Fostering Ethical Behavior Essay

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Ethical conduct in today’s work place is extremely important as it not only impacts the environment of the place of work but can also make a significant impact on the output of the workers who work for you. As Kreitner and Kinicki state, “Improving workplace integrity is not just a good thing to do; additionally, it can have a positive impact on the bottom line” (Organizational Tendencies, 2009, l. 25). However the discussion on how to foster even more ethical execute can quite often be a tricky question to reply to. First, my personal firm perception is that you will need to start from the best of an business and operate down.

If a CEO or upper level manager functions unethically in his/her methods then how can you expect another employee to never react in the same manner? “Managers will be potent part models in whose habits and actual habit send clear signals regarding the importance of ethical conduct. Ethical actions are a top-to-bottom proposition…” (Organizational Behavior, 2009, p. 25). Secondly, a business should preserve a strong and revered code of ethics that all employees would be required to keep, train and reinforce in the workplace.

Unethical behavior to get ahead can be a toxic to any organization. “Behavior that is certainly reinforced is usually repeated, although behavior that is not reinforced tends to disappear. Honest conduct too much is dismissed or even reprimanded while unethical behavior is compensated. ” (Organizational Behavior, 2009, p. 25). It should be the main goal of any top rated management to foster a working environment exactly where ethical behavior is rewarded and I feel that leading by case in point from the best down will mean a positive end result in the workplace.

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