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1) How does Fünfter tag der woche. ch differentiate itself in the transaction process? Explain the operational principles as well as matching IC-Systems. Discover specialties inside the phases and try to derive, how come Freitag. ch decided on idea. Operating in the industry since 93, Freitag. ch became an excellent business to get producing purses and handbags followed by other related products (who also come very efficacious findings). This business was built up based upon the basic principle of making something useful from spend. (http://www.freitag.ch/support/faq) This can be a factor, which differentiates this from the production point of view.

Among the list of phases of transaction techniques Freitag. ch searches for pickup truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts and recycled airbags, its recycleables for the bags. For the procurement of the materials Fünfter tag der woche. ch gets in contact with everyone willing to sell off such used products simply by its conversation ways within the official website. (http://www.freitag.ch/tarps ) For this purpose a flyer is usually prepared which orients better the potential suppliers.

(http://www.freitag.ch/medias/sys_master/8807415382046/TtSF_e_v2.0_FINAL.pdf )

The official website can be build upon a Service Focused Architecture and mashups in order that the following products to the two customers and suppliers: -Online store -Updated e-catalogues of goods -E-search -Attractive and helpful video demonstrations -Store locator -The organization history -Well-structured FAQ -Facts and statistics -Awards

All of the above mentioned providers and information offer a complete view of what Freitag. ch really is and how it works, appealing many consumers and suppliers. Not only confirm their achievement but they also help to make a serious sales pitches in relation with suppliers providing all needed details and terms of collaboration circumstances. (http://www.freitag.ch/agb )

2) Will freitag. ch follow a multichannel strategy, with regards to their syndication channels? You should describe, what problems may result from distinct (one-or multichannel-channel-) distribution strategies, and how they are (or may be in future) handled by Freitag. ch.

Freitag. ch relies on multiple distribution programs. It offers: online shopping of the items stores in numerous cities around the globe different stores contracted

Using a multichannel syndication strategy enlarges the portion of customers Fünfter tag der woche. ch reaches. On the other hand they have its risks. For example: enabling other merchants to sell usana products, Freitag. ch risks not to sends to its clientele the appropriate message that its actual stores represent. It is evident that a part of the fans of freitag. ch are lured by the reality it makes useful wasted resources, not only when making but also for the stores they build. What Fünfter tag der woche brothers initial wanted was going to sell bags-made-from-tarps in a shop-made-from-containers actualizing their very own motto of not spending even prove stores. This really is a very important meaning for a extensive part of the clientele, which dangers missing about other retailers’ stores. In order to avoid it Freitag should be even more selective and a bit impacting of the basic principles when contracting stores.

3) Which usually general E-Business-strategy is completed by Freitag. ch at the moment? Try to find out about their business structure (with the partial models) and fundamental strategic concepts ” in terms of possible with their situation at heart. There are three ways a company can make to remain competitive in the market and seduce the purchasers: Differentiation strategy “It is actually a strategy where a marketer offers a product as exceptional in industry by showing that it offers a distinct benefit over different products by simply setting that apart from various other competitors’ brands in some way and also the other, besides price. Expense leader approach ” is founded on a marketing approach in which cost is the main tactical tool and where the business generates economical value with lower costs than competitors Segmentation strategy ” is a marketing plan wherever all marketing efforts are inclined to one particular marketplace segment.

Among the competitive tactics I see Freitag. ch bending mainly in differentiation approach. From the first moment this came up as a new thought of producing carriers from outdated tarps (which handle a story) which is still attempting to find enough sources so it can go on providing unique items to their clients.

With the different channels that Freitag. ch utilizes (*Virtual residential areas, *Online store, *e-Purchasing, *e-Catalogue, *e-Search) I possibly could say it has a high level of electronification and in addition has electricity costs the traditional technique of making organization.

More in greater detail, listing the fundamental questions a company model occurs, I may say: Who is the consumer? Freitag. ch reaches numerous customers, the sportive plus the practical one (its ‘Fundamental’ line), the modern one as well as the stylish one particular (its ‘Reference’ line), nearly all kinds of age range. It is also updated with the fresh demands the technology brings nowadays, offering appropriate goods for any specific appliance (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Agenda, Notebook) What value do we provide to the customer?

Freitag. ch certainly offers top quality and uniqueness. How can we all make money in this business? Continue on sewing one of a kind products delivering the same meaning to the clients. The interaction and distribution channels to succeed in clients and give them the significance proposition The relationships established with clientele

The resources necessary The companions and their motives to collaborate The earnings generated

4) What makes Freitag. ch special regarding all their relation to clients? Take the strategies of cross types E-Business-Strategies as a starting point, pick out innovative principles and features as well as upcoming possibilities.

From the customer aspect, despite the quality, the most important they offer is the uniqueness of the bags. Freitag. ch cures in details just about every bag, made from used pickup truck tarps having its own history, look and state useful. The preparing process continues on by cutting by hand and sewing items of tarps. From this globalized and big market we know how will probably be worth such an person and important product.

Furthermore during the years they have produced a brand by which people at this point trust and are willing to purchase. Based on this kind of I can situation Freitag. ch approaching in spite of differentiation strategy toward segmentation strategy. This formula of approaches allows those to have requirements and continuous sells even though their prices may not be the least expensive. If somebody today tends to purchase a Fünfter tag der woche product it does not happen randomly. It is a client that is aware of the company, the way in which it works, the significance it increases its products through the entire process ahead of selling and it is for these reasons so why it is willing to pay. In Addition a significant element we all notice in its organization approaches is that Freitag carries out a combination of Value-Oriented and Network-Oriented.

5) What strategic recommendations would you provide Freitag. ch for forthcoming E-Business problems? Develop your personal ideas referring to the SWOT analysis!

A scan with the internal and external environment is an important section of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors internal to the company are usually classified as power (S) or weaknesses (W), and those exterior to the firm are categorized as opportunities (O) or threats (T). Such an examination of the ideal environment is known as a SWOT analysis. The SWOT examination provides information that is helpful in matching the firm’s assets and capacities to the competitive environment through which it works.

Strengths A firm’s strengths are its resources and capabilities you can use as a basis for making a competitive edge. Examples of talents for Fünfter tag der woche. ch incorporate: Strong brand names ” It’s true that ‘Freitag’ is already a brandname name. I do believe it is one of the main reasons that sign the achievements of its products Great reputation amongst customers ” In general when you have a glance in the forums and virtual neighborhoods clients are telling they are really very content with the products they purchased

Weak points The a shortage of certain strengths may be seen as a some weakness. In the case of Fünfter tag der woche. ch the next may be viewed as weaknesses: Popularity among clients ” Referring again about what customers claim on digital communities from time to time we find feedback complaining about the odor an excellent source of cost framework

Lack of access to resources “Its not so readily available enough employed tarpaulins and also colored (as Daniel Fünfter tag der woche cited)

‘While the company have been able to increase, the biggest challenge isn’t budget. It’s locating enough workable tarpaulin, particularly with exotic colors and designs, – Daniel Fünfter tag der woche said in the “Out from the Bag exhibition at Zurich’s design art gallery.

Opportunities The external environment analysis may reveal certain new options for revenue and expansion. Some examples of such possibilities include: Arrival of new technologies “Freitag can be keeping up to date with the development of technology to satisfy any fresh needs (i-Products and others)


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