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In this work out you will be involved in a arbitration about a cruise liner and its rights to visit a tropical isle. You will role-play this negotiation as possibly the overseer of the cruiseship or the gran of the island. The issues to get discussed through the negotiation range from the number of visits per year which the ship will make, the length of person visits, plus the volume of travellers allowed to disembark from the ship on each day when it sessions.

This simulation provides a rich context to get a business arbitration in which financial, cultural, and ecological elements all come into play.

Background Information

The Island Princess or queen is a independently owned and operated luxury cruise ship. Cruise liner passenger demand from customers has steadily dropped over the past number of years due to the poor economy, anxiety about worldwide terrorism, and recurring cases in the Norwalk malware on cruise ships. Norwalk-like infections, which have afflicted hundreds of travellers on a number of cruise ships, trigger diarrhea, tummy pain, and vomiting.

The Island Queen’s operations office has made a decision that adding a new unique destination towards the standard 16-day itinerary will help stimulate passenger demand. Although many islands in the area are likely candidates, Warm Island is usually its mass due to the island’s reputation since an spectacular and excellent locale.

Warm Island

Exotic Island is usually part of a series of lush Pacific islands in one of the most remote locations on earth. In 10 miles wide by simply 38 a long way long, this island then is not really large. Nevertheless , it is home to an considerable array or rare and endangeredplant and animal species, many found only about Tropical Area. The traditional non-urban and local culture in the island has always been relatively unrevised over time, generating it the nickname “The Last Unspoiled Island.

The island is a wonderful mix of rain forests, desert lands, waterfalls, and black-and whitesand seashores. Weather on st. kitts is nice year round, with maximum daytime temperatures starting from 88 certifications Fahrenheit throughout summer (May to October) to 80 deg in the winter (November to April). Night-time temperature ranges rarely land below sixty degrees. Therefore, the island’s tourism, although considered minimal, remains nearly constant 365 days a year, at about seventy, 000 site visitors per year.

Roughly 60 percent of the island’s 7, 500 residents have true Pacific Island ancestral roots. This makes Tropical Island the only person in the region where true residents are the bulk. These residents continue to practice the region’s old practices while planning to minimise the influence in the rampant mercantilism found on other islands. Both the closest island destinations are more than 25 kilometers away and therefore are far more commercialised than Tropical Island.

MGB225 ” Negotiation Simulation 3 (Assessed) ” Isle Cruise

Compared to the other islands in the region, Warm Island is actually a quiet and pristine associated with breathtaking splendor, where one can quickly escape to peaceful solitude or participate in a myriad of homes for sale in albuquerque new mexico. In addition , rates on the island are generally lower than about surrounding destinations. As a result, many visitors are actually do it again customers, re-immersing themselves inside the idyllic way of life they find out they will get on the island.

Normal island actions include surfing, kayaking, angling, and hiking. Snorkeling and scuba diving are especially spectacular because of the abundance of giant ocean turtles. The island is also house to the greatest barrier saltwater in the region, which stretches twenty eight miles. Well guided hiking tours of the island’s extensive virgin forest allow visitors to learn about the plants and creatures unique for the region. To get the fewer sure-footed, well guided mule rides down thehighest oceanfront coves in the world provide dramatic views of the unspoiled coastline.

With only one cinema, one public restroom, with out stoplights, the island takes pride in its lack of development. A weekly Saturday morning farmer’s market gives a vibrant style of the wealthy local traditions. In addition , the island’s macadamia nut farm, coffee plantation, and kite factory offer abundant for you to explore the island’s exceptional character. Dining options cover the full variety from economical eateries to extravagant gourmet feasts, detailed with traditional native entertainment.

Furthermore to travel and leisure, major companies on the island contain fishing, farming, and full sales. While using collapse of the sugar and pineapple industries in the 1990s, the island offers moved to exchange these when dominant industrial sectors with more diversified aqua-culture and agriculture.

