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Explain for what reason the idea was memorable inside the text(s) in general, supporting the points with examples of visible and/or common language features. ‘Billy Elliot’ is a film directed by Stephen Daldry that speaks of a 14 year old young man called Billy. Raised in a working course family, Billy had constantly possessed loving dancing. Yet , set during 1984 in the small mining town of Everington, his dream of to become ballet ballerina proves being difficult. His father, Jacky and close friend, Tony are usually involved in the miners’ strike, which in turn puts the family in financial difficulties.

The main notion of this film is to go after your dream but not to give up the moment there are road blocks in the way. Daldry uses Billy’s story to portray this as a unforgettable idea for the audience. At the start of the movie, Billy attends boxing classes in the local gym. However , we see that Billy isn’t genuinely interested in boxing.

Eventually when Billy stays behind at the gym, he becomes intrigued by the ballet classes organised by Mrs Wilkinson. Instead of attending boxing classes, Billy begins to show up at the interlude classes rather. As he usually spends more time learning ballet, Billy’s determination is additionally revealed.

Among the this is the cross-cutting technique used to show Billy involving his bond. The mix cutting involves several different displays of Billy practising to get his pirouette right. Some displays are of him in the small bath room and some happen to be of him losing his patience. This kind of shows Billy’s perseverance and determination as being a dancer, a dancer that may keep practising despite without having enough space in the home. Other than his determination, his passion pertaining to ballet moving is also further revealed because Billy attempts to extend himself as a interlude dancer.

Daldry uses this kind of montage to demonstrate the audience that you may get better at anything with practise, even without the appropriate tools or environment that you will be in. This was also memorable because the audience can be influenced by Billy’s determination to practise at what you like. In the film, Billy’s main obstacle may be the opinion from the small exploration community this individual lives in. A lot of the people in his town think that ballet is actually a feminine party and if a male perform ballet then simply he must be a ‘poof’ (homosexual).

His own father and brother as well feel this way about him undertaking ballet. Among the the public’s opinion was right after Billy successfully completed a cabriole. Mr Braithwaite, pianist for his récréation class, tells Billy quietly, ‘You resemble a right wanker if you inquire me, son’. In this discussion, Mr Braithwaite represents the public’s view on a male ballet ballerina.

Another example is Jacky’s opinion in him carrying out ballet, ‘Lads do boxin’ or wrestlin’ or football¦ not figgin’ ballet! This kind of reveals Billy’s major obstacle to his dream because he needs to defeat the community’s opinion and many importantly his father’s judgment until they can become a ballet dancer. Billy eventually triumphs over this; yet , this obstacle did help to make the main thought memorable. Facing public views is some thing the audience could relate to, and Billy’s account allows the group to truly feel sympathetic to him. Despite obstacles in the way; economical difficulties and public opinion, Billy at some point gets publicly stated into the Noble Ballet University.

The ending is set twelve to fifteen years in advance where the viewers sees Jacky and Tony a2z travelling to London, uk to attend a ballet live performance of Swan Lake. As we see the old Billy limbering up, puzzle builds while the audience are merely shown the backs and limbs of older Billy. When Billy runs on to the stage carrying out a grand jete a freeze out frame can be used to capture the perfected raffinesse. The get cold frame properly revealed to the group Billy’s entire body, skill and confidence the he features achieved over the past fifteen years.

Daldry uses this because the closing to show the group that reward can be sown after perseverance and teaching. The freeze frame by itself was a remarkable conclusion to the film and Billy’s story, however it as well serves as a memorable reminder to the viewers that success may be earned with hard work and perseverance. Consequently , to conclude, Daldry has used techniques such as cross cutting, discussion and get cold frame to aid convey a remarkable idea. The main idea of subsequent your dream and overcoming road blocks.

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