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NET EXERCISES APPENDIX Chapter 1: Marketing’s Part in the Global Economy Net Exercise: Wal-Mart You can check out the on-line shopping experience of Wal-Mart on the Web simply by going to www. wal-mart. com and hitting “Go Searching.

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” To get related conversation in the Standard Marketing text message, see page 8. Net Exercise: ONSALE Auction Supersite The ONSALE Auction Supersite features a number of on-line sales in which diverse sellers sell computer, consumer electronics, and other products to potential buyers. Visit the website at www. onsale. com and assessment an open auction for a consumer electronics product.

Exactly what are the advantages and drawbacks of this market for sellers? For potential buyers? For related discussion inside the Basic Promoting text, see page seventeen. Internet Exercise: World Control Organization The World Trade Corporation is a very essential force at the rear of the global approach toward free of charge trade, yet sometimes there are still disputes. Visit the WTO internet site at www. wto. org and find out how the WTO forms disputes. Do you consider that this method favors the developed nations, the less-developed nations, or neither? Give you a thinking. To get related debate in the Standard Marketing text, see site 22.

Phase 2: Marketing’s Role in the Firm or Charitable Firm Internet Physical exercise: L. M. Bean The L. L. Bean internet site (www. llbean. com) presents consumers a lot of information, including info on national leisure areas. Do you think that this helps Bean to build human relationships with its goal customers? For related dialogue in the Basic Marketing text message, see page 40. Internet Exercise: Lilly Lilly, the pharmaceutical business, makes the efforts to be socially responsible. For more information about Lilly’s corporate nationality, go to the Lilly home page (www. lilly. om) and simply click company data and then simply click corporate citizenship. For related discussion inside the Basic Advertising text, find page 40. Chapter 3: Focusing Web marketing strategy with Segmentation and Placement Internet Physical exercise: McDonald’s McDonald’s has regarding 22, 000 restaurants in 109 countries. Go to their web site, www. mcdonalds. com, and figure out what country can be its largest market beyond the U. S i9000. Do you think it provides more or less opportunity for future growth than the U. S.? To get related debate in the Basic Marketing text, see site 67. Internet Exercise: Marriott

Courtyard by simply Marriott objectives business travelers. Visit the Marriott web site, www. marriott. com, and jot down what you think are the being qualified and identifying dimensions for the businessperson choosing Courtyard over Marriott’s other hotel choices. For related discussion inside the Basic Promoting text, observe page 81. Chapter 4: Evaluating Opportunities in the Changing Marketing Environment Internet Physical exercise: Tupperware In the event that you where a new marketing manager in Rubbermaid, you may be interested in figuring out more about Tupperware, an important competitor in some markets.

What kind of relevant data could you make do going to the Tupperware web site, (www. tupperware. com)? For related discussion in the Basic Advertising text, find page info. Internet Exercise: Consumer Reviews The Consumer Item Safety Commission payment sometimes requires auto creators to issue recalls. Nevertheless , not all buyers learn about the recalls. Go to the Consumer Reports internet site (www. consumerreports. com/recalls) and check to see in the event there has been a recall on the year and model of car that is appealing to you (say, one owned by your family). For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, find page 128.

Chapter a few: Demographic Measurements of Global Buyer Markets Internet Exercise: CIA’s World Factbook Visit the site for the CIA’s Community Factbook (www. odci. gov/cia/publications/factbook) and review the profile data for Canada and Australia. Exactly how are they related and how are they different? Intended for related conversation in the Fundamental Marketing text, see page 133. Net Exercise: JNCO Revatex grew rapidly when ever its wide-leg JNCO brand jeans became a hit with teens. Do you think that it is web site (www. jnco. com) does a good job appealing to young adults? Why? Pertaining to related dialogue in the Standard Marketing text, see webpage 138.

Chapter 6: Behavioral Dimensions from the Consumer Market Internet Exercise: SRI’s VALS Go to the SRI Internet site (http://future. sri. com), click on VALS, and then click on “direct for the survey” to examine the VALS questionnaire. If you want, complete the short customer survey on-line. SRI will provide you with the VALS profile. For related discussion inside the Basic Marketing text, discover page 164. Internet Physical exercise: GAP To really succeed for consumers to visualize how certain trends will look collectively, the GAP’s web site (www. gap. com) has a “get dressed interactive” feature.

Go the SPACE web site and look for this feature. Do you think it makes it easier to judge a potential order? For related discussion inside the Basic Promoting text, observe page 173. Chapter 7: Business and Organizational Customers and Their Shopping for Behavior Net Exercise: Computer system Discount Factory At the Computer Discount Warehouse web site (www. cdw. com) a buyer can easily evaluate the features and prices of competing products. Click desktop personal computers and then for the CDW Evaluate feature to do a comparison of two “high end” computers via two several manufacturers.

