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Medical Marijuana

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Legislative Letter

Jason M. Lewis, Senator

Chair from the Joint Panel on Public Health

State Home


Dear Senator Lewis

A public health emergency was reported by Chief of the servants Deval Meat on Mar 27, 2014, due to the remarkable rise in opiate abuse in Massachusetts (Cassidy, 2014). Within the agenda was an addition $20 mil for substance abuse prevention and treatment, choosing Zohydro from the market, and allowing cops to carry the anti-overdose drug naloxone. Whilst these actions are a step in the right way, the number of deaths to opioid overdose increased in December, from 62 in the previous month to 114 (MacQuarrie, 2015). The details offered contain heroin mixed stronger opiates and more powerful restrictions governing prescription pain relievers. The unexpected, inexplicable closing of the Toby House Cleansing Center, a 60-bed facility on Long Island, certainly failed to help the circumstance any (Cullen, 2014).

One particular solution, which can be already a part of the Massachusetts health program, is medical marijuana. A study published last year revealed that claims enacting medical marijuana guidelines between 1999 and 2010 experienced a 25% common reduction in opioid overdose deaths (Bachhuber, Saloner, Cunningham, Craig, 2014). The protection conferred by medical marijuana remained regardless of whether heroin overdose fatalities were within the analysis. Sadly, the Division of Into the Human Solutions recently integrated restrictive polices, including the need that individuals and services apply for qualification online (Mass. gov, 2014). The 1st emails provided for applicants amazed the people because the subject matter line and content broken federal and state level of privacy laws, by simply revealing the goal of the notice and private information that is personal (Lazar, 2015). Senator Ruben F. Keenan reintroduced S. B. 1031 to the Joint Committee upon Public Health last month, which seriously restricts the amount of medical weed dispensaries and cultivation sites in the point out, imposes fees of $25, 000 on farmers, and prohibits doctors from publishing prescriptions to get opiate addiction (Editors, 2013). Although the expenses is less likely to pass, it can represent attempts by some legislators and public health administrators to roll back medical marijuana plan progress.

While an advanced practice nursing specialist, I cannot require a position in marijuana legalization, but legislation was presented by Representative. Dave M. Rogers and Sen. Patricia D. Jehlen (2015) a few weeks ago to do just that [The Cannabis Rules and Taxation Act (CRTA) of 2016, 2015]. Among the many justifications offered for CRTA passage, improved public health

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