Tropical Island can be governed by simply an autonomous council. Residents elect a mayor, who also serves a three-year term with a two-term limit, and an eight-member island council with two-year terms. The island council, with current creciente Gil Egan as its consultant, is responsible for making all decisions regarding the island community. Decisions are made by simply majority election of the authorities. The mayor performs the function of “tie-breaker when it is necessary. There are five public and two non-public schools on the island of st. kitts serving two, 000 pupils from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Citizens seeking a college-level education typically push off the island for the duration of their very own studies. These students almost never return to live permanently on the island. This has been a serious concern of the islanders, who would like to reduce the decrease of native occupants. Therefore , development of a group college is under consideration.

Current means for visitors to access the island include small aircraft and small marine vessels. You can also get two inter-island flights each day between Tropical Island as well as the surrounding island destinations, with every single flight transporting about 55 passengers. About any given time, about 2 hundred tourists arrive or departTropical Island, with a total of 500 travelers on the island at any time. Electric cart rentals are available at the international airport for transport around the tropical isle.

Marine environmental studies performed on Tropical Island by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization Firm indicate that for each time a cruiseship operates in Warm Island’s hypersensitive coastal marine environments, at least two weeks of undisturbed underwater environment should be maintained later to avoid everlasting ecological damage. Each extra day of operation needs two extra weeks of recovery. The ecosystem, yet , is not able to maintain more than five consecutive days of abuse.

These figures presume no intentional damage to the ecosystem, just like removal of coral or creatures as a result of cruise ship-related travel. During the time that the cruise ship is definitely anchored near the island, as well as for four days following their departure, neighborhood residents are advised never to fish or perhaps swim within a two-mile radius of where the cruise ship have been anchored because of potential health risks. The island’s only organic harbour is the foremost location intended for anchoring cruise ships. Unfortunately, this kind of two-mile-wide these types of is also the island’s most productive fishing place.

The Island Full

At 971 feet long and weighing 91, 1000 tonnes, the $400 million Island Queen is the most significant cruise ship at any time to support the Exotic Island region. It accommodates 2, 2 hundred passengers and 1, 95 crew associates. Operation with the Island Full is managed through Tropical isle Queen, Incorporation., a private organization. Captain Stuart (Stu) Ask is the overseer of cruiseship operations intended for the Island Queen. While he has single responsibility for negotiating almost all contracts regulating the vessel’s operation, he ultimately answers to the CEO and the board of directors of Island Queen, Inc., regarding every corporate issues.

With 10 distinctive restaurants and 18 separate lounges and bars, the Island Queen has a location for the most discriminating guest. Passengers who desire the excitement of gambling will relish the luxurious Grand Online casino with its glasselevators, floating staircases, stained a glass domes, and ocean watch windows. The magnificent Riviera Deck, adorned with glowing pools, pubs, hamburger bbq grill, ice cream club, gymnasium, and spa, is the perfect location for outdoor activities and food.

The Island Queen models a new standard for vacation ships having its unique option 24-hour dining in the beautiful Horizon Court docket, two cinemas, computerised golf, and a library showcasing “listening chairs for music and audio books. Industry regular venues and amenities including buffet meals, theatres, and gyms happen to be included in the price of the luxury cruise. Dining inside the more special restaurants and some personal services such as massage therapy and natural beauty treatments are an additional price billed separately to the passenger.

The standard Tropical isle Queen cruise trip is sixteen days and 15 nights. The schedule consists of five days sailing to the island place, six times visiting different tropical islands, and five days returning to it is home port. An isle visit generally involves individuals disembarking by 8am and returning to the ship simply by 8pm. Upon more popular destinations, the ship will remain in port for two days. At these slots, passengers may well elect to shell out the night on st. kitts, but they must return to the ship by 8pm the next evening when the ship units sail for port.