How helpful could this analysis be if you were a computer client? For related discussion in the Basic Advertising text, see page 187. Internet Exercise: Thomas Register The Thomas Register provides a very extensive database of firms at its web site (www. thomasregister. com). Click on search and it will fast you to sign-up. After you register (it’s free), search by product/service around the keyword welded. How could the data provided by your search help you in the event you sold an item that was used by firms in the welding industry? How could that help you if you were a customer looking for a distributor of welded products?

Pertaining to related conversation in the Basic Marketing text, see page 199. Section 8: Improving Decisions with Marketing Details Internet Physical exercise: Yahoo Assume that your supervisor has asked you to do a customer satisfaction survey. As part of a predicament analysis, you need to get ideas about what other folks have done in this area. Go to the site for the Yahoo internet search engine (www. google. com). In the dialogue container type “customer satisfaction survey” (include the quote marks) and simply click search. Take a look at some of the websites identified. Just how helpful is?

How could that be better? For related discussion in the Basic Promoting text, observe page 222. Internet Exercise: Perseus Perseus Development Company sells software that allows an individual can to create online questionnaires that may be distributed by e-mail or applied to the Internet. To determine samples of across the internet questions, go to the Perseus internet site (www. perseus. com) then click on Study Samples. Do you consider that it’s more convenient for a client to result in a survey across the internet or with pencil and paper? To get related debate in the Simple Marketing text message, see web page 227.

Phase 9: Elements of Product Planning for Goods and Services Net Exercise: Procter & Wager Go to the Procter & Bet web site (www. pg. com) and simply click P&G Goods. Find out the brand names in the different shampoos that P&G makes. How are the different brands positioned and what concentrate on markets carry out they charm too? Intended for related dialogue in the Simple Marketing text, see site 259. Net Exercise: FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) The FDA’s web site contains a page on the new meals label requirements that proclaims “grocery retail outlet aisles have become avenues to greater health knowledge. Go to that page at Internet address (www. fda. gov/opacom/backgrounders/foodlabel/newlabel. html) and review using the label requirements. Do you make use of this information in deciding what products to obtain? For related discussion in the Basic Promoting text, see page 262. Chapter twelve: Product Supervision and New-Product Development Internet Exercise: WebTV A number of application, hardware, and programming companies are working on products that deliver Net information through TV. Check out the WebTV web site (www. webtv. com) to find out about one aspect of this thought.

Do you think that many people will probably be interested in quickly adopting WebTV? How does this stack up if you think about the characteristics of an innovation evaluated above? Intended for related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 275. Net Exercise: Promoting Intelligence Assistance Marketing Brains Service, Ltd. is a U. S. -based firm that tracks new consumer packed goods–both success and failures. Go to it is web site (ourworld. compuserve. com/homepages/mktgintelsvc) and click the What’s New button after which review the selections for cool product innovations from the year.

Do you think that these goods offer consumers superior value, or are that they just me-too imitations? Pertaining to related conversation in the Standard Marketing textual content, see page 283. Section 11: Place and Development of Channel Devices Internet Exercise: Gateway Entrance is a computer system company that uses direct distribution to its consumers in the U. S. Navigate to the Gateway site (www. gateway. com) and think about just how it is prepared. Given that Gateway doesn’t employ different programs of circulation to reach different types of customers, how can it segment the market?

Intended for related conversation in the Basic Marketing text message, see site 301. Internet Exercise: Avon Avon provides cosmetics and other products through independent revenue representatives (agents) and also though a directory (both on the web and printed). Review the Avon web site (www. avon. com). Do you think that Avon’s independent sales representatives might view the web site as competitive for their consumers’ purchases and a supply of conflict or perhaps would they presume that it allows them encourage the product and identify fresh prospects? Explain your thinking. For related discussion inside the Basic Promoting text, discover page 317.

Chapter 12: Distribution Customer care and Logistics Internet Physical exercise: Virtual Logistics Directory Huge corporations often turn to additional firms that specialize in logistics, transportation and warehousing companies, consultants, designers of personal computers, and the like–to help put into action the physical distribution areas of their sales strategies. The web site of the Virtual Strategies Directory (www. logisticdirectory. com) lists various logistics experts and what they do. Go to the website and select the Integrated Logistics category.

Review the descriptions of a number of the firms outlined, and then pick one. Explain why a large firm with a logistics problem may well seek its help rather than just looking to tackle the challenge internally. Pertaining to related debate in the Standard Marketing text message, see site 329. Internet Exercise: New york Ports Power A firm that is just starting to export to international marketplaces may want help figuring out what shipping solutions are available. The North Carolina Jacks Authority’s website (www. ncports. com) allows provide such information.

