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Vampires have been seen and documented during history. The

of vampire goes further back in time than most people recognize. The chaldeans

who existed near the Euphrates river in the southwestern component to Asia more than

five hundred years before the time of Christ, dreaded vampire or perhaps creatures

similar to vampires enough so that they developed charms to guard themselves

coming from being attacked by these kinds of creatures. The Assyrians and the Babylonians feared

a beast similar to a vampire known as an Ekimmu. These types of creatures called

Ekimmus had been believed by the Assyrians to roam the planet searching for foodstuff

although it had not been always an individuals blood but rather a persons vitality or

that persons energy force. It absolutely was believed that if such a animal would enter into

someones home that person together with his or her family will slowly deteriorate

get sick and probably pass away. In the countries of Syria and Palestine references

were created to these kinds of blood slurping monsters upon ancient designed tablets. In Ireland

the people believed in these creatures, which they affectionately came to call

reddish blood pushovers. Due to their opinion in these mythological creatures they will began

the practice of placing rocks on these vampires pénible to kep them coming from

escaping. This kind of then became standard practice and is continue to used to this day in the

form of a tombstone. Tombstones were used to control ghosts and other spirits

instead of their initial use in managing vampires.

Because vampires looked like there was so popular around the

world, there was a large variety of vampires that differed in shape, patterns

and approach to becoming a vampire. All of these factors varied by region to

region. In the area of Getaway a vampire had only 1 nostril. This kind of

Bulgarian goule would rise out of its serious nine times after fatality in the form

of a shower of sets off and continued to be in this shape for a amount of forty times.

After the completion of these 40 days the shower of sparks would regain its

human type. Once human-like the vampire goes via playing idiotic tricks, which

it did in its spark form, to more serious things, such as the targeting of

individuals and consuming of their bloodstream. Vampires are very well known for their desire

for blood but in various countries ghosts were not limited to just that

material as part of their particular diet, nevertheless would also consume foods that humans ate

such as eggs and rice. That, however , does not mean that their very own yearn to get blood

was any less strong than before. Most vampires would attack their particular victims and suck

the blood from hole wounds produced in the the neck and throat (The Russian vampire might suck

the blood directly from the victims heart). Sometimes the vampire could gorge

itself until it experienced drained the victim totally while also it would

have just enough to fulfill that nights thirst and come back this

night and take a little more. The method of drinking from your same victim night

after night would cause the victim to get less strong and less strong. Due to the fact

that the victim was indeed bombarded by a goule, that would mean that upon the

victims death they too would become undead. (. Vampires p22)

Particular cultures world wide also got systems to realize vampires.

In certain cultures vampires were distinguished due to the color of their hair. In

most Christian countries vampire could be known because that they had red frizzy hair

like Delator Iscariot, the man who tricked Christ in the bible, was said to have

had crimson hair. Eye color was another tell-tale signal used to recognize vampires. In

Greece, in which most people have got dark colored eyes, vampires were said to possess

blue eye, Rumania they were said to experienced gray eyes, and in Ireland they had

dark-colored eyes.

Vampires have been around for centuries, in some cases they have been

known and dreaded by civilizations that were about thousands of years prior to the

time of Christ, such as the Babylonians and the Assyrians. Throughout the ages

many medical explanations that may explain the vampire trends have been

overlooked. The initially reason was the lack of education that many persons, because

schooling was not an essential part of these types of societies. Their very own lack of medical

knowledge about conditions, some of which are quite rare and hard to clarify even

even today was a significant factor in the spread of vampire lore. Along with the

reality very uneducated people have often had a propensity of being excessively

superstitious also contributed to the vampire star. In 1985 Dr . David Dolphin

Ph. D., a professor of chemistry with the University of British Columbia offered

his theory that blood-drinking vampires weren’t vampires whatsoever but rather

patients of a disease known as Porphyria. (Dresser, Norine. American Ghosts

p171) Porphyria is a great incurable hereditary disease which in turn affects by least 50, 000

people in the U. S. that produces sudden symptoms of severe soreness, respiratory

complications, Skin lesions and sometimes death. (Dresser, Norine. American vampire

p171) Porphyria may well have already been responsible for a large number of a goule tale

especially because the disease is usually hereditary (Garden, Nancy. Ghosts p98) A

person that is affected by Porphyria can seem incredibly scary towards the average person

since the disease causes the people gums to tighten. That creates their teeth to

be seen far more prominently and causing their teeth and fingernails or toenails to gain a