Isle Queen, Inc., has offered luxury cruise ships to the tropical isle region for more than two decades, but Exotic Island has not allowed cruise ships to visit. For economic factors, Tropical Isle is now taking into consideration offering unique visitation privileges to a cruise line company. Although other cruise ship companies are vying for the right to incorporate Tropical Area to their itinerary, the Island Queen is the most deluxe prospect. A contract with the Island Queen is usually expected to give greater salary per visitor for the island than a with some of the other cruise companies because of the Island Queen’s richer clientele.

During one-day interface visits, about 50 % of the ship’s passengers commonly disembark. As the length of stay increases, fewer passengers land per day. People who remain on the ship are an important earnings source as they continue to patronise onboard features including the on line casino, shops, andrestaurants. Island disembarkation agreements are negotiated in increments of 100 passengers. Thus a for five-hundred passengers each day would contain any number of site visitors up to five-hundred. There are at present no island visits longer than two days because this will not leave sufficient time to visit the rest of the popular plug-ins. However , a visit for a longer time than 2 days is certainly possible given enough demand.

Because there is no suitable deepwater boat dock on Tropical Island, cruise liners will have to anchor in the ecologically sensitive seaside waters around the island. A compact vessel need to then generate multiple excursions ferrying individuals back and forth between your ship as well as the island. The island’s harbor area is considered the best area for anchoring cruise ships because of proximity to the main island community.

Exotic Island and Island Queen Concerns

Huge cruise ships, such as the Island Queen, can seriously impact the area marine ecology during their stay. According to a single environmental group, typical cruise ships “produce large volumes of waste, which include sewage, nonsewage wastewater or gray drinking water, ballast drinking water, oily bilge water, airpollution, solid squander, and hazardous squander, each which may injury sensitive underwater ecosystems just like the island’s through the addition of hazardous pathogens and chemicals, or maybe the introduction of alien kinds. 1 You will discover, however , intercontinental environmental criteria under which will cruise lines must operate. These kinds of standards, set forth in intercontinental conventions, generate strict suggestions for all business vessels, which includes passenger vessels, to prevent ship-generated pollution intended for oil, garbage, and waste

. 2Still, this island then community provides strong concerns about allowing for cruise-based tourism because of the industry’s dismal record of environmental compliance and poor enforcement of laws and regulations regarding deliver pollution.

There is also concern that the sudden increase in tourism will certainly adversely impact the social makeup of the calm rural area. Environmentalists point to small islands and neighborhoods in Alaska and the Caribbean whose local lifestyle, lifestyle, and economic climate become congested out by foreign visitors. This island then council’s community plan specifies its principal economic concentrate as gardening industries. Travel and leisure is to be restricted to a level that wont adversely impact the community’s traditional, social, monetary, and environmental characteristics. An agreement between the Isle Queen and Tropical Tropical isle must consider the impact it’ll have on the traditional lifestyle and customary privileges of the native inhabitants.

The main reason cruise ship companies have been not wanting to add Warm Island with their itinerary has been the lack of island infrastructure to back up the demands of a typical cruise liner visit. Way too many cruise visitors descending after the island all at one time may overwhelm existing isle facilities, causing an unpleasant experience for everyone. The fact that there is just one public restroom on the island is sufficient to dissuade even the many optimistic tour operator. Limiting the quantity of tourists disembarking will help maintain the island’s natural persona and profit the cruise liner since remaining passengers can spend their cash on board the ship.


Traditional isle culture and mores, along with island law, forbid council members, and Mayor Gil Egan because their representative, by accepting any form of economic incentives, just like bribes, from your cruise lines to get commercial usage of Tropical Area. A sincere and mutually beneficial relationship between Exotic Island and the Island Queen is desirable.

