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Angels in the united states

Tony Kushner’s Angels in the usa won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize to get sensitively handling of a lot of serious problems concerning America today. From this paper, we shall only be centering on the 1st play Millennium Approaches where author talks about Reagan time and hostility towards homosexual movement displayed by Reagan administration the moment AIDS outbreak engulfed the.

Ronald Reagan administration has been criticized due to its hostile attitude towards gay and lesbian movement and cause. The administration was highly old-fashioned and close-minded and is held largely responsible for generating homophobia in the country. The President himself refused to talk about the issue right up until 1987 when 20, 000 people passed away in the U. S. as a result of AIDS epidemic. In such a society, everyone who appeared diverse was ridiculed, attacked, stressed and disliked. Jews, homosexuals, AIDS-infected individuals, almost everyone who had been not portion of the mainstream tradition and society is considered nonhuman. They are presented an unjust treatment as well as the society mocks their values and ideals. In the very beginning of the enjoy, we are told of the case American mindset when a Rabbi talks at the funeral of the Jewish female and says, “She was… (He splashes the coffin)… not a person but a complete kind of person, the ones who crossed the marine, who helped bring with us to America the villages of Russia and Lithuania – and how we all struggled, and how we battled, for the family, to get the Legislation home, so that you would not expand up in this article, in this peculiar place, inside the melting container where practically nothing melted… inch (Page-10) Read the last few words and phrases again. America is indeed a melting pot where absolutely nothing could burn because of the constraints that popular society made on retention and the usage. By environment the play in eighties, the author can accentuate the hatred and phobic attitudes of people toward gay cause since this was the time when homophobia was at its zenith and most gay and lesbian people was required to endure possibly personal suffering or public wrath or perhaps both.

Everyone who appears different is usually categorized a great alien and is given a rude treatment, which shows complete not enough compassion and receding meaning values of the society. The play may possibly appear to be talking about gays simply, but it is essentially a perform about ‘the others’. Kushner fights for each and every ‘other’ group by particularly focusing on one of the most controversial concern i. elizabeth. homosexuality and

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