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Background American, Steinbeck, Ethnic Personality, America

Research from Dissertation:

American Identity: A Melting Container of Varied Cultures

The purpose of this study is to examine the work of St . Steve de Crevecoeur entitled “What Is A great American” and John Steinbeck’s work entitled “What’s Going on to America?

America is a melting pan of diverse cultures shaped by individuals who came from countries all around the world. Steinbeck’s work permitted “What Occurring to America? ” echoes of how American was constructed and the process that led to the making of Americans referred to as “a new breed, rooted I all races, tarnished and tinted with all colors, a seeming ethnic disturbance. ” P. 1) Jean de Crevecoeur in his function entitled “What Is A great American” describes American to prospects in Europe who have certainly not heard about the brand new land and relates that it is place that is certainly more exciting than The european union and goes on to relate the formation of the new society in America. In today’s problems in the United States one of the hotly discussed is the issue of immigration. Immigration has become an issue because of the failure in the administration in Washington to require that immigrants spend their costs before getting priviliges associated with being an American. Individuals take a flight to the United States and receive sociable benefits with no understanding what being an American really means.

I. Americans

In John Steinbeck’s and Jean de Crevecoeur’s works on paper the issue of the ‘new’ contest of Americans is usually addressed. Jean de Crevecoeur relates the new guy in the country of America is not simply a race nevertheless is a guy who revels in the richness existing inside the different races. The American is the individual who is A language like german, French, Irish and other competitions, all in one and working hand and hand to build the newest country. Steinbeck writes in the work that as period went on throughout the building of America which the differences started to be less distinctive and that people in the fresh land became more akin than different. Steinbeck claims that anything “was loose in this terrain, and the fresh generations planned to be Us citizens more than that they wanted to always be Hungarians or Italians or perhaps British. inch (p. 1) Steinbeck produces that People in america are considered to become “reckless, a dissatisfied, a searching people. ” (p. 1)

2. Paradoxes in America

Steinbeck corelates that many paradoxes exist inside the American world and states that while nobody is able to effectively described the pattern of life in the us “or

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