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Valencia MitchellFIDM Program Hi, I’m Valencia Mitchell, and I believe FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) may be the right university for me. Because the age of 10-11, fashion have been one of those things that I just knew I had developed a passion for. Coming from reading fashion magazines, memorizing various French, Scandinavian, Italian, and American style designers, keeping up with the styles and events on style.

com, to catching plan fashion weeks all around the world on the net, I have finally found my place.

I’m a very independent, social, established, but goofy person. I enjoy meeting new people. During my free time, I love to pay attention to music, pull, or watch movies. I love making people laugh, and making their working day better. I’m a jr . in high school, but graduating early this kind of upcoming 12 months due to extra credits. Regardless of what I’m performing or where I are, I make an effort to exceed the expectations that I have collection for personally. I believe that FIDM is a perfect fit for me personally, because it largely focuses on the occupation or industry you want to work in.

FIDM teaches you the lining and out’s of the industry, and prepares you for future years. For three years now, I’ve wanted to attend this university and I think that FIDM provides out the best of my abilities and help to make my long term brighter. Ever since I was provided a travel around the San Francisco campus, I’ve fallen even more in love with this kind of school. The atmosphere, the energy, the screen windows , it seemed like the school was performed for me!

This has made me more excited for college and what my personal future brings. The major that I’m making an application for is Aesthetic Communications. To get the longest time, I wanted to be a trend stylist. I loved how they didn’t just pick/choose and style the clothing , that they tried to portray a story with props, location, and history as well. As a former a big supporter of Grace Coddington (from Vogue), Hamaca Nickerson, and Havana Lafitte. Visual Marketing communications takes all of the things and puts as one.

When I toured the campus in San Francisco, I noticed many display house windows in which had been designed by a large number of visual connection students. Every single window I stumbled upon was diverse in style, plus the story told from what they designed. Being in a class is okay at times, but I like being online with assignments, also. As I’m a really big dreamer, I believe this major is designed for me. Upon my graduation from FIDM, I know that I will have accomplished what I always wanted to do from the time the age of 15.

I want to feel that I never gave up on my dream of getting who I usually wanted to be. I know I will become very proud of me personally when I graduate from FIDM. I would personally have gain the experience that I needed to push forward and explore fresh opportunities. Hopefully by then, I would personally have made great connections based on a clothing brands such as T. Crew, NAP, or Éthologie. I believe that with me getting education by FIDM, it can help me reach new levels that I hardly ever knew I can reach. This can be the first step to reaching all those heights.

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