President Noynoy Aquino’s Sona Essay

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It’s not easy to produce a change, although it’s goodness that we have even a single step to achieve change.

The mainstream of Aquino’s Sona is about the utak wang-wang of the govt officials not simply in streets but also in federal government and our economy. He could be persistent to finish the culture of wang-wang, or I might say his obsession to eliminate the utak wang-wang inside our government. To end the “wang-wang” culture in the government, there are some of the techniques or alternatives that our government had obtained.

The ratings of food cravings has lowered from 20. 5% in March to 15. % this June, since said by the Filipino households who used to be hungry but now can easily eat properly every day. The upgrade of credit ratings. proper taxation.

Solutions for particularite in Area 4B. Coming from 1 . three or more million metric tons of rice storage, it has gone down to 660 000 metric lots as Aquino said “Ang gusto nating mangyari: Una, hindi tayo aangkat ng hindi kailangan, para lang punan ang bulsa ng mga gusting magsariling-diskarte ng kita social fear agrikultura; Ikalawa: Ayaw nating umasa sa pag-angkat, ang isasaing ni Juan dela ut Cruz it’s the same ipupunla, ditto aanihin, it’s the same bibilhin”. He also executed the pabahay for the policemen and soldiers simply by awarding 4000 Certificate of Entitlement to Lot Share.

Also, rapidly we may have the possibility in upgrading modernization of gadgets for the armed forces, this goes to show how long our economy will go with good governance, and we can purchase equipments in good prices and never have to place papers in anyone’s pockets. Walang tayong balak mang-away, pero kailangan ding mabatid ng mundo bist du handa tayong ipagtanggol ang atin”, the government is currently studying associated with elevating the situation on the Western world Philippines Marine to the Foreign Tribunal pertaining to the Law in the Sea.

An additional is to cure the incidents of car nap time; create jobs for the jobless is definitely somewhat achieved, because it was said that in April 2010 the joblessness rates was 8%, in April 2011 it was at 7. 2%. here is expect, there is always desire indeed because the ambition from the Filipinos is to work in another country but now Filipinos can take their particular pick, provided that we pursue our dreams with perseverance and persistance, we can recognize them. An additional achievement may be the law Synchronizing ARMM the national polls. He mentioned the issue in PAGCOR who also spent one particular billion in coffee exclusively.

The given a new Ombudsman and he expect that year they may fill the first main cases against corrupt and the accomplices. At this point the DOJ is rewarding its role in cases regarding tax evasion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, graft and corruption, extrajudicial killings and etc. “Good governance produces positive results”, our director said, they may ensure that the people’s cash is placed in rightful place. Aside from what I listed, there are a great number of things that our government has achieved as stated in Aquino’s Sona.

Aquino strongly stand that “May mga nagsasabing pinepersonal ko raw ang paghahabol sa mga tiwali. Totoo po: Personal talaga sa akin ang paggawa ng tama, at ang pagpapanagot social fear mga gumagawa ng mali – ino man sila. At hindi lamang dapat ako ang namemersonal social fear usaping ito.

Personal meraih ito sa ating lahat, dahil bawat Pilipino ay biktima nito. ” Genuinely, corruption affects us all. File corruption error is a personal thing to Aquino for everybody should not repeat the errors we determined in the past; rather than forgiving these corrupt representatives they must confront the consequence of their very own action. It is good to learn that our federal government headed by our president is taking actions to this angst and major situation. We heard different accusations of problem in AFP, Department of agriculture, PCSO, PAGCOR, DPWH, BIR, Bureau of Traditions and etc.

Corruption is just about everywhere, from national government to local one’s, making it a number one priority is a great thing or an passion to totally terminate it. “Bibigyan natin ang mga maralitang pamilyang ito ng pagkakataong makahaon sa buhay, dahil ang pag-asenso nila ay pag-angat ng bung bansa. ” “Nagtatag ng pagbabago upang mas mapatibay ang pundasyon ng maaliwalas na buhay para social fear lahat. “Mamumuhunan tayo sa taumbayan, habang namumuhunan noise sa kalikasan. ” Huwag po nating limutin: inasasayang lang ang lahat in gating narrating kung hindi tuluyang maiwawaksi ang kultura ng korupsyon na dinatnan natin. ” Those are just some of the words of wisdom and priorities explained by Aquino which can be accomplished in his term as he guaranteed, thus, rendering it one of my favorites. “Kailangan manatiling magkatugma ang ating mga programa, dahil ang ikauunlad ng buong bansa ay manganganak din ng resulta sa inyong pook”. Relating to him there are laws and regulations that the congress has permitted such as GOCC governance, ARMM synchronization, Savior Electricity Rates Extension, Joint congressional electricity commission extendable, children and infant’s obligatory immunization and females night staff.

He also promised that they can deliver to the congress their particular budget pitch for 2012 which is looking forward to it is early passage so that they can build on our current momentum. To sum it all up, here are the subject areas that had been handled in Aquino’s 2nd Sona.

He promises to end the culture of wang-wang; he aims our country could have a cheaper, very reliable source of energy; even more honest DPWH; no more over-importation of rice; better benefits for authorities and armed forces; better rendering of anti-traficking in folks act; career; good health courses for the indegent; law synchronizing ARMM with national elections; solution to flood problems; progress prototype monorail system to get our region; he telephone calls private sectors to shell out proper fees; he stated that “Spartly islands are mine and the govt will protect the country’s territory and sovereignty”; his administration is able to submit the national budger to our elected representatives; he appoints the new Intermediaire; lastly, he asks the Filipinos to quit crab mentality, as he verbalized “let us make the effort to recognize the good that is certainly being done. In case you see anything right, tend not to think twice, praise it. ” There is a compliment that strucked me: “Bago ka umuwi galling sa eskuwela, lapitan mo ang guro mong piniling mamuhunan sa iyong kinabukasan kaysa unahin ang sariling ginhawa, sabihin mo, salamat po. ” Being a student instructor, these manufactured my cardiovascular system warm; I used to be somewhat astonished that our leader recognized the teachers who also are working hard in providing knowledge and values towards the students despite of the small income.

As a student teacher I will take this because an ideas, to be a great teacher at some point. For me, I actually do believe that we already manufactured a change. With an honest and rightful government, it is possible, with the government going by our president’s way of making a right path or tuwid bist du landas. It’s only recently been a year as Aquino stepped into the position of presidency, but since we can see there are changes, great changes. I realize this is only a beginning; there are plenty of things for all of us.

Yes, we all do have five years left to produce a change and progress in all aspects of our overall economy, but the one thing we must know, change and progress should come from yourself, change over wrongdoings in that case impart the good ones to get better and possess a great and better your life someday.

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