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C/LT 320I: Remarks on Ancient greek Comedy and Lysistrata Waters/Fall 2011 this play acts as prophecy- conflict will damage Pretext to get Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411 BCE)

Homeric Epics- the bible for the greeks, the Iliad (more concerned with the war-translates like a catastrophe) plus the odyssey, every person looses kind of thing, 1200bce, trojan battle didn’t happen, 1870 ADVERTISING, Phallic Rituals- create some thing tall and worship it, masculine virility, ritual celebration, center of orgies and animal sacrifice, every woman needs to get pregnant if perhaps they can, Dithyramb- chorus, equally people and song, sets of farmers and shepards and practice and compete with song and dance, friendly competition, chorus by no means interacts with the key action- as well busy arguing amongst all their selves, Satyr Plays- satire- short amusing skits done as well-liked entertainment, variations of topics, goatmen playing songs, organised like a bugs bunny animation, seduction tunes ( banned fruit), satrys always obtain what they want, mood pieces ( gets people in the “mood”) Dionysus- story in planting season, athens is usually greatest city at the time, the almighty to celebrate, the almighty of wine and feasting- the party god, can be part man, the goodness most like us, he is frequently at conflict with himself, circular, dad zeus & mother nymph, comic split- pulled among two planets, always over does it Peloponnesian War (Athens v. Sparta) 15 years, spartans gained, quagmire, end 6 years afterwards with athens losing, alternative to self devastation, Characteristics of Greek Outdated Comedy

Agon- means the problem, WAR, pain, active and passive, direct and inplicit, agon is definitely active in lysistrata, humor acts as a prophecy, Parabasis- seculusion of the dithyramb, “next to or simile” something like a physician, basis foundation, parallel basis for driving it forward, exaggeration variety of the agon of the enjoy, is a reason for the perform when each of the actors leave the stage and thechorus is remaining to address the group directly. The chorus partially or completely abandons its dramatic role to talk to the group on a theme completely irrelevant to the subject matter of the enjoy.

Episodes- shorter punchier displays at the end, pays off of primary investment, articles gives way to pure form archetype: alazon may be the baggard men, macho figure who needs to be brought straight down by brilliant servant kilometers gloriosus- inches braggart solider” , blustering, bragging soldier, a posturing and self- misleading boaster or perhaps bully igon- clever stalwart trong girl

Alazon- baggard male, valiente figure whom needs to be brought down by clever servant Eiron-The contemporary term paradox is derived from the eiron with the classical Ancient greek language theatre. Paradox is the difference between actual which means of a a thing and the noticeable meaning. [4] The eiron would regularly triumph over the alazon by making himself look less than he actually is. ( the smart servant), Eiron usually succeeds in delivering his braggart opponenet ( alazon) down by making himself seem like below he truly was Techne/Skene- stage, balconies, things excessive and above, tall significant backdrop, Orchestra- ” pit” dancing place, social dance, costumes, megaphones, refer to newspaper Comic Impact in Lysistrata

Scatology- humor based on bodily functions, gags which enables us go ew Reification- stereotyping, digesting human beings right into a cartoon, archetypes-caricatures, reification is always negatives, break up to overall look, attitude, things that make persons vulnerable, consider lampido, over at the end while an object Anachronism- something that destroys us out of time, nobody can be reading it in its period it is set, look for the ways translater usually takes the comments that can be applied it to the present audience Anthropomorphism- attribution of human attributes to nonhuman things, Early Comic Theory Aristotle, Poetics (ca. three hundred and fifty BCE): Mimesis- name with the goddess of revenge, “to give what is due” Catharsis- purification or purgation of emotions that brings about religious renewal or release from tension

Hubris- extreme take great pride in or world of one, indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s personal competence and abilities ( especially when anybody is in power), arrogance prior to the gods, defiance of authority after pelponesian war, aristotle- important greek philosopher, poetics- how to tell a story, steps to make the relate with life itself, dramatic narrative ( most critical, most like us) not story or visual, mimesis- imitates life, how can the story replicate experience, we are attracted to the spectacular bogus of life, imitation from the spiritual, how can the perform make us think about ourself, aspiration validation, catharsis- emotional release, taking away the lesson, hubris- disobedient of the gods, defying any kind of authority, comedy gives us a false sense of liberty

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