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The Arab traditions has always been criticized by the westerns as uncivilized and barbaric. On the other side, the Arabs considered the westerns as infidels and foolish people. This kind of led to a lot of conflicts between two cultures, which remain until this kind of moment. It is a meaningless problem to ask which in turn culture is way better, but a far more definitequestion is which culture is better at what? The western tradition for example seems to be more successful running a business, economics, science, liberty ideals and keeps a higher standard of living than those of Arabic cultures. While the Arab lifestyle appears to include a more highlighted moral procedure, which shows up in the low rate of crime and social problems such as divorce, drug craving and so forth as compared with the western culture. Yet when living in the globalization age both civilizations are forced to take on each ones ideas and beliefs, but what it could be the values and ideas that westerns is going to borrow from Arabs and those that Arabs is going to borrow from westerns.

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Most of people will think that there is not much to benefit from the Arab lifestyle. This is absolutely misleading and not based on any facts, the westerns can benefit tremendously from the Arab traditions in numerous methods. Signs of using social manners are starting to show up in the european cultures numerous families are starting to inspire social connections and practices of those with the Arabs. Various western parents are encouraging their children to stick with their religion and behave in respect to that. As a result, the pace of teenage pregnancy and divorce charge and drug addiction has recently decreased in lots of western countries. Moreover they westerns start to appreciate the importance of family jewelry, larger family size and increased quantity in-laws is known as a sign of adoption of Arab beliefs. Day after day, more morals and values happen to be embraced by westerns in the Arab culture.

On the other side, the Arabs believe that they have a whole lot to gain from your western lifestyle. They did start to take on the westernized practical way of living, and are beginning liberate their societies and get business and economic encounter from the westerns. Several types of westernization reside in the economy from the Arab countries. The re-homing of the totally free market economic system is one of the the majority of noticeable examples, other techniques of western methods in working countries procedures are also adopted. While on the social level Arabs seems to be exchanging functions with the westerns. As they are needs to leave the ideas of family connections and change towards the less friends and family size and a more materialistic view, while the rate of marriages are starting to decrease in many of the Arab countries. Furthermore, the rate of crime can be increasing as the Arabs begin to leave their solid religious ties and values. Moreover, Arabs are taking on the good manners that the traditional western are trying to abandon now such as premarital sex and divorce.

In conclusion, both equally Arabs and westerns will need each other, nonetheless they must imagine what beliefs should be implemented and not to romanticize one another. Moreover, time will show all of us if the morals and religious beliefs can co-exist with materialistic achievements or it is a companion intended for only the poor and less designed cultures.

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