting the greed in him developing. Once, a tradesman moving by told him in regards to a lot of terrain sold for less money. “If We take it there, I will get more than ten occasions as much to get the money” so , this individual abandoned everything that he proved helpful so hard on and left pertaining to inspection upon that property.

The terrain was naturally just the method the tradesman described. His greed became out of control and it took more than him. He was exhausted going for walks all day and he tried making it to his appointment place prior to day was over. However due to his weak human body, he was defeated, and made a single last fight wondering, “there is plenty of terrain but , will God i want to live on it”.

He had taken this quest too much and died at the same time. Throughout this story, Tolstoy was looking to tell us that human nature pushes us for over what we will need. Many of us feel that having possession makes us happy, actually it does, although we need to realize that once the method starts, there is no end until the death.

That was Tolstoy was showing, in the end most he required was a lot.

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