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Recently, I was with a friend via Austria. We got together and thought to get some good drinks as time goes on. After a handful of bottles and we were carried out, he tried to make a POS repayment but was i implore you to informed that he could hardly because of inadequate fund. This guy I know is doing great monetarily. He was among those few whom stock with bitcoin during its go up. Problem was he naturally had most of his assets in crypto forms. After we were informed that he couldn’t help to make payment and no possible method to shell out with BTC or ETH, he turned to me and said “I’m tired of being rich on the web, I want to always be really rich”. I cheered him plan a joke and paid rather but the fact of the scenario did get me thinking. Why has not crypto currency gained grip in real-world business transactions and e-commerce as we dreamed it would? What makes there limited options to get online purchases and ecommerce payments even on major stores?

Araw is a program built on the ethereum blockchain that provide solutions to all obligations and ecommerce needs. This basically addresses it all. Via Araw cards, to world wide web payment API, speed, secure Araw mobile wallet, Araw is the one stop system to give consumers and businesses an easy and intuitive usage of use their particular cryptocurrency possessions in every transaction. That’s not almost all, imagine something where businesses and on the web stores can unbiasedly incentive customers to make purchases from, increasing benefits based on frequency thus creating a network of loyal customers over time. Araw unified Reward System has it covered.


Basically, to several people cryptocurrency is still an abstract idea, meant for simply those who have “extra cash to spare”. To others especially in 3 rd world countries, its just online rip-off. For older people, it’s not even a topic for discussion. If perhaps they can’t keep money in their very own hands literally or with an ATM card, really not funds to all of them.

Araw has also uncovered a problem while using current incentive structure for loyal buyers of businesses. Reward systems are generally worthless or not able to fulfill a significant volume of befitting customers as a way not to run short on business earnings. This leaves a lot of space pertaining to competitors with inferior goods in some cases to sway loyal customers away with returns. After a point, they too be depleted of gas with the particulars of this program and loose the customers to fresh rivals.


Araw is coming out with a range of tools to solve every as well as off-line business needs, both in the customer and business perspectives. It strategies to close every single gap among cryptocurrency and e-commerce.

Unified Praise System: Consumers receive rewards for every purchase made in form of Araw bridal party. This would provide the customers a sense of appreciation and perhaps they are able to use accumulated tokens to make acquisitions. Also, Araw tokens could be accepted by any business that use the platform, thus removing the limitations of loyalty items being used in businesses today which are useful in just one place.

Araw Card: A touch and pay card, makes it easy for consumers to make both on and off the internet transactions with Araw tokens accumulated from previous obtain rewards.

Araw Wallet: The Araw wallet creates a secure retail store where tokens are kept to be intended for business transactions and can seamlessly be exchanged for its bitcoin, ethereum or perhaps fiat forex equivalents through the mobile software.

The Araw Wide open API: The Araw open up API is definitely an user-friendly way with which businesses and online web commerce stores have the ability to create portals through which they will accept obligations using Araw tokens.

The Araw mobile software: Araw is definitely coming out with a fantastic app, exactly where customers may access all their wallets together with the click of a button. It provides secure and fast way to make payments, transfers, convert to BTC or perhaps ETH, and fiat values.

In summary, Araw has it covered. The Crypto ecosystem will be part of our daily lives because visa greeting cards and banking companies, less the transaction charges coupled with the very fact that while more people use the expression, its worth increases, increasing purchasing power and customer satisfaction.

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