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War industry

Handloom industry is actually a traditional as well as a cottage market in India. It provides job to the large section of poor people. However , the role and significance with the industry for the national expansion is weak. In fact , the industry is usually facing lots of problems such as men, materials, methods, devices, money, advertising management. Handloom industry is known as a cottage and rural based industry as well as the handlooms will be part of an age old American indian tradition. thirty five lakhs handlooms still exist in the area and 65 lakhs individuals are engaged in the profession.

This kind of industry leads to 15 % of the total cloth manufactured in this country. There are 470 Handloom clusters propagate in all in the country in highly decentralized manner. Of india handloom market is the largest in the world in fact it is low capital intensive sector

Indian Handloom Sector an Overview

Providing indirect and direct employment to more than 35 lakh weavers, handloom sector is the most significant economic activity second just to agriculture in India.

Despite the occurrence of the powerloom sector within a big way along with all its positive aspects, the handloom sector have been able to tolerate the competition. It includes also turned out its indispensability on particular fronts. Trend of cultural revivalism and effective point out intervention through financial assistance and implementation of various developmental schemes possess brought about much more than tenfold embrace the production of handloom fabrics.

This sector contributes practically 23% in the total towel produced in the nation. During the year 1996-97, a total creation of 7235 million sq . metres of cloth was achieved. The Handloom Act exceeded by the parliament in 1985 aims to safeguard handloom weavers against powerloom and textile mill employees by booking certain linen articles (presently eleven in number) for exclusive creation by handlooms.

Some key promotional & developmental programs formulated by the office with the Development Commissioner for Handlooms relate to (a) input support (b) employment generation programmes (c) modernization and upgradation of technology (d) marketplace support (e) welfare actions (f) advertising. In all the plans emphasis continues to be laid upon assisting handloom weavers immediately, including upgradation of their abilities etc . Handlooms are a part of Indian history, they exemplify the richness and diversity of culture and thence the artistry in the weavers.

Conceptualization of the Concerns At present, in the whole of Textile sector, the Handlooms-cottage sector must co-exist with other two sectors, namely unorganized power loom sector and organized mill sector. If we take a look at globally, as a result of huge competition of these two sectors, various developed countries gave up the handloom industry, and there are zero handlooms can be found at present in many of the countries.

In India also, number of handlooms in different clusters can be decreasing day by day. In the last twelve to fifteen years they have come down to 43. 32 lakhs by 65. 5 lakhs Handloom workers involved in this sector. As the handloom sector occupies an important place as a result of economic importance, it has been realized that India cannot leave aside this market as additional countries achieved it. On the other hand, India has to pay out much more attention to safe shield this industry.

The causes for declining of handloom industry with respect to guys, material, machines, methods, cash, marketing and managing categories have to be grouped in order to find the corresponding remedies. This type of evaluation will help to properly address and solve the issues faced by handloom market.


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