See a web site, choose Port Providers, and assessment the different firms and firms that might be in a position to provide you with support if you needed to ship a sizable quantity of household furniture to the Middle section East. Identify an organization coming from those shown that you might wish to contact initially, and suggest why. Pertaining to related discussion in the Fundamental Marketing textual content, see site 334. Section 13: Suppliers, Wholesalers, and Their Strategy Organizing Internet Workout: INTERSHOP INTERSHOP Communications develops and offers software that companies value to create “virtual stores” for Internet retailing.

For example , it allows a seller to develop an online catalog that is certainly easy for customers to use and it has tools for examining sales and keeping track of consumers. Go to the firm’s web site (www. intershop. com) and select Products. Review the information provided. (If your computer is definitely equipped to view RealVideo online video, you might also need to watch the demo. ) Do you think it would become easier for consumers in the event all Net sellers employed a common system, such as this one, rather than coming up with many different arrangements? Briefly make clear your considering. For related discussion inside the Basic Advertising text, discover page 359.

Internet Exercise: Fastenal Go to the Fastenal website (www. fastenal. com). Look at different aspects with the Fastenal web site. Give examples of ways that the web site is intended to aid Fastenal’s buyers and suppliers. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, discover page 370. Chapter 13: Promotion, Summary of Integrated Marketing Communications Internet Physical exercise: Sony Fiat produces a extremely wide variety of items. Does the details available on the web internet site (www. volvo. com) seem to be part of a built-in marketing communications efforts? Explain your thinking.

Intended for related dialogue in the Standard Marketing textual content, see webpage 386. Net Exercise: Campbell’s Soup Visit the Campbell’s Soups web site (www. campbellsoup. com). Does the site make it easy for you to get info? Does it cause you to be want to pay more time and get more information? Describe your answer. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, observe page 395. Chapter 15: Personal Advertising Internet Work out: Motivating Recording Company The Motivating Mp3 Company markets various revenue training videos. Visit the firm’s internet site at www. achievement. com and then slide down and select Sales Schooling.

Review the list of revenue training videos presented. If a sales manager were going to count on some of these heurt for training people just moving into a sales career, what important areas of sales training could he have to cover by simply some other strategy? For related discussion in the Basic Promoting text, observe page 427. Internet Physical exercise: Symantec Symantec is the manufacturer of various software program products, which includes ACT! personal management software which is used by many salesmen to organize information about their customers, product sales calls, and tasks they have to do. Go to the ACT! web site (www. ymantec. com/act) for information about this merchandise. Give a handful of specific types of ways that a salesperson could use TAKE ACTION! to build better relationships with customers. For related dialogue in the Fundamental Marketing textual content, see webpage 431. Section 16: Advertising and marketing and Revenue Promotion Internet Exercise: NarrowCast Media NarrowCast Media is definitely an Internet firm that provides providers for businesses that want to market on the Internet and also for sites that web host Internet advertising. Head to its website (www. narrowcastmedia. com) and read about NarrowCast Media’s different services.

In brief describe the key benefits it offers for marketers and the key benefits it offers for host sites. To get related dialogue in the Standard Marketing text message, see web page 455. Net Exercise: Catalina Marketing Catalina Marketing Firm is a provider of available, electronic scanning device activated client promotions. Navigate to the Catalina site (www. catalinamktg. com) and select Manufacturer Solutions, then review information about their Sampling Applications. Briefly explain, in your own words and phrases, how the sampling program functions and illustrate a situation in which a manufacturer will dsicover it useful.

For related discussion in the Basic Promoting text, see page 468. Chapter 18: Pricing Objectives and Guidelines Internet Workout: International Foreign currency Converter Xenon Laboratories provides a web site using a system that uses current exchanges prices to convert one country’s currency to a different. Go to the web site (www. ausmall. com. au), scroll right down to the reference section, and click on Foreign Currency Convsersion app. How much is a $100 U. S. worth now in Thai bhats, British pounds, and The german language marks? How do those quantity compare with 06 of 98 (See Show 17-6)?

For related conversation in the Basic Marketing textual content, see webpage 486. Internet Exercise: ValuPage Catalina, a strong that specializes in targeted sales offers, set up an on-line system called “ValuPage. ” Customers can print a piece with a set of discounts that sponsoring grocery stores redeem with “web bucks”–which the consumer are able to use for virtually any future buy at the retail store. Go to the site (www. grocery stores. com), enter your zero code, and review the program. Do you think this technique will be more or perhaps less at risk of fraud than regular coupon codes? Explain your thinking.

