Qwertyuiop: Secretary and Belmont Secretarial College Essay

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Based on the short story, QWERTYUIOP, reveal a character that you want.

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Give 3 reasons why you prefer the character and provide evidence to back up your reasons. In the short story, QWERTYUIOP, the character which I like is usually Lucy Beck. She was your main personality in the account. She had just done studying in Belmont Secretarial College and was looking for a job. She was lucky because she got a job in Ross and Bannister’s.

I like Lucy Beck because the girl was a decided person. At the start, Lucy acquired no assurance in getting a job. Even the principal in the school was skeptical because Lucy was a slower typist. Sharon was identified to get the task as your woman came from an unhealthy family.

Your woman was tired of eating macaroni cheese, baked beans and wearing second-hand clothes. The girl needed money to change her life-style. Sharon was also a courageous person.

When the girl started doing work at Ross and Bannister’s she had problems. The spirit of any former admin, Miss Broome, was haunting the typewriter she employed. The soul chased away all the previous secretaries. However , Lucy would not let the soul frighten her. She required the job and she fearlessly confronted the spirit and managed to convince her to leave school.

Another reason for what reason I like Sharon Beck is because she was intelligent. Although she was very slow at typing, her intelligence helped her to convince Miss Broome to leave but not haunt school anymore. Your woman managed to collect information about Miss Broome via Harry Darke, a member of staff at the office. Making use of the information, she praised Miss Broome saying that she was obviously a good worker and that her late manager, Mr Bannister, missed her a lot.

In addition, she said that Mister Bannister still needed her services. In this manner she got rid of Miss Broome’s heart and she can continue to work in the office quietly. In conclusion, I prefer Lucy Beck because the lady looked basic insignificant yet she is capable to defend her work employing her personal intelligence, valor and perseverance.

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