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fear and loathing in las vegas

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Finding the American Dream in Sin City:

The things i got out of Dread and Loathing

Where must i start? This book left me with the many questions and so various


to take into account. Was this journey actual? Was Seeker S. Thompson drawing off

real life

experinces to create this kind of strange and insightful voyage? If this is stricly

an imagined story

this is obivoiusly written by a man who alot of experince with drugs and

presently there effects.

I actually don not need to focus on the drugs mainly because I think there exists more for this

book and if you

simply focus as well as the outlandish number of drugs taken in by Raoul Duke great


you will miss that. The book bills by itself as A savage journey for the

heart of the American

Dream. That is just what it is. We see america through a man whom

seems to have

seen what America could have been just to see it come crashing to the


realties of what it is. He was not alone from this feeling this individual makes it obvious

when he comments

that Nixons term proclaimed the popularuty of downers. The whole nation was in a


mood it seemed that every thing had failed and the people that were remaining after

the smoke of

the sixties cleared believed dislousined and out of place like Raoul Fight it out. The

simply feeling he

had remaining to cling on using this time was the drugs as well as the highs didnt

seem the same.

Take for example when he was describing staying in S . fransisco during the

Acidity Wave

how carefree and innoceent his high times seemed review this with the


parnonia that affected him through his five day romp through Las vegas. His

altitudes along

with america had lost a sense of innocence All that was remaining was a a sense of

fear and


We also belive that the selection of Las Vegas as the hunting ground for the


Dream was extremely important. I do believe that for many Vegas especially circa

year 1971

embobied everything that was correct and very incorrect with American Culture. The tacky

glitz of the

deprive, out of work entertainers pefroming pertaining to middle us citizens in the

the twilight series of their life

gambling away penisons and savings and two little bit gamblers wanting that they to


strike it rich and become geniune rags to riches account. Vegas with its lure

from the instant

Horatio Alger account seems to me to repersent the Amercian Dream more than last

half century

and I think Hunter S i9000. Thompson noticed this also. Then there were the Mint 400 and

the drug

confrence both equally I think had been used while vehicles to see American tradition from


spectrums. There is the racing enthusiasts and enthusiasts for the Mint 400 a difficult and tumble


several would call them rednecks, bikers or rebels. They were the people who have

seemed to

always be living the American Desire on their own terms. On the contrary there was


attending the drug meeting a mix section of middle section american legislation


people. To these people a free visit to vegas was your vaction they will and the

does not show for had been

awaiting. They looked like so unsuitable in the glitzy lights and fancy

casinos but in a

sense I believe they fit correct in. These people were the target industry for vegas. Rich

people and hip

young Us citizens dont travel and leisure hundreds of miles to see Ben Jones perform medleys

and eat awful

buffet meals. To me the convention people, Mint 500 fans, online casino vistors

and Raoul

Duke all resprsented diffrent aspects of one idea, The American Dream. Rauol

and his

legal professional had in the past found right now there American Dream and had lost it along


1000s of others who thought the sixties genuinely would mean an alteration for

the better.

The Mint folks had located theirs and as mindless and backwoodish as it can

seem to

a large number of it suit them and I dont believe they gave a damn what anyone thought. The


persons they showed the public grinding it out everyday nine to five living the

so called

Genuine American Method oblivous for the way point we

re beyond their own front grass.

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