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HOME-STYLE COOKIES CASE ANALYSIS 1 Submitted by: George Ramselle P. Deposoy Atlanta Hur Jinseog Noreen Rose A. Duran Garry A.

Gallo Nina Jessa Jessica Ladera January Rhett H. Simbulan Daisy Mae U. Tambolero January 13, 2012 COMPANY QUALIFICATIONS The Lew-Mark Baking Company—Archway Cookie’s greatest franchise is located in western New York State which in turn produces 60 varieties of superior quality soft cookies with no additives added. The soft cookies mostly charm to customers over 45 years old also to parents who may have young children. The company has lower than 200 workers, mostly blue-collar workers.

The availability process begins as soon as requests from distributors arrive. Furthermore, the ingredients necessary for each type of cookie created a computer which will determines the number of each element needed, according to the quantity of cookies ordered, and relays that information to storage succursale located outside the plant where the main elements are kept. The ingredients happen to be then combined and later on, the mixture is slice into individual cookies. The organization has also improved the length of each oven by simply 25 ft resulting in a growth of production rate.

The finished cookies are placed in to boxes whilst deformed cookies are removed. This is performed manually by workers. The boxes are then twisted, sealed and label quickly. Most cookies are crammed immediately on to trucks and shipped to distributors. Many are stored in the warehouse tend to be shipped right after because of limited shelf life. CENTRAL PROBLEM The decision whether to take on new development processes and alter a few of the old types and its effects to the whole production process as well as the product itself. OBJECTIVES To find the best course of action which will benefit the whole company in the long-run 5. To exploit potential improvements and employ it to their edge * To enhance the quality of the product SWOT RESEARCH Strength * The product is extremely marketable specifically to the health conscious segment from the society like the elders, and oldsters for children because it has no added preservatives—something which provides them an advantage to additional competitors. 2. Efficient in their production Some weakness * The item has a short shelf-life. * Use of damaged cookies while oatmeal cookies may distort the product by itself Opportunities Software of development processes 5. Less delivery lead time if that they employ nearer suppliers—subject for the permission from the mother business * Item expansion—still be subject to the authorization of the mother company Dangers * The company might separation behind other companies in terms of technology and production since they by hand do the production processes. * Growth will probably be stagnant if they usually expand their particular product line ALTERNATE COURSES OF ACTIVITIES Automate the packaging process Advantage/s: * Saves money, better, and time-saving

Disadvantages/s: * 30 personnel in the production group will be made jobless. * Broken cookies might be included also inside the packaging procedure since there is no one to take them off thinking about the shift from manual to automated. Make use of additives/preservatives in the ingredients to create cookies Advantage/s: * This permits a longer life to the cookies. * The corporation will be able to expand its current location items. Disadvantages/s: * The customers understanding might difference in terms of ‘quality’, with the knowledge that the company is branded of producing ‘good food’.

Sell damaged cookies Advantage/s: * This will likely ensure that all the products produced are fresh. If perhaps all busted cookies are accustomed to make oatmeal cookies—that can be, including stuffed cookies—it will distort the item itself Disadvantage/s: * Waste disposal costs could increase. Work with suppliers located closer to the plant Advantages/s: * This will reduce delivery business lead time and vehicles costs They can also test out if the products of the provider can meet the same top quality of their first suppliers’ items Disadvantage/s: Product quality can experience. RECOMMENDATION The first, third and next ACA is recommended. Since the firm is highly worried of the quality of the product, they should use fresh substances and not just scraps from the various other ones made. With regards to the waste disposal costs, they will just promote the broken pieces as animal food to zoos or other animal sanctuaries. The fourth one is also suggested since it allows the company to save on some expenditures.

If they are dubious about the coffee quality, they may include a cookie taste test using the community products and compare it for their cookies which are made using their original suppliers’ products—that is of course susceptible to the approval of their franchisor. SUMMARY Judging through the background provided, the company does exceedingly well in the production with their products. They are highly efficient and effective as well. Goods are very marketable, inventory control is good, and the regard intended for quality is extremely commendable. Decisivelydefinitively, determinately, once and for all, once for all, the total performance with the company can be well plus they are in control of the business.

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