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National politics

Political Problem

Lincoln Steffens upon Political Problem

Lincoln Steffens was a politics journalist. This individual became famous when he started to write a series on the file corruption error of American Towns, called The Shame of Cities. Steffens focused mainly on personal corruption from the municipal government authorities. He began to doubt the effectiveness of reform national politics, and presumed that they looked to damage the indications of corruption, as opposed to the causes. This individual also advised that party dedication was a factor that should be left in the past, and everyone should be able to have your vote as people rather than large groups controlled by the government. He often referred to the us government and those in high electricity seem to be dealing with the issue faced, as “political machines. inch These “machines” controlled every thing, and the prevalent person scarcely had virtually any freedom although they’re in power.

Inside the Shame of Cities, Steffens makes a comment, saying, “Because politics is definitely business. That’s whats the situation with that. Thats whats the matter with everything”art, literature, religion, journalism, law, medicine”theyre all organization, and all”as you see them. ” (Steffens 6) This individual calls national politics strictly business, and insinuates that the males in charge simply care about the money they’ll be producing in the long run, instead of what would benefit the public. Steffens, just like the many other reformers, wanted to modify this.

When describing the politicians themselves, Steffens stated, “The commercial spirit may be the spirit of profit, not patriotism, of credit, certainly not honor, of individual gain, not countrywide prosperity.. inches. (Steffens 7) Politicians, who have view national politics themselves as strictly business, do not consider the well being of those damaged, but rather only the outcome of their “business. inches They look to themselves first, putting the end result of their business above the open public. As long as they will succeed, they may be happy.

Steffens believed to have found a simple solution to the data corruption in the federal government. He believed that if perhaps political frontrunners are going to act like “merchants”, then this public should reply in a similar manner. The general public should act like the customers of the “merchants” and demand a good authorities. By strenuous a good federal government, the political “merchants” follows the regulation of ‘supply and demand, ‘ and thus supply a fantastic government.

The political leaders are not only at fault, however. Steffens said it is the people’s fault as well, to get allowing the leaders to come and “divert each of our loyalty from your United States for some ‘party’, we let them employer the get together and turn the municipal democracies into autocracies and our republican country into an plutocracy. ” (Steffens 11) Steffens first intent was to inform persons about the corruption in the governments, yet his eye were opened up when he realized that the people had been at fault as well. The problem would not be fixed as quickly as he acquired hoped, since the people would need to put in an attempt to change as well as the politicians would.

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