fluorescent shine. These attributes could then simply go on to clarify the fact that numerous

vampire testimonies described the vampires as giving off a greenish light. Victims of

this disease are likely to be deformed in other ways as well yet usually in the

facial area. Because of the pores and skin lesions endured by patients of Porphyria they

are often very sensitive to light which might cause them to certainly not venture out of

their homes until night. This element of the lifestyles of people enduring

Porphyria would fit in very well with goule lore. Garlic clove was used being a

repellent of vampires butmore likely patients of the disease known as Porphyria

would have a strange chemical reaction with garlic which in turn would cause the person

to possess a severe porphyria attack. This could then make that person extremely

reluctant to come close to the garlic because it contains a lot of Dialkyl

Disulfide which will destroys Heme in the folks blood ( Heme is definitely the pigmented

element of Hemoglobin and related chemicals found in most significant amounts inside the

bone marrow, red blood cells, plus the liver ). The further more destruction of Heme

within a Porphyria sufferer would trigger a serious allergic reaction. Since Porphyria

is additionally a genetic disease a number of siblings in a family generally carry the

defective gene. As the siblings may well share similar defective gene sometimes

only one of the brothers and sisters will display one of the symptoms. It truly is known that in

various vampire tales, vampires return to attack all their sibling or perhaps other relatives

members. This kind of along with the fact that Porphyria could be triggered within a person

who is genetically susceptible to have the disease by a sudden loss of significant

amounts of blood vessels. When these types of factor are taken into consideration, one could say

that when a vampire came back to attack a sibling so when the sibling also

started to show several vampire attributes, it could be believed that the

Porphyria gene in the second cousin could have been brought on by the decrease of

blood which has been suffered during the attack by the first sibling or the

goule. This would help to make it seem as though the vampire assault had caused the

second sibling becoming a vampire as well.

Plague was another element which could explain the growth with the vampire

star. In the Stephen King book Salems Great deal which is the storyline of a community that

can be infested by simply Vampires and due to the pests of vampire causes the city

to become a ghosting town. In the book it says But a bit over a season ago

some thing began to happen in Jerusalems Lot that was not strange, people started out

to drop well hidden. (King, Stephen. Salems Whole lot p15) This kind of phenomenon which can be

found in Stephen Kings publication was not at all uncommon in ancient instances especially

in remote areas. Villagers during these remote areas would have thought that

blood vessels was a Essential substance that gave lifestyle. Since they would not know much about

disease their lack of knowledge of illnesses and their lack of medical

experts in these remote areas would give the perfect chance for their

irrational beliefs to come into enjoy. If all of a sudden much of the area began to

fall ill at the same time and in addition they all displayed similar symptoms such as pounds

loss, weak spot and paleness they would think that these people must have been

used up of the essential substance, bloodstream. Searching for evidence without any

medical knowledge the one thing that would appear sensible to these people would be that the

vampire was on the loose while the reality the town could possibly be in the middle of

a great epidemic including the black plague during the Dark Ages. In Stephen Nobleman

book a town will just seem to disappear without a reason and the just explanation

can be vampires. In the Dark ages the situation would be nearly the same as that

in the Stephen Full book only that in Sophie Kings publication the ghosts are


Tuberculosis or perhaps consumption when it was often called is a disease that

even though was not remarkably contagious was obviously a very common disease up until the mid-

1800s. The beginning periods of this disease do not consist of very familiar

symptoms. By the time the symptoms showed up (such as weight loss and exhaustion

which is in which the name ingestion came from) the disease was already in its

afterwards stages. Tuberculosis would have recently been very difficult to diagnose by simply people

without having medical know-how especially when one of the most serious symptoms of the

disease such as hacking and coughing and spitting up blood vessels were not present. Tuberculosis

was often freely confused with vampirism as was your case the moment in the mid- 1800s

the corpses of many victims of Tuberculosis were treated while vampires and buried

face down or perhaps by being dug up and burned once members of their families instantly

came straight down with Tuberculosis. (Garden, Nancy. Vampires p69)

The mental aspect of ghosts has always seemed to be those of someone

who had been not inside their right head. In Bea Rices book The Goule Lestat for one

point one of the vampires in the book simply looks at the other one and simply

says Youre the mad a single. ( Grain, Anne. The Vampire Lestat p73) not really realizing

that madness takes on a large part towards detailing the vampire legend and also

other mental conditions. One of these conditions that could explain the vampire

story is the state known as a cataleptic condition which will many times is


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