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scent COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING , CHANEL’ Xing Cheng Zhao Qin Zeynep Sezer Chanel Perfume History: What’s the several of the person and female’s perfume Gentleman perfume is normally vegetation type, lady scent with floral majority And from scent bottles are able to see it, guy perfume scent-bottle mostly exact have border, lady parfum bottles are mostly curve. Man perfume bottle of color with gray, black, green, give goal to warm color Girl scent-bottle color is rich, have bis, pink, crimson, etc Crucial message: This product is a the unisex perfume, so it cannot include obvious big difference between gentleman and woman. e should invite a artist to design a wonderful scent-bottle, a appealing bottle design will capture consumers’ eye.

this will enhance sales quantity. Special features: Because to create both men and women can use, so perfume bottle simply cannot too feminine also are unable to too hard, therefore two sentences are designed respectively scent-bottle may be better. As well we need to develop this unisex perfume that has unique flavor. This cologne will utilized by the lovers who want to make their interactions strong. Another special feature is the goods use an environment-friendly materials which are biodegradable.

You can still find many problems of environmental protection lately. Our goods with bio-degradable packaging. It truly is favorable to safeguard the environment and can’t enhance waste. Each of our target customers: Our new perfume is usually produced intended for the youthful fashion persons especially few between 16-25 years old and who are living in english speaking countries. For our new product, we all chose fresh generation mainly because our item will kick off in Valentine’s so we all focus the young couples who would like to buy the present for each other folks. The other reseason of your target is definitely: our product’s lower price.

We wish to make the young people able to purchase the product that have small price range. USP: Since unique selling points, we focus on selling price. our the unisex perfume can be produced with lower price by well-known up market manufacture. The customers select our new product on foundation price with brand’s quality. Media of Advertisement Being a media advertising campaign using: TELEVISION SET commercial, -Use a storyboard to illustrate maybe request famous star as a someone to act the storyline. We chosen to choose for the TV commercial while Robert The english actor and Emma watson today who are extremely famous and England stars.

Because this is actually a unisex perfume, if make use of television advertising and marketing can describe a appreciate story demonstrates this one cologne products. each of our main thought is reflected in this fragrance unisex, and romantic, artistic. The main story is a number of strange people with the same fragrance, in passing, are each other about the same smell drawn, then fell in love! Because this kind of perfume is usually produced by a well known up-market company, So the top quality of products is believing, and it currently have a lot of loyal customers.

The company today wishes to enter the lower end of the industry, the product’s price will be cheaper than other products of company. It is attractive to buyers, Wonderful cologne with cheap price. Radio spot, – write the script to generate a radio play as a advertising campaign, including sound clips and music Magazine , -use famous star to take some vogue photograph and are going to make the testers for customers in mag. We make the people try our perfume in beauty shops and malls. Other media, – we use e-branding in facebook plus the websites.

We all will advise the customers about our marketing promotions and cool product in Chanel’s website. And also we utilize the billboard in street together with the photograph’s of our brand superstar. Special campaign This perfume’s key point is usually unisex, therefore special promo is the scent is a few perfume, if a couple to get lovers cologne, so that they can always be presented some new product trial outfit. To launch the newest perfume in Valentine’s Day activities(make bundling perfume body ointment , showering gel) The products discount actions: buy one get 50% discount for the second one.

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