addressing biting behavior applying abc chart

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Aggressive Behavior

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Emily’s State Using HURUF Chart

ABC Analysis Data

Child: Emily Observer: Business lead educator in her class




Feasible Function

00 am

Emily is playing only with a girl doll. Janesta, who is 23 weeks old, taking walks over to Emily and requires the girl doll Emily was playing with.

Emily bites Janesta on the adjustable rate mortgage.

I swiftly pick up Emily and let her know, “We no longer bite, inches and keep her within my lap for a couple of minutes. Then she operates to play with blocks.

Emily is trying to self-assert through expressing her frustration at Janesta’s actions. She is employing biting because the fastest and most powerful means to demonstration since the girl does not have necessary english language proficiency (“Toddler Biting on Behavior, inch n. m. ).

September 27th 2015

2: 00pm

Emily strolls up to a young man in the class.

Emily hits the youngster on the shoulder with no apparent excitation.

The helper quickly recommendations Emily up and techniques her to the reading region and states her a book. Emily remains there for 10 minutes, silently turning web pages.

Emily is intending to receive attention with the assistant. The girl probably sees that biting creates a estimated response i actually. e. attention of the associate. This is apparent in her calmness after the incident.

Part 2: Habit Change Graph and or chart


Just how would you replace the antecedent?

So what do you expect to occur and why?

What different might happen and for what reason?

What tactics would you put into action and why?

Provocation by simply classmates and walking toward others.

Prevent crowding children during play and allow these people autonomy in where to perform.

Provocation is usually expected to reduce since the kids will have several legitimate options for playing as well as satisfactory space and toys pertaining to playing.

The toddlers will probably have thoughts of self-control and electrical power.

1 . Give you the children with several playthings to prevent all of them from fighting for them and provoking each other.

2 . Train them some fundamental gestures or language. This will help to them state “help” or perhaps “stop” once provoked rather than bite (“Responding to Your Child’s Bite, inch n. deb. ).


How might you change the outcome?

What do you expect to happen and why?

What else may happen and why?

What strategies will you implement and why?

Discussing with the child regarding biting and giving her the desired attention.

Re-establish a harmonious relationship by taking care of the sufferer and the kid who bites.

The injured child will be comforted as the one who

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