To get related conversation in the Standard Marketing text, see site 492. Phase 18: Price Setting available World Net Exercise: Sports Auction Classic Information Technology introduced an Internet market site for many different categories of sporting goods. Visit the auction website (www. sportingauction. com) and review the activities in two auction types, one for any sport that is in time of year and another sport that is not. For example , you could compare snow-boarding and golfing. Do you think that season makes a difference in the bidding process activity? Describe your considering.

For related discussion in the Basic Advertising text, see page 524. Internet Workout: Tiffany Jewelry & Co. is widely recognized as one of the world’s premiere company. It orders high rates for what it provides. Go the Tiffany site (www. jewelry. com) and review the various sections. Do you consider that the website communicates superior customer worth to the Jewelry target market? Explain your opinion and point to specific aspects of the web site that support your view. Pertaining to related debate in the Fundamental Marketing text, see webpage 528. Chapter 19: Employing and Handling Marketing Strategies: Evolution and Revolution

Internet Exercise: BaRaN Systems BaRaN Systems Limited. has developed an application product referred to as SQC pertaining to Excel that works with the Ms Excel chart program and makes it uncomplicated the types of analysis that are helpful for quality management. Go to it is web site (www. baran-systems. com) and click the link for SQC to get Excel after which at that webpage scroll down and look at the “quick tour” section. What exactly is it about the graphs that makes it easy to see which areas require special attention? Pertaining to related dialogue in the Simple Marketing textual content, see web page 544. Net Exercise: Copernicus

Copernicus: The Marketing Investment Strategy Group has developed a thorough procedure, The Copernican Decision Navigator, that its consultants have used as the foundation for performing marketing audits for many main corporations. The method determines if the firm can be using “best practices” in planning and implementing the strategies. Proceed the Copernicus web site (www. copernicusmarketing. com), scroll to the items below “about Copernicus, ” and select the link to get Marketing Guidelines. Review what is involved in the Copernicus procedure. Exactly what the advantages of getting outside experts do this type of audit?

To get related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see site 562. Chapter 20: Handling Marketing’s Website link with Other Useful Areas Net Exercise: Cductive CDuctive provides an on-line support in which the customer selects selected tracts of music and, for a payment, CDuctive will make a personalized CD of those selections. Check out the CDuctive web site (www. cductive. com), and then list what you think are the key (1) strong points and (2) weaknesses of its way. For related discussion inside the Basic Advertising text, observe page 578. Internet Exercise: ITW ITW, Inc. provides a variety of diverse businesses that produce several products.

See a ITW website (www. itwinc. com) and then select the set of other ITW web sites. Once you briefly assessment the information of ITW’s different websites, select ITW Brands and study that in more depth. From an expense standpoint, can it make sense to experience a unit like ITW Brands? Why or why not? For related conversation in the Simple Marketing textual content, see webpage 581. Phase 21: Growing Innovative Promoting Plans Internet Exercise: Survey of Buying Electric power The Review of Buying Power has an on the web site that can be found on a pay-for-use basis. However , a sample section is available at no cost.

Go to the website (www. sbponline. com) and choose Samples then select Samples of Site97. Go through the Income Pattern Report (and others should you wish). Just how would these details be helpful to a retail chain that is looking at a new center for this test market? For related conversation in the Simple Marketing text, see site 604. Internet Exercise: Maytag Go to the Maytag web site (www. maytag. com) and assessment the information about the Neptune line. Will you see any indication which the strategy for Neptune is changing from what is described in case that presents this chapter? Explain your point of view.

To get related conversation in the Standard Marketing text, see web page 614. Chapter 22: Moral Marketing in a Consumer-Oriented World: Appraisal and Challenges Internet Exercise: Ikea Ikea is an innovative household furniture company that is using its website to refine its approach. It has usually relied about information technology to keep costs low by monitoring sales for individual retailers and using the information to regulate inventory and minimize shipping costs between the manufacturing plant, distribution centers, and its large retail stores. Navigate to the Ikea web site (www. ikea. com). What else will the web site inform you of Ikea’s technique?

Will the internet site help Ikea offer remarkable value? Make clear your solution. For related discussion inside the Basic Marketing text, find page 629. Internet Exercise: Obvious Implementations Obvious Implementations Corp. can be described as small consulting and manufacturing firm. Go to its web site (www. obviously. com) and then select Tips on how to stop junk mail, e-mail and phone calls. Go through the information and, if you wish, adhere to some of the links to websites listed. When it is00 easier to prevent mail, e-mail, and telephone calls you don’t wish? Explain the thinking. Pertaining to related discussion in the Standard Marketing text, see page 636.

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