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William Goldberg’s Lord of the Flies addresses many topics such as good vs evil, technological progression vs a state of primitive being, and man’s desire to have power at any cost. Set on a stranded island, perhaps becoming a parallelism for the Garden of Eden, and loss of chasteness which takes place on the island due to corruption and folly. The storyline is about a team of English males trapped by using an island that seems like most fun and games at first.

Then this power starts to get to some of the boys and everything ends up going aggressive. Stemming from the evil within man’s center, serves us the battle ground in this particular fight between the never ending struggles great vs evil. This struggling with when chucked into a mixture of fear and panic, that may be ever present on the island, leads to revelations of self, that encompasses most of mankind and forces us to truly considercarefully what our two options will be as a varieties; work together to generate a better foreseeable future or fall season victim towards the lust to get power, that has always been part of man, and doom everyone to a regarding violence, hate, and possibly termination.

The possibility of annihilation is at any time present, nevertheless is always being fought when i say good men, although evil males embrace interaction of those whom disagree with their ideology or agendas. It had been proven again and again by the enjoys of men such as Hitler, Kim-Jong-Un, and now Roger. Roger killing Piggy because of his refusal to cooperate along with his demands. Half the glasses out of cash when Plug steals these people from piggy after he and his seekers let the flames go out initially (71). This scene is similar to when Hitler killed researchers who rejected to help him build weaponry. Roger also threw rubble at the children just for the it, also relating again the wicked Hitler. Rob however tries using reason, logic, and trust to defeat the evil nature of Roger and his fans.

Rogers deficiency of conviction to always maintain excessive morals, causes the killing of Claire and through that the destruction of Ralph’s innocence. Simon’s murder, by a religious standpoint, symbolizes the losing of innocence, spirituality, and nobility. The kids being through this primal point out leads to the deaths of multiple blameless people, plus the general decreasing of their quality lifestyle. But why would they do this? It is the least difficult choice, one particular not given the task of action. Nevertheless this lack of responsibility shows to be disastrous to the probability of rescue since the ship yearns for them if the fire dead, while staying left unintendedby the hunters. The technology to be rescued was in their very own hands with the fire, but their negligent treatment of this technology just furthers the idea that the primal area of guys is a negative aspect of humanity.

The overlook of the flames, leads to a missed opportunity for survival but why was your fire neglected? There just hope of civilization, recovery, and your life. Ralph says “without the smoke transmission well die here. (139). This only shows how Ralph can be afraid of death. Jack desired to be the ultimate provider and his desire for total power more than everyone got to his mind. This ultimately leads to loosing perhaps the most vital aspect on st. kitts, being their fire. This is certainly just another example of how Plug desires to get power, not only puts himself at a drawback but the whole tribe. As a leader it is important think about all aspects, not just what’s good for you. Golding’s story which changes between great and bad reveals just how cruel mankind really is and can be. This just shows how a civilization can be ruined in the event power is usually not applied correctly. Wicked, cruelty, loss of life, and damage shows through this innate behavior. Nevertheless is this cruelty and mayhem a learned behavior coming from environment or an inborn function of man?


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