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Visible art and design

Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most well-known paintings in the world. Show anyone from a 60 yr old man to a 10 year old girl a photo of the art work and, almost certainly, they will be in a position to name the painting and also the painter. While some say that DaVinci’s painting is considered the most famous coming from all created, many of Andy Warhol’s paintings are easily identifiable. Almost everyone features seen the Campbell’s Soup Can series Warhol colored or his famous Triple Elvis produce.

This daily news will be concentrating on his Marilyn Monroe series, which I will be comparing and contrasting towards the Mona Lisa. There are numerous obvious dissimilarities between the two paintings, such as the time period, color scheme, background and subject matter. Let me also mention some commonalities such as all their use of collection, recreations, popularity, and prominence in culture.

One of the major contrasts between the two works is a history lurking behind the works of art.

Andy Warhol was said to be captivated by the presenter Marilyn Monroe’s supposed committing suicide in August of 1962. Warhol proved the Proverb, “Good men need to die, but death cannot kill their particular names to become true, producing his Marilyn Monroe series one of his most famous works. Warhol bought a publicity continue to of Marilyn’s 1953 movie Niagara, clipped it, increased the face, and reproduced that on 8-10 different canvases. Each portrait was given another type of color plan. These paintings were the first solo exhibition for Warhol. The most famous of the series, Lemon Marilyn, was bought and kept in a exclusive collection till 2007.

Even though the subject of Warhol’s art work is very well known and easily identified, the subject of Leonardo DaVinci’s Hireling shepherd was most likely commoner, in addition to many different hypotheses of who the woman could be. Some say the woman can be DaVinci him self, in woman form. Other folks say it could be Lisa Gherardini; the better half of a rich businessman in Florence, Italy named Francesco Del Beato. DaVinci was commissioned to paint the Mona Lisa in 1503, and worked on that for several years prior to it was completed. DaVinci held his piece of art for quite a while ahead of he sold it towards the King of France, Ruler Francois, in 1516. (“Mona Lisa.  Lairweb. com. N. p., n. g. Web. ) After the The french language Revolution, the painting was moved to the Louvre, in which it remains today.

The history behind the paintings likewise point out many more distinctions. There is just one Mona Lisa, although Warhol created many Marilyn paintings. The time period when the two painters resided was decades apart. DaVinci was in from 1452-1519, while Warhol was born in 1928 and died in 1987. Although Warhol was strictly a great artist, DaVinci spent time as a mathematician, engineer, article writer, and geologist as well.

The 2 men’s varieties of painting were very different too. DaVinci painted in the style of chiaroscuro, the usage of strong clashes between lumination and darker, and vago. Sfumato is made by piece of art a color that turns slowly coming from light to dark tones to give off a kind of misty glow or smoky secret. Andy Warhol was a main issue with the Put art movement. Jennifer Rosenberg of About. com quoted put art as being, “a new style of fine art that commenced in England inside the mid-1950s and consisted of genuine renditions of popular, and everyday items.  (Rosenberg, Jennifer. “Andy Warhol.  About. com 20th Century History. About. com, and. d. Web. 16 December. 2012. ) Warhol applied silk-screening to develop Marilyn Monroe. Warhol is quoted because saying, “In August 62 I began doing silkscreens.

I wanted a thing stronger that gave more of an assembly line effect¦you look for a photograph, blow it up, transfer it in glue on silk, after which roll printer ink across this so the tattoo goes through the silk although not through the glue¦ I was thrilled with it. When Marilyn Monroe took place to die that month, I got the idea to make monitors of her beautiful confront the initially Marilyns.  (“Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Designs.  Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Prints. Color Vision and Art, n. d. Net. 16 Dec. 2012. ) DaVinci’s piece of art was progressive for the time. The traditional artwork of his time had been of a brain and shoulder blades portrait, in an exceedingly rigid or posed location.

