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Sample Cover Letter The Virtual Community Group, Incorporation. 17 Playground Road Countryside Town, NH July you, 1995 Jane Smith, Executive Director Xavier Foundation 555 S. Johnson St .

Wa, D. C. 22222 Dear Ms. Johnson, I are pleased to submit this proposal from the Online Community Group, Inc., requiring an investment of $50, 500 per year more than two years in the Xavier Foundation to support each of our Enterprise 2000 initiative.

This kind of grant presents part of the cash needed for us to train at least twelve hundred low-income business people in country New Hampshire, helping these people acquire the laptop skills they have to create sustainable local businesses as we enter the twenty-first hundred years. As elsewhere in the U. S., the economic health of New Hampshire’s rural areas has suffered stable decline considering that the early 1900’s. Family farms, which when formed a fiscal base helping large numbers of rural inhabitants, have been completely all but exterminated by considerable agribusiness.

Furthermore, since 60, New Hampshire has lost xx% of its making jobs, as corporations or perhaps local factories have turn off or transferred operations away of state. As a result, thousands of individuals via New Hampshire , particularly our the younger generation , happen to be moving to cities to get jobs, not simply depopulating and further impoverishing country communities, but contributing to the growing pool area of downtown unemployed.

By tapping the of the little local business owner, and connecting it for the explosion in communications technologies, we believe it is also possible to change this craze, enabling country inhabitants to keep viable, premium quality jobs definately not industrial and urban centers. Small towns would once again offer a wide spectrum of employment opportunities , from small manufacturing to services to retail , and develop sound, diversified economies initially in years. Unfortunately, various small entrepreneurs cannot afford possibly the training or perhaps equipment required to participate in the rewards with the Information Innovation.

Enterprise 2000 was designed clearly to address absence of parity, and help level the sales and marketing communications playing discipline. Working in collaboration with microenterprise organizations, community colleges, and agencies which in turn recycle computer hardware, Enterprise 2k will offer disadvantaged entrepreneurs the subsequent services for low or any charge: ¢Day-time or evening classes in basic, intermediate, and advanced computer abilities ¢Training to use the Internet and other information networks ¢Assessment of MIS requirements

Access to reconditioned computer hardware After two years of experimentation and program advancement, the Electronic Community Group has designed a superb, quickly replicable model in Venture 2000, and established a high degree of reliability among community groups, policy makers, and funders. Our collaboration to agencies leverages every buck invested.

Provided that the Xavier Foundation has already made many strategic purchases to improve the lives with the rural poor, we are calling on you to support us enhance our joint objective 1 step even more. I love your concern of this pitch. Please twenty-four hours a day call me personally if you have inquiries or would like us to set up a site check out. I count on meeting with you soon. Sincerely, Executive Overseer (This test cover letter was created for AGM by Molly Clark Acquaintances. )

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