Any arrangement between Warm Island and the Island Princess or queen should take into consideration the current economic environment, existing solutions and facilities, expected tourism income intended for both parties, and any injury to local ecology and native culture as a result of added cruise line tourism. Intercontinental maritime regulation requires that any arrangement between the parties remain in power for half a dozen years next its usage, so it is vital that you consider anticipated trends with any contract since renegotiating in thenear term will be very difficult, if not impossible.


(From this island then Queen, Incorporation. Board of Directors)

Since the overseer of cruise ship operations intended for Island Full, Inc., the Board of Directors provides authorised one to negotiate with all the mayor of Tropical Tropical isle, Gil Egan, to secure unique anchoring and disembarkation legal rights to the isle.

In order to add Tropical Tropical isle to the normal 16-day Island Queen luxury cruise, you must take out a current interface from the itinerary. This is not a problem because a single port has ceased to be popular among passengers due to repeating outbreaks of any particularly virulent strain of Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) on st. kitts, which has afflicted a number of earlier passengers.

You are aware that one of your competition, Island House maid, Inc., made inquiries to Mayor Egan regarding entry to Tropical Isle. However , this really is a smaller organization with an older, less magnificent ship. Moreover, its customers are mostly middle-class retirees on fixed incomes, who would commonly generate significantly less revenue every tourist intended for the island. Upon 16-day cruises, an island visit typically lasts only 1 day. The ship anchors by almost eight am, and leaves the same day at almost eight pm. Appointments to especially popular islands may last two days. Since Tropical Tropical isle will be new and unexploited, it is expected to quickly become popular. An tropical isle visit of more than two days is very rare, although would be a beneficial option for the near future. While not the most crucial consideration, you wish to be sure people have enough time to really appreciate could be island and feel the cruise trip was exceptional and beneficial.

Regardless of the period of a port visit, at most of the only half the passengersdisembark daily. Remaining passengers are an essential revenue supply for the ship because they still patronise the ship’s online casino, shops and exclusive eating places. This is fortunate, because the ferry to the isle can only support about one particular, 100 travellers per day. As a result, there is little value in negotiating daily disembarkation privileges for more than this quantity. If a port will not draw a lot more than 200 individuals per day, it can be removed from the itinerary in favour of a more well-known destination. It is important for you to make a deal a deal that allows you to have the best number of passengers disembark ” not too many, nor too few. In fact , this is the most important issue to suit your needs.

The Island Queen is the only one of Island Queen, Inc. ‘s vessels licensed to work in the Tropical Island place. Because it completes in about two weeks to prepare the ship for another voyage after a two-week cruise, the maximum trip charge is 12 trips annually. Therefore , there is not any benefit to negotiating an agreement for more than 12 visits per year. Because demand fluctuates based upon the season, overall economy, and travel and leisure fads, the amount of visits for the island each year is not that vital that you you. Given that each trip is successful (which it can be if the right number of passengers disembark) you’re going to be satisfied with the agreement.

Wilderness Island is another island in the area that you are looking at if you cannot make a deal an acceptable contract with Warm Island. While Desert Area is not nearly while pristine and breathtaking because Tropical Island, it does incorporate some redeeming characteristics. Like Warm Island, Wilderness Island is one of the least commercialised islands in the region and there are at present no cruise ships visiting this. Since the gran of Desert Island desires cruise tourism to play a substantial role inside the island’s economic system, you expect he will be very accommodating about the volume of sail tourism acceptable, but he will probably not grant exclusive visiting rights. However, Desert

MGB225 ” Negotiation Ruse 3 (Assessed) ” Isle Cruise

Island has much less tourism infrastructure than Warm Island and few financialresources to remedy this case. Your business creation department offers indicated that it is realistic should be expected an agreement with Desert Island for month to month two-day sessions of 700 passengers. However the destitute nature of the island will preclude it from ever before attracting enough demand to justify more than just a one-day visit.

As international maritime law makes it nearly impossible to renegotiate contracts for six years from their effective time, you must be careful to ensure that any agreement can be flexible enough to accommodate both equally current and future awaited passenger require.