The Hireling shepherd is painted all the way down to her hands, and she seems to be in a really comfortable, comfortable pose. Her pose is incredibly linear, which will conveys a sense of “formal and dignified ideas. (ROEMER, CK. “Looking for Great Fine art Practice.  Http: // N. l., 2007. Net. ) This would be appropriate if this woman is the better half of a rich man, which can be one of the speculations of the women’s identity. Andy Warhol’s art work, on the other hand, seems almost regressive. Only Marilyn’s face is definitely shown. She is depicted which has a very serious expression, and is extremely unnaturally posed. This generally seems to project a feeling of excitement or disorder, which represent Marilyn’s life incredibly accurately.

Both subjects in the painting are very different in appearance as well. The Mona Lisa does not have any makeup upon. She is attired very simply and does not appear to be wearing virtually any jewelry. Marilyn Monroe provides a lot of makeup on and offers her hair curled and styled. Marilyn seems to have a haughty or perhaps annoyed phrase on her face, while Hireling shepherd is smiling slightly and seems to be completely happy and content material.

Another main difference involving the two art is the usage of color. The Mona Lisa can be depicted in very earthy tones. The tan colour of the drag seems nearer to the viewer, while the moderate browns, greens, tans, and blues seem to fade in the background. DaVinci used mild and darker colors to highlight certain areas of the piece of art, such as the women’s face and hands.

The color palette is what would be anticipated if this is an actual picture. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn is the complete opposite from the Mona Lisa. non-e of the shades are all-natural, except, could be, the cosmetic, and can appear shocking for the eye initially. All facets of the piece of art are dazzling; eyes, lips, eye shadow, and hair. Warhol coated Marilyn in ten different color blends with 250 of each color variation. (Henry. “Henry About Pop Art.  ‘Henry On Take Art’ D. p., ’08 Aug. 2011. Web. of sixteen Dec. 2012. )

While the actual hues used in the paintings are very different, how a painters used the colors brings about a likeness in the two. Mona Lisa is dressed extremely dim and her pale face is presented by dark hair. The sunshine colors found in the background manage to bring the girl to the entrance of the art work. This was almost certainly done on purpose by DaVinci. He wished the viewer to focus on Mona Lisa. The same can be stated of Warhol. He utilizes a bright different color intended for his backdrop of Marilyn Monroe. Although the background color almost always matches that of Marilyn’s eye darkness, the background contrasts with the remaining painting, bringing the face for the viewer.

The utilization of line in both art is also similar. No clean strokes happen to be visible in either painting, and appear a little foggy. The Mona Lisa are these claims way as a result of technique, vago, discussed before. In Marilyn, it is hard to pick out a defined series in her hair, one example is. The lines in DaVinci’s paintings are exactly the same, flowing in one to the additional. The Hireling shepherd is combined so well that each section may seem like a part of the next.

The background of the Mona Lisa is actually a landscape having a river, connect, trees, turf, and mountains. The view appears to go on forever, and there is not any real focal point in the background. The backgrounds purpose in this portrait in not known, some claim it is to compare the calm look with the woman using a foreboding qualifications. Others believe it could have already been as simple while DaVinci practicing with landscapes. Unlike Hireling shepherd, the backgrounds of the Marilyn Monroe artwork are a stable color. The background contrasts considerably with the hues in the actual face. The background pulls the viewer’s eyesight to Marilyn’s face, rather than something that could possibly be happening in the back.

Symmetry is yet another example of a means the two artwork are likewise. The shape in the Mona Lisa is very symmetrical. The lady is seated straight and a straight series down the core painting would show equal parts. The woman’s body is a triangular condition, with the covers of her legs and hand building the base, and her mind becoming the purpose. Her face is very round, and the smile she displays is a great arch of the circle. (Roemer, CK. “Looking at Superb Art Practice.  Http: // And. p., 2007. Web. ) Warhol provides his Marilyn Monroe artwork a refined heart shape with the figure created by her hairline. The artist, like DaVinci, uses simple shapes as well, such as the half-moon of her eye darkness, or the minor triangles of her eyebrows, which also shows proportion.

