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Panera Bread can be described as casual made-to-order fast food restaurant that offers specialised breads, sandwiches, tossed salads and soups. Established in 1981, with 1, 562 company held and franchised locations, Panera Bread provides moved into the forefront from the restaurant business, and offers strategically permeated the market when acquiring a robust amount of loyal customers. Most of the eating places offer the selection of indoor and outdoor eating. A fireplace inside restaurant is appealing to a large number of customers during the winter months, of whom are looking for a sizzling cup of coffee and a place to read their magazine or publication.

Coffee, tea, and soft drink are offered with free refills, and drinking water with lemons is complementary. Indoor furniture, free refills, and comfortable tables/chairs make Panera Breads institution a functional examine place for college youngsters. Every restaurant is well staged with elegant exhibits of their specialty baked items, making it extremely difficult not to indulge. This fast growing cafe has preserved a competitive edge due to their appealing interior planning, neutral dining environment, new baked goods, clean coffee and tea, made-to-order foods with possible drive-through capabilities, consumer rewards greeting card, tables pre-loaded with electrical outlets, and useful service.

Panera Loaf of bread establishments, unquestionably, offer an experience that can only occur in Panera Bread.


Panera Bread provides a driving concept to provide a high grade specialty bakery and café experience to urban personnel and suv dwellers. Desirable & attractive menu

Nationwide head in the bakery-café segment

High ratings in client satisfaction studies

Good brand

Clean dough procedures & revenue to franchised stores

Initial success in wedding caterers

Great franchisees – higher revenue in franchised stores in comparison to company-owned Monetary strength from the company – able to grow without taking on too much personal debt


Panera loaf of bread offers an upscale fast everyday dining experience. Panera operates in three organization segments: organization owned bakery-café operations, business operations, clean dough procedures. Every restaurant is very well staged with elegant shows of their specialised baked goods, making it nearly impossible not to take pleasure in. This fast growing cafe has managed a competitive edge because of their appealing interior design, neutral eating environment, refreshing baked goods, new coffee and tea, made-to-order foods with possible drive-through capabilities, buyer rewards cards, tables equipped with electrical shops, and successful service.

Core Competencies

Panera has established a casual although comfortable place where customers could eat freshly cooked sandwiches, soups and salads without worrying about whether or not it is nutritious. The business is designed to visually reinforce the distinctive difference between it is bakery-cafes and others of it is competitors. Administration of corporate and franchise growth, too a deep sense of community engagement and the desire to give back to community, further more solidify Panera’s placement because something different in today industry. Panera’s profound sense community can be seen as Panera offers leftover loaf of bread to desolate shelters and collects funds for other charitable triggers such as the Procedure Dough-Nation system.

Finding of Fact #1

The Panera Bread Firm does not provide an aggressive online marketing strategy and should let buyers discover Panera on their own. Panera’s service is not as fast as various other fast-food corporations and costs higher rates. Panera features higher rates than competition, which could become due to their functioning costs. Panera has expanded in the past years but the locations are centered geographically.


Panera has for you to continue all their success inside the fast informal industry. They will try to control operating costs that might be beyond control or unnecessary. The company should consider expanding in to new marketplaces and expanding geographically, even internationally. Products can often be made based on current foodstuff trends. The peak hours at Panera are breakfast and lunch, initiatives could be made to attract a bigger dinnertime hurry. I think that they can should apply dinner special offers so that more customers can be found in during that time; this would be to enhance sales during dinner times. Another idea is for on-line ordering, for the customers away from home. This way they can have a greater turnover rate when it comes to browsing lines. Locating of Reality #2

Panera Bread functioning cost is too much.

Recommendation #2

One more thing that I would advise Panera do, instead of making their cash at bakeries, Panera makes their cash at their very own stores. This can eliminate the middleman, and possibly getting rid of excess components in the process (including a reduction in vehicles costs). This can potentially help their final conclusion. Making low operating costs for a quickly casual market will show successful. In an industry that has easy substitutes it is important to slice down over head prices to help make the most from your sales. Developing vertically can cut functioning costs making profit maximize.

Finding of Fact #3

Panera Loaf of bread management should strengthen you can actually competitive situation.

Recommendation #3

I like to recommend that the firm focus on site to help enhance their competitive position. It is a essential success factor. Most customers at a quick casual cafe will be central or upper class. It is important to discover these restaurants near market areas where a large number of middle or perhaps upper class people can gain access to the business. Many fast informal restaurants make an effort to create a third place. The location of this restaurant is important as it should be placed in a central location exactly where other goods are around it.

To stay profitable inside the highly competitive restaurant market, Panera regularly reviews and revises their menu to support the interest of regular customers, satisfy changing buyer preferences, and be responsive to numerous seasons with the year. Panera develops a benefit in changing their menu over competitors such as McDonald’s and Subway who tend not to change their particular menu regularly and consumers often lose interest in their menu offerings.

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