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To say that Spears was exploited or perhaps hounded by the press is understatement. It can be perhaps more accurate to say the lady was produced by the press and advertising and marketing industries. Although Spears certainly had concerns, the level and depth of her problems were compounded by press and advertising press that capitalized on every feasible invasion of privacy and whatever normalcy in life the lady attempted to follow. Something that many of do, going to Starbucks to get coffee each day, became an image of a caffeine addict who had been putting her children at risk because the lady chose to travel herself to the coffee shop. Between hundreds of paparazzi whenever the girl ventured past the security of her gated home, probably she was jeopardizing the protection of her children who also also became targets of incessant and seemingly crazed paparazzi. Never before has the media enjoyed such an important role in destroying living of a celeb. The very general public demise of singer Whitney Houston did not cause Houston to lose her children or, nor was she compelled into the attention a parent and her resources court ordered under the charge of the mother or father. Today, Asparagus spears is rebuilding her community image and career so that you can regain control over her your life, her assets, and to acquire her kids back whose custody was awarded with her ex-husband, which Spears pays spousal support and kid support to.

Spears established a press precedent, and that we see a pattern emerging since the young singing star Miley Cyrus transitions coming from adolescent into a young girl. The photographs below, obtained online, show the transition of Cyrus from intacto, to intimate, to hedonistic.

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Like Spears, Cyrus began her career like a talented youthful, beautiful role model in the television character of Hannah Montana. A sensation together with the “tweens, inch Cyrus features, like Spears, amassed a lot in catalog and includes a large fan base to support those products in combination with her singing talent. Like Spears, we see the paparazzi pursuing the young women’s every move, and functioning relentlessly to sensationalize her personal lifestyle and follies. This is mailing the most detrimental kind of emails to the youthful star’s fans: emerging womanhood is about difficulté and scanty dress, over indulgence, and promiscuity – even though the small star’s dating is growing rapidly probably regular for her age group. It also tells young people that they can be entitled to not merely the entertainment of the star’s talent, but for

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