DaVinci provides an impressive feeling of depth and space in his painting. The fact that the woman is definitely taller compared to the mountains without your knowledge suggests that she actually is seated very close to the audience, while the mountain range are inside the distance. The detail in the pleats in her skirt, the individual components of hair, and transparent veil that covers her brain are tiny details which make the woman seem closer to the viewer. The walking routes and streams of water leading the painting associated with eye maneuver upwards, and form a sense of continuous forest. The viewers understand that the landscape goes on for quite a while. (Roemer, CK. “Looking at Great Art Practice.  Http: // And. p., 3 years ago. Web. ) In contrast to DaVinci, Warhol used space simply by placing Marilyn’s face during the art work. There is no true use of interesting depth in this painting, because of the simple, contrasting color background. She almost is apparently completely smooth against the surface area.

The eye can be immediately drawn to the face in Marilyn Monroe. As mentioned above, the contrasting background color drags the face forwards, making the viewer recognize her initially. The same can be said of Mona Lisa, making focal point a likeness of the two. The woman in Mona Lisa is the biggest area of the painting. Her pale face offset by simply her darker hair and clothes draws the audience’s eye with her. The position of her hands is right below her face, which also serves as a line towards the focal point.

The use of texture is definitely somewhat absent from Warhol’s painting, even though the Mona Lisa is included with texture, an additional difference in the paintings. The folds inside the woman’s outfit make the painting seem more realistic, even though the uneven and sharp corners of the mountains in the background comparison nicely together with the smoothness in the woman’s encounter and frizzy hair. The woman’s skin also has a dotted influence which makes it appear more lifelike, instead of Warhol’s Marilyn that seems false and unrealistic.

The use of worth plays a huge role in both works of art. DaVinci uses abrupt within value; The pale skin area of the girl face and hands against her darker hair and dress. This individual uses similar type of becomes show the wrinkles on the cloth of her clothing. (ROEMER, CK. “Looking at Great Art Practice.  Http: // N. p., 3 years ago. Web. ) Andy Warhol uses benefit changes in the lighting of Marilyn’s hair resistant to the darker background. The dark tones utilized underneath her hair happen to be darker than the color of her somewhat paler skin.

Another similarity is definitely the massive levels of recreations or paintings depending on the same subject. Many artists has done their particular version from the Mona Lisa, making her their particular nationality, body fat, and even making her another individual altogether. A large number of artists also have taken Marilyn Monroe and painted her their own way.

Both artwork still enjoy a huge function in contemporary society today. You can aquire phone circumstances, laptop skin, and even clothes with a photo of these art. Replicas of both art can be seen hanging on walls of families, restaurants, and art galleries. Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe are both easily known and properly identified in today’s society.

A final similarity involving the two paintings is the significance they equally played inside their style of fine art. Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is said to have “become the prototype for Renaissance paintings.  (Lorenzzi, Rosella. “Mona Lisa.  Mona Lisa. N. g., 16 Jan. 2008. World wide web. 16 Dec. 2012. ) Andy Warhol was affectionately known as the “Pope of Pop, and his Marilyn Monroe series came to be one of the most well-known and popular performs of put art in the time. The final difference between two, and a lot interesting, is the fact Warhol recreated DaVinci’s Hireling shepherd in his personal style; placing 30 Borrachera Lisas in one silk display screen. Warhol is quoted as saying “30 is better than 1 )  (Rose, Millie. “Postmodernism. : Andy Warhol. N. p., 08 Nov. 2010. Web. sixteen Dec. 2012. ) The Mona Lisa is said to have been a major motivation to Warhol, and having been honored to have his own ” spin ” on this well-known painting. Naturally Warhol’s operate did not affect DaVinci due to time frame.

While the differences considerably outweigh the similarities, both equally paintings happen to be brilliant. Warhol was a major influence inside the pop artwork world, wonderful paintings are still being used in numerous forms of marketing today. DaVinci is said to acquire been the greatest example of exactly what a portrait ought to be, and without a doubt, he provides influenced most of the other renowned painters today. Both males, while their styles couldn’t have been anymore different, have two of the most famous names inside the art community.

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