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Celestial satellite

Summary: Cleopatra Selene was the daughter of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and Draw Antony the Roman General. Cleopatra Selene was reported the soon to be full of Cyrenaica and Crete on the day her father delivered from fight, until warfare is announced on her mother queen of Egypt. Her mother the queen and her father the Both roman general set off to conflict only to return defeated. Octavianus the Roman Emperor has come to take all Egypt’s prosperity, its full and her children. Prior to the departure the queen of Egypt kills herself with the knowledge that her kids will be safeguarded while in Rome. Cleopatra Selene provides declared battle with the Both roman Emperor and proclaims that she will take back Egypt using the powers and gifts the fact that gods have got given her. Along her journey the girl loses her brother, Ptolemy. She is rapidly sent off to marry the new king of Mauretania but her twin buddy, Alexander, passed away before they will made it because of being diseased by Octavianus’s sister Octavia.

Personal Response: Personally, i liked the book, I actually at first believed it would be actually boring which I didn’t read that but it was very interesting. I learned a lot from this publication about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Ancient rome thanks to the publication and study I did in characters in the book and I as well learned some new vocabulary such as Cleopatra Selene was not only named after her mother but also the Greek goddess Selene goddess of the moon. It absolutely was exciting to determine how Cleopatra Selene could keep going actually through all the hardships she had been through with only the thought of reclaiming Egypt. As you read you see just how much she has produced since the initially day your woman arrived in Ancient rome. She became this incredibly intelligent, smart and crafty woman.

Setting Research: The environment had a whole lot to do with how Cleopatra Selene was cared for and how she felt. At the start she was happy as can be as well as for her presently there wasn’t proper care in the world. “As the priests and priestess chanted a final prayers, I needed to bounce and brighten and giggle. It was my own family’s proudest moment! inches (10) The mood is extremely exciting and happy also because of that she actually is just as happy. “I shivered now, regardless of the heat. Perspire already plastered my light pleated linen dress to my back, even though the sunlight had only just peaked in the hills. Substantial summer in Rome was miserable enough” (160) Within this picture Selene sensed miserable and the heat in Rome won’t help as well as the fact that she is chained to a chariot. Which means this very strong spirit this wounderful woman has is kind of weakened due to things around her. “I cradled the spine of Alexandro’s head with one hand and wound the linen pieces around it with the various other. When I reached his sight, I started to cry once again. ” Fatality is a sensitive subject no matter who you are. Through this scene she has on a vessel with her enemies, her servant and her lifeless brother. The setting merely kind of fractures her nature. In this publication the placing has added a lot to just how Cleopatra Selene has believed. It can make her feel happy or devastated or pathetic. It all depends upon where she’s.

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