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Breakfast for Tiffanys simply by Truman Capote is about the idea that companionship

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can make a person take radical measures in helping a friend.

The placing is New

York Town. The point of view is first person limited. Seen through the eyes of

the narrator, called Fred ( the primary character ), who is a starting

article writer. I enjoyed the story as it was very interesting to learn and

experience your life in aged New York.

The story starts, probably in the present

time, when ever Fred, who now been living in New York for a immense amount of

time, goes into his good friend Joe Bells bar for any drink. Generally there he understands the his

long time friend, Holly Golightly, is still in by the use of a photograph

from a great explorer which will shows a wood carving manufactured by a tribesman which bears the

uncanny resemblance to Holly. After that encounter, James begins to

reminisce about his past with Holly and all sorts of their crazy adventures.

Freds first meeting with Holly was through his apartment windows.


Golightly is a nineteen year-old self-sufficient woman. Some of her personality

qualities are excellent, affectionate, whilst cold hearted. She is motivated in life

by simply striving for her purpose anytime, which is to become rich and famous while

keeping her ego. The girl believes that love is definitely not lovemaking.

Holly, trying to get away a

terrible date, makes a decision to visit her new downstairs neighbor. Right now there she

almost tells James everything regarding her life. Fred was obviously a name Holly

chose pertaining to Fred as they looked like her brother Sally, but since the

point of view is first person, the narrator refers to himself through the entire

story as I, but Holly generally identifies him because Fred. In

Freds condo, Holly explains to Fred regarding her involvement with a

locked up drug runner name Sally Tomato, a stock mobster persona who will pay

Holly to check out him.

Fred discovers more regarding Hollys friends when he

attends a party organised by Holly. There this individual meets Rusty Trawler, Hollys current

partner, Mag Wildwood, a crafty southern bell from Illinois who would

ultimately steal apart Hollys partner. Fred understands that Hollys

friends are not the usual sort of people that show up at parties. Which can be described

once Mag first enters the party and says in her the southern area of accent, You

b-b-boys not vexed at me intended for butting in on your p-p-party.

Magazine says this kind of

even though everybody knows she was attending. The tone in the story can be funny

and sarcastic. The action after that abruptly adjustments when Holly, Mag, Rusty, and

Mags boyfriend, Jose` Ybarra-Jaegar, a great eccentric B razil politician, went

on a trip to Brazil. Presently there Mag abducts Hollys boyfriend, Rusty, and Holly will

the same with Mags man, Jose`.

When they settle back, Holly is detected by

her previous husband. Wendy then understands that Hollys real term was Lulamae

Barnes before she was married since a child bride into a southerner named Doc

Golightly. Also, above this period of time, Hollys engagement with Magazines

ex-boyfriend hard drives Mag aside. This is an extremely rough time for Holly.

In order to

relieve the soreness and move the time, Holly spend a growing number of time with Fred

ingesting in Later on Bells club. Joe Bells is a shy bar owner who conceals his

feeling about the boisterous Holly. Even though he is in love with her, May well

keeps his feelings concealed. Everything is fine till eventually after horse-back


After James has a serious accident, regarding a horses and an abrupt

trip downtown, Holly is instantly arrested internet marketing involved in a drug triangle

with Sally Tomato. Obviously, Sally was using Holly to relay information by

him to his medicine empire away from prison wall space. At this same moment James

finds out that Jose` is leaving Holly and this individual has to tell her the news. The theme

can be reinforced during these chapters moreover the narrator goes out of his way to

do something for his friend, Holly.

Each goes horse back riding, despite the fact that

Fred is definitely uneasy about riding. Additionally they decide to take masks from a

costume store. In the end of these horrible things affect Holly, the lady decides

to break out of jail and move to Brazil. Even though James knows she actually is

probably by no means coming back, he still has hope for Hollys return.

And he

stocks that hope with May well Bell in his bar. Fred knows that he would possess

done anything to keep his and Hollys relationship solid. Which is the theme

of the story: camaraderie can make a person take drastic measures in helping a

friend. Holly Golightly was only a lost intimate.

A surreal person living in a

real phrase. Dealing with real people and complications in an unorthodox way. So , if

youre ever in Brazil and also you happen to observe Holly, let her know that Fred is

performing fine.

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