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Fuzy Norway has a rugged surfaces and a cold climate. The most famous fortress, named Akershus, is located in Oslo, Norway and was built in medieval occasions. Its structure was advanced for that time frame, and was extremely important in the protection and defense of Norway.

Akershus was also a fortress as well as a castle, which led to better protection. This was also inside the time of the Vikings, the much feared defenders of Norway, who were known to be extremely brutal in war.

It was rebuilt, up-to-date, and repurposed several times through history, and it is now a trademark in Norwegian history and culture, offering as a significant tourist centre. There have been many castles over the centuries that folks have equiped the best because of their location, protection, architecture, or perhaps history, like the Windsor Castle, Holyrood Building, Buckingham Palace, and the Enclos de Versailles. However , one other, lesser known castle seems to be on par with these gems: the Akershus castle in Oslo, Norway.

Akershus is better than the standards in every of these groups and more, which is most likely the reason why it is plainly the most famous fortress in Norway. It was made and protected by Vikings in the medieval ages, and to this day stands high in solid, just as it did on the turn of the fourteenth hundred years. Location Norway has a incredibly rugged, mountainous terrain, that contains some of the maximum points in Europe north of the Alpine-Carpathian mountain selection with simply one-fifth of its total area less than one hundred-fifty meters above sea level (Norway , Topography, and.. ). The main river, the Glama experiences the Southeast and is three hundred-eighty miles long. Much of Norway has become scraped simply by ice, and there are one thousand, seven-hundred glaciers amassing some three thousand, four-hundred square miles. There are many great harbors and almost numberless fjords, along with vast strings of island destinations stretching every along the seaside areas of Norway. Norway’s local climate is also relatively harsh, yet seemingly gentle when compared to different locations in its latitude. Snow covers the floor at least three months a year.

During the summer months, when the sea is much cooler than the area, the situation differs, then the western winds awesome the coastline more than the inland so the perfect summers happen to be in the inland valleys in the southeast. “Average temperatures fluctuate between adverse ten certifications Celsius in January in Spitzbergen and sixteen certifications Celsius in July in Oslo.  Even though there is much snowfall, the warm waters from the Gulf Stream keep the seaports clear of ice, but the inlands are chiller in the winter months because of the mountain range blocking out warm winds (Norway, n.. ). In upper Norway, there is continuous sun light in certain areas of the summer. “In northernmost Norway, the sun keeps above the intervalle for about two and one-half months. Southern Norway under no circumstances has ongoing daylight, even though it uses nineteen several hours of daytime a day in midsummer.  The further north you decide to go, the longer this period of twenty-four hour light continues. The opposite occurs in the winter, where the sun rarely rises at all. During these occasions, the Upper Lights, also referred to as an amanecer, can be seen in the sky (Norway, n. m. ).

Defense Norway got one of the best, the majority of feared, and well known armies in all in the medieval ages: the Vikings. “The Vikings were tremendously feared for his or her strength and skill in battle¦ Their particular primary selection of weapons consisted of spears, swords, and others alike (Top / Weapons, in. d. ). Viking’s swords were double-sided steel and relatively lightweight. They also acquired large battle axes, accustomed to cut by using a opponent’s battle suits. The wealthiest Vikings acquired coats of mail, which were coats of metal links put together to shield them coming from arrows and so on.

While every Viking wore a head protection, they offered little safeguard. This was supposed to protect all of those other body that a helmet cannot protect. The Vikings’ head gear were made of either leather-based or straightener. There is a prevalent misconception that they wore double-horned helmets in to battle, when ever really, individuals were just used for events. Another misunderstanding is that they frequently used archery as a method in battle. The Vikings mainly used methods of a bow and arrow for hunting. They also applied them to get battle from time to time, but mainly for long range shooting.

Nevertheless , when used in struggling, they were very beneficial in huge battles (The Vikings, 2011). The Vikings’ main enemies were the Christian Monasteries, as they had been Pagans, not really Christians like lots of people in The united kingdom. “A Viking robber did not think twice about slowly destroying a Christian church. Christian monasteries in Britain had been easy to assault, because the monks in the monasteries had no weapons.  (Why Do Vikings, 2012). “The unification of Viking settlements over the Norwegian coast was very well advanced when of St Olav’s death in 1030.

He is credited with supervising the population’s conversion to Christianity. A period of time of civil war ended in the 13th century when Norway widened its control overseas to parts of britain, Iceland, and Greenland. Norwegian territorial electrical power peaked in 1265, plus the following 12 months the Region of Gentleman and the Hebrides were ceded to Ireland.  The Hanseatic Group and the Dark-colored Death fragile Norway considerably. The royals died out in 1387, plus the union that Denmark, Norwegian, and Sweden tried building had as well soon broken (History, and.. ). Structure In Norway, one of the main methods is real wood, so much of the architecture is based around that. This nonetheless reigns authentic today, all over Norway. There was wooden churches built upon wooden articles in the earth in the Middle Age range, known as stave churches. Norwegian was often a little at the rear of on executive advances made in the rest of the world, and when they did reach Norway, that they made tiny impact. Among the advanced that made a bigger impact was the Baroque-inspired Barony Rosendal (The Evolution of Norwegian, d. d. ).

They had double-handled saw to fell a tree, wedges, crowbars, pickaxes and hammers for stonework, and the anvil, bellows and hammer pertaining to smithing, at this point, everything was done by palm, which means that they needed a blacksmith, a woodworker, a mason, and a carpenter (Tools to get Medieval, 1999-2012). This fort is made only of packet, and is the only one of that character in Norwegian. Akershus was built around the ridge of any cliff opposite of the possess bay, plus the highest point of this shape lays a higher tower. The main entrance in the castle is usually guarded by a draw connect and a portcullis.

The weakest level is around the east area, guarded by a dry moat and an engagement ring wall. This is exactly what makes it much better than most castles of that period (Hericher, 1998, p. 69-70). Specifics Akershus was first integrated 1299, and has changed many times since then. In 1592, it had been turned into a fortress, and was in that case changed into a Renaissance fort in 1637-1648 (Akershus Fortress, 2008-2012). It can be located in approximately Lat.: 59. being unfaithful, Longitude: twelve. 7 and was financed mainly underneath the order of King Hakon V, along with some extra cash from the house of worship (Rongen, 2004-2012, Hericher, 98, p. 0). Today, the Akershus fortress is used as being a source of tourism. The Military Museum has become located inside the fortress and displays the military history from ancient times to years pursuing WWII and it’s free to go to the museum (“Akershus Castle , Museums, inch 2008-2011). It really is used for main events inside the Norwegian govt as well. In addition, it happens to be the headquarters intended for the Ministry of Defense. You can embark on tours of the entire castle, in addition to many essential items and rooms displayed such as the one shown in Figure 1 .

King Sigurd I, Full Haakon Sixth is v, Queen Eufemia, King Haakon VII, California king Maud, California king Olav Sixth is v and Top Princess Martha have all been buried right here (“Royal Mausoleum (burial, inches n. deb. ). Generally, Akershus is among the most famous castle in Norwegian because of its strategical location, it is perilous security, and its exceptional architecture. The Vikings which fortress held Norway with each other through the middle ages ages, so that Norway is actually a strong remnant of what a country may be when it is supported by dedication and hard work, much like what was put into Akershus.

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