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Film Review- My American Girls: A Dominican Story

The documentary occurs in the 1970s in Brooklyn Ny. It is of a Dominican household and tells the story of 1st technology Dominican migrants and the process of acculturation that the children are experiencing in the United States. Sandra and her husband Bautista work insane hours in order to sustain the family unit of their three daughters Mayra, Aida, and Monica. The mother and father include a hard work mentality and try to impart that ideology prove children. Yet , that is not the situation because though Monica had graduated coming from Colombia, her sisters are an entirely diverse story, seeing that both father and mother work to sustain your family the two youngest sisters happen to be left to their own products.

The purpose of this documentary is to show the different degrees of retention and how that varies in the family. As an example, Sandra includes a much laid back personality with regards to paying her utility bill on time. She’s very quiet, she is told of your life in Dominican Republic if they heavily relied on candles made of honies. That was the electricity on the island, you could notify from that picture that Sandra likes simpleness and remanences of returning to Dominican Republic. Yet , that is a different case for her Monica, Aida, and Mayra because these people were born in america, they received their education and Sandra knows they have a better long term. This documentary does a great job in substantial lighting right after between the 1st and next generation in the nuclear family.

Before seeing this documented, I had past knowledge through my own encounters. I myself am a one. 5 era immigrant and I was extremely fortunate to obtain been brought up in the United States as a result of opportunities that we received. Yet , my way was as well paved with constant difficulties and difficulties because of the fact that my family is definitely not American they are Russian Jewish. We identified together with the film mainly because those girls were already used to having everything available and appreciated the lifestyle, including having plumming, electricity, and access to education. Another facet of the film that I recognized with was that the younger siblings are completely left unattended while their parent were working. Monica could have performed a more active role in her sister’s education and helping these people apply to college. From personal experience it is much better if the older brother takes a wait in the education and development of youngsters.

In short the documentary, is an specific view in to how the Dominican family lives and it is a three-story property in Brooklyn. However , all those floors will be occupied of Sandra’s family that they have helped bring over from the Dominican Republic. Despite, Sandra’s lack of education she totally supported Monica graduating from school and tries to enforce the same on Aida and Mayra. Sandra tries to impose tighter standards intended for both her younger daughters in order for them to be successful especially following she went to Mayra’s university and found the actual severity in the situation. Sandra even strategies to move back to the Dominican Republic following Mayra is done with high school. When the family is planning on going back to Dominican Republic during Christmas Sandra is investing in a lot of shows, food, and house goods. While Aida and Mayra are going within the trip nevertheless Monica did not want to go mainly because she had a lot of work to do. This is how Sandra explained ‘Monica is the real American girl’ because became distant from the friends and family. Sandra is investing money-back into the Dominican Republic to build a new home for the family, and in addition, she gave away the extra food to destitute community.

The production for this documentary was very easy but powerful because it highlighted the lives of a Dominican family which have huge goals for their children. The one thing i really loved is once there is action of one person but there may be calm voice over of the person narrating the storyplot. The reason why I really like this is because it focuses on the individual’s lives and what their attitude is in picking to identify with American or perhaps Dominican. The interviews as well played an important role inside the film as it captured their perspective or attitude within a particular condition. For example , the moment Aida is at trouble there was clearly raw footage of the children throwing ovum at Aida and Sandra having to step in and resolve the situation. This kind of film do a great for making the audience truly feel part of the friends and family with the intimate cinematography.

This is a great documentary because it demonstrated the life of the Dominican zuzügler family, by which Sandra and Bautista sacrificed so much to have their children reside in the United States. It was great observing the documented, because I had formed comfort in with the knowledge that I have identical experiences when it comes to having a diverse set of lifestyle differences than my parents. I would suggest this film to my local freinds and friends and family who are derived from an zugezogener background or perhaps show to people who have no idea what the dynamics are pertaining to an zuzügler household.

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