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Objective Statement The diversity quest is to create a lifestyle that works with diversity and inclusion in to all facets of the business to be able to further fulfill dreams throughout the experiences of motorcycling.

 Vision Statement Harley-Davidson values, embraces and celebrates diversity to be able to develop and continuously boost mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders to fulfill dreams and give extraordinary consumer experiences in an increasingly energetic, diverse and global industry.  Objectives  Create a viable company that would successfully compete within the Non-Menthol, Lo-Fi category. Appeal to more fresh adult (25-49) male smokers into the Lorillard family.  Develop a highly targeted “Niche Brand’ that would create modest share goals.

 Build strong brand awareness and imaginary.  Gain trial and repeat order. Create buyer confidence.  Strategies MARKET TRANSMISSION Get some even more market share from your existing market, like U. S, U. K, and Japan and so on through more marketing tactics like promoting. Harley-Davidson includes a good manufacturer so it’s easy for them to eat up the competitor business if they will provide some more customer profit.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Young generation and feminine are now arriving at this portion so grow the tandem segments to younger generation and females.  MARKET DEVELOPMENT Harley-Davidson can bring within their vehicle to Asian countries like India and China, because these countries have a higher population and the market potential is also high.  DIVERSIFICATION Take new bicycles to attract customer and industry.

 INVESTING FROM THE BRAND The Company can be reinforcing the support in the Harley-Davidson company, accelerating the ongoing marketing efforts to talk to emerging rider teams, including younger and different riders. In addition , the Company is going to continue to give attention to product improvements targeted at certain growth options with its good core consumer bottom and new riders.  ADJUSTING THE COST FRAMEWORK Consolidate the two engine and transmitting plants in the Milwaukee area into its center in Menomonee Falls, Wis.

 OBTAINING FURTHER FUNDING PERTAINING TO HDFS The business said it truly is evaluating a number of options to provide the mandatory liquidity pertaining to the low cost and price tag lending activities of Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) Recommended Objective To be branded as the very best motorcycle obtainable in the world. Advised Vision The highest quality motorcycle, bike products and financial services will be presented worldwide is the commitment of Harley-Davidson. Client satisfaction is our motto as well as the Harley-Davidson buyers can go through the taste of reality of motorcycle dreams by simply relaying their particular satisfaction on us.

Harley- Davidson is dedicated to make use of the advanced technology to make the most outstanding motorcycle in domestic and international market segments. Stay competitive and continue growth throughout the world remain profitable and survive is usually our beliefs. Employees of Harley-Davidson would be the foundation of the organization and they are the driving force in back of the Harley-Davidson name.

The entire team effort of Harley-Davidson employees can be devoted to rewarding dreams of clients and we believe that there is not a motorcycle driving experience such as a Harley-Davidson’s. Brilliance is our push nevertheless our Harley-Davidson bar and shield emblem that says superior quality. Honesty and client loyalty and these honnete are the pulse of Harley-Davidson organization.

Harley-Davidson do the part in supporting almost all environmental laws and regulations in every region we do business. Determination and commitment is definitely the place exactly where Harley-Davidson expects to stay.  External Opportunities The European demand for Harley Davidson is the top in the foreign market to represent the single greatest motorcycle marketplace in the world Ladies and younger purchase is increasing turning out to be interested in cycles  The intercontinental heavy pounds market is growing and is right now larger than the U. S. heavyweight industry Market share raising in Asia and europe for the last 2 yrs  Increasing demand in ALL OF US markets to get bike. Buell division has to continue to make a quality bike under Harley’s brand name.

 Competitive Profile Matrix: Critical achievement factor| Harley- Davidson| Honda| | Weight| Rating| Score| Weight| Rating| Score| Advertising| 0. 10| 4| 0. 40| 0. 10| 3| 0. 30| Product Quality| 0. 15| 4| zero. 60| 0. 15| 3| 0. 45| Price Competitiveness| 0. 20| 1| zero. 20| 0. 20| 3| 0. 60| Management| 0. 10| 3| 0. 30| 0. 10| 4| zero. 40| Economic Position| zero. 15| 2| 0. 30| 0. 10| 4| zero.

40| Consumer Loyalty| 0. 15| 4| 0. 60| 0. 15| 2| 0. 30| Global Expansion| 0. 05| 3| 0. 15| 0. 05| 4| zero. 20| Industry Share| 0. 15| 2| 0. 30| 0. 15| 3| zero. 45| Total| 1| | 2 . 85| 1| | 3. 10|  External Factor Evaluation Matrix Key Exterior Factors| Weight| Rating| Score| OPPORTUNITIES| | | | The Western demand for Harley Davidson is the highest in the international industry and represents the only largest motor bike market in the world| 0. 15 | 4| zero.