Evaluation: In order to evaluate the viability of adding Tropical Tropical isle to the ship’s itinerary, the Board of Directors has evolved the following guidelines to help you understand all their concerns regarding the various options. The objective should be to negotiate the most effective agreement to get the company.


Due to logistics and expense of adding Tropical Island towards the ship’s schedule, it is not viable to plan less than 3 visits annually. This would also not offer enough chance for expansion should passenger require exceed anticipations. Planning fewer visits each year with more people per check out could be a answer. However , the island’s limitedinfrastructure precludes allowing for an increased number of travellers to land per go to.

If enough passengers had been permitted extended stays of two or more days and nights on the island, this method might be suitable, because it may accommodate anticipated passenger demand for the island.

Raising the number of allowed visits raises the value of a, because it gives you greater overall flexibility to meet current and anticipated passenger disembarkation demands.

The utmost trip rate is 12 trips per year. While current demand might not warrant a trip every month, it truly is valuable to acquire this option to be able to meet potential future require.


While most port visits are only one working day, market research indicates that passenger demand for Warm Island will probably exceed the capacity that the isle can fairly accommodate in one day.

The choice of a two-day port visit to Tropical Isle should meet up with our awaited requirements for six years considering the island’s limited system.

While these kinds of options provide additional versatility, they are not really especially useful because we do not expect traveler demand to justify this kind of extended slot visits.

MGB225 ” Negotiation Ruse 3 (Assessed) ” Tropical isle Cruise

Concern #3: Quantity of passengers about shore per day (in amounts of 75 passengers) Travellers Comment




This level of disembarkation is very restricted and will require a longer visit a lot more times a year in order to cater to anticipated require levels. Thinking about many people remaining for the ship to provide additional income is luring. However , if perhaps passenger require were so affordable, we would take away the port from our itinerary because it is obviously no attractive destination.

While significantly less restrictive, these kinds of options are still not great considering each of our anticipated traveler demand. These kinds of a small allocation would require multi-day visits at the expenditure of other ports. Until we have real experience with the demand created by simply Tropical Tropical isle, it would be silly to fasten ourselves in to such low numbers.

Commonly, about seven hundred passengers land per day during a two-day port visit. Nevertheless , these amounts would not support anticipated demand for single-day sessions.


This may be the most useful option since it should be adequate for all anticipated levels of demand for the near future.


This kind of level of disembarkation has some value since it delivers additional flexibility. However , there exists little worth in settling such a largenumber with the expense of the other two issues, since it can be not realistic to expect we all will workout this right in the foreseeable future. About half of our travellers typically stay on-board during port trips to patronize casinos, health spas, restaurants, and also other revenue centers. This provides an invaluable source of income to get the deliver and we want to maintain this level of ship-board activity. Likewise, such many passengers disembarking onto this island then will likely weaken the establishments making the port fewer enjoyable for future voyager visits.


These options provide further flexibility, however experience shows it really is rare for more than half of the passengers to disembark on a given working day for a one-day visit.

The Board of Directors asks for that you negotiate an agreement providing a realistic and flexible path to fulfill anticipated demand, while accounting for current economic circumstances, and the island’s lack of facilities to support broadened cruise travel and leisure. An acceptable contract would contain monthly two-day visits to get 1, 90 passengers. Settling such an agreement can be expected to ensure your advertising to commodore, and earn you a coveted seat on st. kitts Queen, Incorporation. board of directors.

In case you are unable to protect an agreement with Mayor Egan that adequately addresses each of our corporate hobbies, then you happen to be authorized to pursue a dialog together with the mayor of Desert Isle in order to safeguarded an agreement more beneficial to Island Queen, Inc.

Note: Transactions must be based solely after information provided in this simulation and no exterior sources. At the completion of the negotiation, make sure you fill out a single negotiation synopsis worksheet every negotiating set and go back it to your instructor for discussion.


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