60| The international heavy weight marketplace is growing and is also now bigger than the U. S. top quality market| zero. 15 | 4| zero. 60| Women and younger customers are increasing becoming interested in bikes| 0. 15 | 3| 0. 30| Market share elevating in Europe and Asia for the last two years| zero. 05 | 2| 0. 10| Raising demand in US markets for bikes| 0. 05 | 2| 0. 10| Customers value quality parts| 0. 02 5| 1| 0. 025| THREATS| | | | Harleys constant capacity vices caused a shortage supply and a loss in domestic market share in recent years| 0. 15 | 4| 0. 60| Harleys common buying grow older is forty two years old and increasing| 0. 05| 2| 0. 10| The Western Union’s motorcycles noise standards are more stringent than those of Environmental Safeguard Agencies in theU.

H and increased environmental stand| 0. 05 | 2| 0. 10| Some opponents of Harley davidson Davidson have larger economic andmarketing assets and they are more diversified| 0. 05 | 2| zero. 10| Environmental protection laws| 0. 15| 4| zero. 60| Buell division needs to continue to make a quality motorcycleunder Harley’s company name| zero. 025| 1| 0. 025| Total | 1| | 3. 25|  Internal Power  The common and performance portions of Harley davidson Davidson makeup 70% in the European heavy weight motorcycle market.

Harley-Davidson operates in two segments: Harley-Davidson motorcycles & related products and HDFS (Harley-Davidson Financial Services).  Harley-Davidson is a only key American high quality motorcycle maker.  Strong brand name.

 The HOG (Harley Owners Group), that have a six, 50, 1000 members throughout the world is the industry’s largest organization sponsored motorcycle enthusiast organization.  Buell Riders Adventure Group (BRAG) was also created recent Modification of the bicycles, this is Harley-Davidson’s major income maker. Harley-Davidson has a very good marketing department and it’s divided while dealer promotions, customer situations, magazine and direct-mail advertising, and public relations.

 Internal Weak point  High cost Harley-Davidson features problems in gaining more market share in certain European countries (That’s one of the main marketplaces for High quality motorcycles outside the house U. S).  They didn’t yet start off its product sales in India, one of the biggest marketplaces. Required production is certainly not met, analyzing the future of Heavyweight motorcycle marketplace.

 Recommended specific Strategies and Implementations. INDUSTRY PENETRATION  Get some more market share from the existing market, like U. H, U. K, and The japanese etc through more marketing techniques just like advertising. Harley-Davidson has a very good brand name therefore it’s easy for them to eat up the rival market share in the event that they can present some more client benefit.  Competition is high in this kind of segment generally in U. S so market transmission can be a good option for the business.  Expand the HOG (Harley Owners Group) to Asian countries, if the company can provide the customer satisfaction they are providing to the U. S customers for the Asian clients they can improve the sales.

APPLICATION Younger generation and female have become coming to this kind of segment so expand the motor cycle sectors to more youthful generation and women.  In The european union they can enhance or expand the Buell’s market share simply by introducing new motorcycles.  MARKET DEVELOPMENT  Harley-Davidson can bring inside their vehicle to Asian countries like India and China, because these countries have a high population as well as the market potential is also excessive.

The cost to bring in the old cars (old product) to India is so very much difficult since there are so much environmental laws are available which won’t allow that type of vehicles to come to India, and its difficult that taxes and levis are loaded with India therefore starting fresh plant in India can solve this problem. Negotiations while using Government may solve these types of problems.  DIVERSIFICATION  Bring in new cars to new markets just like India and china is a great choice, but it’s too costly.  Bringing new types of recreational vehicles is known as a best choice.  Recommended Long-Term Aims.

Establish Harley-Davidson as a acknowledged leader inside the development and participation of its persons, to maximize every employee’s potential.  Grow and maintain demand by giving exceptional item styling, performance, quality, reliability and customer service at prices our consumers can afford.  Meet the demand by expanding our existing circulation and manufacturing capacity, and, where required, adding new production and retail syndication points.  Improve information services capabilities to enable all stakeholders to easily do business with Harley-Davidson, throughout the creative incorporation of information technologies.

Drive economic results to the amount achieved by known high-performing firms.  Recommended Procedure for Strategy Review and Evaluation  Review actual bases of strategy  Once again prepare all the internal and external analysis.  Compare the previously prepared evaluation with the one that will be ready after the new strategy rendering.

Measuring business preferences  Analyze all monetary ratios current and the upcoming.  If any advantage, then simply implement the new strategy, in any other case continue with the present one.

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